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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian 6'2 and under Division Two (only TWO impact players per team, TDS committe determines impact level)
@ St. Ignatius High School - 2001 37th Ave. SF CA
@ MLK Middle School
GAME TIMES: 10AM/11AM/12noon/1PM/2PM/3PM
==>SF Open League (No Limits)
==>SF Asian Open Division One League (No height limit)
TOURNEY: Storke Awareness Tourney!
DATE: End of September - contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com
TIME: 9am-7pm
- OPEN 6'2 and Under
- ASIAN open
- ASIAN 6'2 and Under

Contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for more info!

- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Updated Standings

Win-Loss Records
CCU Ambassadors....3-1..............+18
Splash Kuyas.............2-1...............(-5)
Team Smash...............0-1..............(-16)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Week two recaps!

Fall Asian League 2016 🏀
Week 2
Putties (47) v. Strokers (50)
The second week of TripleDoubleSports is upon us and the Strokers hope to continue their winning ways versus the Putties! The Putties were missing some of their big guns but were up for the challenge! In the first half, the Putties shooting was horrendous to say the least! As a team, they shot 7-26 fgs (27%) in the first half! 
The Strokers, on the other hand, shot the 3ball (5-13 3pt) that made the difference for them! Justin scored 16 of his game high 23pts! 
The Putties still had some life in them! Behind Jason Lee and Spencer (14pts each) they began their comeback! The two combined for 19 second half points to whittle the Strokers lead down to 3pts, but that would be as close as they got! Justin (23pts) and Ronald (13pts) put the game away for the Strokers, 50-47!
18-51 35% fgs
4-15 27% 3pt
7-10 70% fts 
Jason Lee 14p 3r 3a
Spencer 14p 11r 1s
16-43 37% fgs 
5-20 25% 3pt
13-16 81% fts
Justin 23p 6r 2a 1b
Ronald 13p 7r 2a 1b
Swishers (60) v. Dawgs (59)
Next up we have a battle between the Swishers and the defending 6'2 and Under champs, The Dawgs! 
The Dawgs came out of the gates fast behind a perfect shooting half by Bradley (8-8 fgs). They led at the half, 34-23!
The third quarter was all Swishers! Dorian Sun (26pts) and Andy Liu (12p 8r) put in some work for the Swishers comeback! Nearing the end of the game the Swishers led by 3pts. The Dawgs worked the ball around to Bradley and he threw up a shot and missed but was fouled shooting a three pointer! So, there was three free throws awaiting him. He calmly sank the first two...but the third one was in and out! The final score was Swishers 60-59! 
21-54 39% fgs 
6-18 33% 3pt 
12-16 75% fts 
Dorian Sun 26p 7r 1a 1t
Andy Liu 12p 8r 1a 1s 1b
24-52 46% fgs 
4-14 29% 3pt
7-9 78% fts 
Bradley 30p 3r 1a 1s
Ryan Sera 8p 3r 3a 1s 1b 2t
Swishers (47) v. Putties (61)
The Swishers followed that narrow victory with a game versus the Putties, who were also playing their second game of the day! They didn't show it tho! The Putties got stronger by adding two players while the Swishers got a bit weaker by losing two. One of the two players that the Swishers lost happened to be their leading scorer from the previous game (Dorian), but Andy (16p 9r) and Daoud (17p 8r) tried to carry the load! At the half, the Swishers were trailing 35-31. The Putties got their team captain, Jmac and TDS veteran Clifton back, so the court opened up for Kong (15pts) and Jason Lee (17pts)! The Putties passing and ball movement was evident and the Swishers just ran out of gas! The Putties won, 61-47!
18-53 34% fgs 
4-23 17% 3pt 
6-10 60% fts
Daoud 17p 8r 2a 1s
Andy Liu 16p 9r 1a 1s
24-57 42% fgs 
9-26 35% 3pt
2-3 67% fts 
Jason Lee 17p 1r 2a 
Kong 15p 6r 1a
Dawgs (39) v. CCU (43) 
A defensive battle is what we have in our next matchup between CCU Ambassadors and the defending champions, Dawgs! The Dawgs played tough in the first quarter to led 10-8 after one but trailed at halftime by 3, 20-17! Ryan Sera led the Dawgs in scoring with 12pts. 
CCU Ambassadors took their 3pt lead into the third quarter and extended it by a point to 35-31! Jeremy (18pts) and Chris (13pts) were the the two that maintained the lead for CCU. 
The game stayed close in the fourth and final period. The Dawgs shooting from beyond the arc proved to be their downfall. They shot just 1-11 3pt (9%) for the game where CCU shot it at a 29% (5-17 3pt) clip. The Ambassadors played an even fourth quarter and won the game, 43-39!
15-40 38% fgs 
1-11 9% 3pt
7-10 70% fts 
Ryan Sera 12p 5r 3a 3s 2n 2t
Dez 5p 5r 1a 2s
CCU Ambassadors 
17-42 40% fgs 
5-17 29% 3pt
4-8 50% fts 
Jeremy 18p 5r 4a 3s
Chris 13p 6r 2a 1s 1t
Eagles (63) v. Beastion (43)
The final battle of the day was between the Eagles and Beastion! 
For Beastion, there was good news and bad news. Trailing at the end of the first quarter 13-11...unfortunately that was the good news! Nick Knight (10pts) and Matt (14pts) did the bulk of the scoring. The bad news was that it only got worse! At the half the score was 37-25. For the Eagles, Andrew Faro, JP Gacula and Jerome had 8pts each in the first half!
The shooting in the second half was on the Eagles side. They're percentage wasn't remarkably high (41%) but it was much better than Beastion's (22%). Tye led the Eagles in scoring with 16pts & 9rebs! Beastion's own Chris and Nick Knight (11) hit double figures in rebounding but it was all for naught as the Eagles ran away with the game by the score of, 63-43!
26-59 44% fgs 
6-16 38% 3pt
5-7 71% fts 
Tye 16p 9r 2a 1s 1b 1t
JP Gacula 11p 2r 2a 4s 1t
16-55 29% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt 
5-12 42% fts
Nick Knight 10p 11r 2a 1s 1t
Matt 14p 5r 2a 1s 3t

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week two standings!

Asian Division Two:
Win-Loss Records
CCU Ambassadors....2-0..............+12
Splash Kuyas..............1-0..............+10

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Opening day Recaps!!

Fall League 2016 - Asian 6'2 and under 
Week One
Stokers (47) v. Beastion (37)
I feel blessed to have yet another season to continue to spread word of good health and clean living! We start with, a matchup between Beastion and the Strokers! The Strokers came into the game, after taking a season off, without their injured captain Lloyd Aguirre! 
Beastion took an early 10-7 lead after the first quarter of play. Matt led the team in first half scoring with a couple of 3pters and Nick was a monster on the boards, grabbing 14 rebs for the game..but the rest of the team went cold! Going 1-8 fgs in the second quarter! Only finishing with 4 pts. They trailed at the half 17-14!
The third played evenly...but the final quarter is where the Strokers flexed their muscles! Adonis and Justin combined for 20pts in the second half! Their second half shooting (10-21 fgs) combined with their great team defense, enabled the Stokersto get away with the W, 47-37!
13-53 26% fgs 
5-31 16% 3pt 
4-6 67% fts 
Phil 11p 8r 1a 1s 1t
Chris 9p 7r 1a 1t
16-45 36% fgs
6-20 30% 3pt
9-12 75% fts
Adonis 13p 7r 2s 2t
Justin 10p 5r 1a 2s 1s 1t
Eagles (34) v. Splash Kuyas (44)
Game #2 brought us yet another defensive battle, when the Splash Kuyas took on the Eagles! The Eagles had some trouble shooting right off the bat, scoring a measly 3pts in the first quarter! Arj (11p 6r) and Law (7pts) did all they could but their scoreless first half was the difference! For the Splash Kuyas, the bulk of their scoring came from CQ (12p 9r) and Johnny (15p 5r)! The combo was nearly unstoppable! They just seemed to be playing at a different speed and the Eagles looked discombobulated!? The Splash Kuyas were in control the entire game! They lead wire to wire and won the game, 44-34! 
13-35 37% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt
2-6 33% fts 
Arj 11p 6r 4a 3s 1t
Lawrence 7p 2a 2t
Splash Kuyas 
16-37 43% fgs 
2-13 15% 3pt
10-28 36% fts 
Johnny 15p 5r 2a 1s 1t
Chris 12p 9r 3a 4s 1b
CCU Ambassadors (62) v. Kanji-Ka (54)
Game #3 was another competitive game! CCU Ambassadors in one corner taking on the undermanned Kanji-Ka! 
Kanji-Ka stated the game with only 4 players so there work was gonna be cut out for them but they surprisingly managed to hang in there! After the first half, Kanji-Ka only trailed CCU by 4pts...30-26! Yu (22pts) and Tommy (18pts) combined for 23pts in the first half to keep them in the game! In the third quarter, Sean Nakano made an "executive" decision to pull Kyle from the desk and have him be their fifth man! 
With the sides being even...the Ambassadors went on a run behind Jeremy Lee's near TripleDouble (20p 8r 7a) and Jeff Hau's 13pts! To lengthen there lead to 11pts! 
Both teams played hard in the fourth, scoring the most points in a quarter (22-19) but it wasn't enough as Kanji-Ka fell to the CCU Ambassadors, 62-54!
CCU Ambassadors 
26-64 40% fgs 
7-22 32% 3pt
3-7 43% fts
Jeremy Lee 20p 8r 7a 1t
Jeff Hau 13p 7r 3a 1s 1b
20-51 39% fgs 
6-17 35% 3pt 
8-14 57% fts 
Yu 22p 10r 1a 2s 1b
Tommy 18p 6r 1a 2s

Friday, August 12, 2016

NEW SEASON starting Sept 11th!! ASIAN - Division TWO level competition!!

"Correction: Due to construction in the gym the start of the league is delayed until September 11, 2016."

We will start with the ASIAN - Division TWO level competition!!

Games times will be 10AM/11AM/12noon/1PM/2PM/3PM.

We currently have 10 teams registered, and still have space for two more teams!  Contact Brian now!

Teams confirmed:
DAWGS - Defending CHAMPS!
Splash Kuyas
Xia Yu
CCU Ambassadors

Maybes for remaining 3 team slots:
Gators (Champs from two seasons ago)
The Fam

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Open Pro Am Division CHAMPIONSHIP re-cap!

#1 Big Game Ballers (65) v. United Nations (63)
The main event of the day is the Open Championship! The Big Game Ballers look to complete an undefeated season as the play United Nations, who were going for back to back championships! Everyone thought this game was going to be a blowout...everyone but Toby Merchant! The score was 30-29 at the half, with United Nations trailing by a point! Toby was the game's high scorer with 27pts. Big Game Ballers, on the other hand, had a more balanced attack. Colin led his team with 16pts and the MVP, DeAngelo, scored 15pts & 5rebs! The third quarter was all Big Game! They were able to outscore United Nations, 19-11! Lengthening their advantage, going into the fourth, 49-40! The UN had one more chance at victory! Their shooting as a team improved in the 4th! They shot 10-15 fgs (67%) while Big Game shot 5-15 fgs (33%)! The Ballers were also 6-8 fts (75%) while the UN didn't shoot a free throw in the quarter! With 15.4 secs left in the game and Big Game up by 4pts, UN still had a chance! The took out the ball and passed it JRock who took it strong to the hole and dumped it off to Kareem for a layup that cut the lead to 65-63! With 10.1 secs left the ball was inbounded to Marquel who dribbled across half court and threw a pass that was deflected by Toby right into the hands of JRock who got the ball right back to Toby for a wide open 3pt shot to win the game...but it went in and out! Big game held on to the rebound and won an exciting game, 65-63! A great day of 3 exciting championship games!
Big Game Ballers
25-52 48% fgs
7-23 30% 3pt
10-13 77% fts
Colin 16p 1r 2s
DeAngelo 15p 5r 1a 3s, MVP
United Nations
22-49 45% fgs
9-24 38% 3pt
8-13 62% fts
Toby 27p 2r 1a 1b
Mac 11p 3r 3a 2s

Asian Divison One CHAMPIONSHIP re-cap!

#5 Squadron (56) v. #6 Eagles (58)
The Division 1 Championship game has #5 seeded Squadron versus the #6 seeded Eagles in a game where key players from both teams were absent. The game played tight throughout! Both teams were shooting well (Sq 50%; E 46%). At the half the score was all knotted up at 29 apiece! Soren (19pts) and Steven (13pts) each pulled down 8rebs as the defensive intensity heightened. The drama was just beginning in the 4th quarter with :30 secs left in the game and Squadron up by 5pts you would say that Squadron had the game in hand, right? Well, hold that thought. The Eagles then rushed the ball to the front court and worked around to Jovelle, after he pump faked he took the 3 and hit it! 55-53...Eagles down 2pts! Squadron inbounded the ball and was immediately fouled. Soren to the line but he was only able to make 1 out of 2. Squadron 56-53. With 18.9 secs left, Eagles with the ball and in the hands of the MVP, Quez, he dribbles around and finds Jovelle in the same spot but being guarded closely by Ron, he pumped faked and the defender bit and he took an off balanced 3pt shot and made it! 56-56! Inbounded the ball to Soren and he dribbles to half court and did what no passer should and that's to leave you feet! He was double teamed and rose to pass but it was picked off by Quez who strolled in for a layup! Eagles lead 58-56! The inbounds pass was then picked off by Jovelle and the Eagles win the game! Wow!
21-45 47% fgs
3-15 20% 3pt
13-16 81% fts
Soren 19p 8r 3a 1t
Steve 13p 8r 1a
22-51 43% fgs
10-26 38% 3pt
4-8 50% fts
Quez 20p 7r 3a 2s, MVP
Jovelle 11p 11r 1a 1b