Please email BoogieEvents@gmail.com with any team interest or Free Agent interest. Space is limited!



---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==> TEAM 6'3 and Under Asian @ St. Ignatius High School - 2001 37th Ave. SF CA
GAME TIMES: 2pm/3pm/4pm/5pm

Starting October 12th 2014:
NEW 8 TEAM 6'3 and Under Open @ SUNSET Park and Rec - 2201 Lawton St. SF CA
b/t 28th Ave & 29th Ave
GAME TIMES: 5pm/6pm/7pm/8pm

Starting Third Week of October 2014:
NEW 6 TEAM 6'2 and Under REC @ SUNSET/BALBOA or Gateway High School
GAME TIMES: 6:30pm/7:30pm/8:30pm

Starting Third Week of October 2014:
NEW 6'3 and Under OPEN as well as ASIAN divisions in the EAST BAY!!
Week night GAME TIMES: 6:30pm/7:30pm/8:30pm
Weekend GAME TIMES: 11:00am/12noon/1pm/2pm

PRO AM League starting end of OCTOBER
Asian 6'3 and under Division
Open 6'3 and under Division
OPEN PRO AM Division
Contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for more info!

With the smaller amount of teams per league, there will be major changes in the presentation and game play!! AND we will start our expansion to FOUR new cities hopefully NEAR YOU!

Some specific changes:
- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking and video clearance.
- More coverage!! We want everyone to have souvenirs from the league, so make sure you get your haircuts before your games!

To be honest, with your support TDS grew faster than expected! WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! With that said, we recognize our down falls and feel we need to make improvements to the product so that we can stay as one of the premiere programs in the Bay!

As always, please continue to contact me with your suggestions for improvement. We were just approved for our NON PROFIT status, so if there are any community building activities that you are aware of, i'm sure we would love to participate!

Thank you ballers!

Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

POW (Player of the Week)

Eagles DC 72
27p 3r 3a 4s - JC
19p 15r 1s - Joachim

AOL 73
33p 6r 6a 1t - Kurtis
19p 11r 3a 1s - Ant


PayProTech 57
31p 13r 1a 1t - Mo
14p 3r 2a 1s 1t - Sean C.

Rockets 53
15p - Kevin
10p 1r 4a - Mark


Dynasty 25
8p 3r - Mike
6p 3r 1b - Jason

Rangers 66
21p 5r 2a 2s 1b - Tay
10p 4r 2s 1t - Jmac


Squadron 63
22p 6r 3s - Yuhki
14p 6r 2a 1s - Quentin

Dawgs 45
18p 9r 2a 2s - DJ
14p 7r 2a 1s - Ryan

Monday, October 13, 2014

Updated League Standings

League Standings

Asian 6'3
PayProTec 5-0 (+50)
AOL 4-1 (+53)
Dawgs 4-1 (+13)
Rangers 2-3 (+32)
Eagles DC 2-3 (+7)
Squadron 2-3 (-3)
Rockets 1-4 (-52)
Dynasty 0-5 (-100)

Open 6'3
Balls Out 1-0 (+15)
Prime Time 1-0 (+5)
Cream of the Crop 1-0 (+4)
Young Guns 1-0 (+2)
Gamble Team 0-1 (-2)
Sole Legit 0-1 (-4)
Islanders 0-1 (-5)
5 Star Ballers 0-1 (-15)

Tiebreaker = point differential

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prime Time Players for week 3 in our Asian Division

Here are the players of the week for the Asian division:

Eagles DC 64
27p 2r 1s 1t - Arj
13p 1r 2a 1s - Drew

Dawgs 66
35p 2r 1a - Ryan
12p 3r 2a - DJ
Rockets 68
18p 6r 1a 1s - Kevin
17p 3r 2s - Darryl

Dynasty 54
23p 5r 2s 1t - Brad
14p 3r 2a - Tyrone
PayProTec 73
23p 7r 3a - OB
18p 16r 3a 2s 1t - Mo

Rangers 48
17p 3r 2s - Tay
10p 4r 2a 1s - Geoff
Squadron 52
20p 9r 2a 1s 1t - Yuhki
8p 3r 2a - Dorian

AOL 72
20p 12r 2a 1s 2t - Anthony
16p 2r 1s - Colin

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014