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Friday, July 15, 2016

Finals this SUNDAY!

12pm Xia Yu v. Dawgs
1pm Squadron v. Eagles
2pm Big Game v. United Nations

Semi finals recaps!

Week 10
Open Division 
#1 Big Game Ballers (69) v. #5 Balls Out (30)
The TripleDoubleSports semi-final game begins with #1 seeded, Big Game Ballers,  taking on the #5 seed, Balls Out! The game started off slowly. Both teams feeling each other out. The Big Game Baller team shot horribly as a team in the first quarter (25%) but Balls Out shot even worse (17%)!? The Ballers were able to shoot better in the 2nd (75%) taking a 26-15 halftime lead! Will Overton took the game over in the third period scoring 10 of his game high 20pts! Balls Out, as a team, scored 15pts total in the second half! Balls Out struggled a lot! Team captain, Darryl blamed, "2 many drinks  #summerbreak" Quinn was the only bright spot in a dim Balls Out team! He had a double-double, 10pts & 12rebs! The Big Game Ballers went on to win, 69-30!
Big Game Ballers
26-50 52% fgs 
6-22 27% 3pt
11-18 61% fts
Will 20p 5r
DeAngelo 13p 5r 1a 2s 1t
Balls Out
9-48 19% fgs
1-12 8% 3pt
9-14 64% fts
Quinn 10p 12r 1s 2t
Tenn 7p 3r 1s 1t
#3 United Nations (79) v. #7 Rock Center (73)
The other semi-final game has the United Nations squad versus Rock Center! These two teams were ready for a dogfight, trading blow for blow until the end! Both teams came out of the box firing with United Nations having a 5pt lead after the first quarter! A combo of Toby (23pts) and Mac (29pts) held their ground and were leading, 40-38 at the half! Rock Center played tough throughout with Brian G. who scored a team high 24pts and Brett went for a double-double (10p 12r). United Nations shot 52% in the second half to Rock Center's 50%. UN outscored RC, 39-36 in a very competitive half! United Nations won, 79-74! They move onto next week to battle the Big Game Ballers for the Open championship!

United Nations 
26-54 48% fgs
11-22 50% 3pt
14-16 88% fts
Mac 29p 10r 3a 1s 3t
Toby 23p 5r 1s 2t
Rock Center
27-52 52% fgs
7-22 32% 3pt
9-13 69% fts
Brian G. 24p 3r 3a 2t
Byron 16p 8r 1a 1t
Division 1
#6 Eagles (55) v. #7 BABA Empire (50)
Two teams coming off upsets last week face off in an unlikeliest of matchups when the #6 seeded Eagles take on the #7 seeded BABA Empire! The Eagles were on fire from beyond the arc! Led by the shooting of Faro (4-3pts) and Calara (3-4 3pts fgs) the Eagles jumped out to a 33-27 lead at halftime! The second half of the game was a nail biter! The Empire were able to outscore the Eagles by one point, 23-22! Rob (11pts) and Steve (13pts) led the Empire in scoring but they didn't score enough! As the Eagles won the game, 55-50!
21-47 45% fgs 
8-21 38% 3pt
5-11 45% fts
Faro 12p 1a 1s
Quez 10p 3r 2a 3s 1t
BABA Empire 
17-44 38% fgs
9-17 41% 3pt
9-15 60% fts
Steve 13p 9r 2s 1b
Rob 11p 7r
#1 Spartans (55) v. #5 Squadron (59)
The next matchup we have the #1 seeded Spartans versus the #5 Squadron! The shooting for the Spartans was poor to say the least! They shot a measly 4-16 fgs (25%) while Squadron shot an unbelievable 88% from the field in the first quarter! Squadron only took an 8pt lead into halftime, 32-24! Errol (17pts) and Wai (22pts) combined to score 39 of the Spartans 55pts! The duo continued to chip away at the lead and John joined the party by scoring 13pts in the second half! Squadron played hard and didn't let their first quarter advantage go to waste! Travis Hom led the way with 25pts and Dorian scored 11pts as Squadron won the game, 59-55! Setting up the championship game versus the Eagles next week!
23-59 39% fgs
7-23 30% 3pt
5-14 36% fts
Wai 22p 9r 3a 3s
Errol 17p 8r 2s 1b
16-40 40% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt
19-24 79% fts
Travis 25p 2r 1t
Dorian 11p 5r
Division 2
#4 SF Flight (49) v. #8 Dawgs (59)
The final four teams in Division 2 had all the top seeds advance...all but one, #8 Dawgs taking on #4 seeded SF Flight team! The Dawgs opened the game on a run, 21-11 in the first quarter! Ryan Sera (Dawgs) single handedly outscored SF Flight, 21-19 in the first half! At halftime, the score was 31-19! SF Flight's comeback was led by Arj's double-double (22p 11r) and 10pts from John Calaraw. The lead was cut down to 8pts going into the final period but Ryan's 12pt 4th quarter was too much to overcome for SF Flight! The #8 seeded Dawgs move on by winning, 59-49! 
SF Flight 
12-53 23% fgs
4-17 24% 3pt
11-15 73% fts
Arj 22p 11r 1b
John C. 10p 6r 1a 1s
22-48 46% fgs
5-14 36% 3pt
9-12 75% fts 
Ryan Sera 36p 5r 1s 1b
Bradley 10p 10r 3s 3b
#2 Xia Yu (48) v. #3 Splash Kuyas (43)
The final contest of the day brought us #2 Xia Yu versus #3 Splash Kuyas! Both teams shot in the low 30% in the first quarter but Xia Yu was up 11-6. In the second quarter the Splash Kuyas were on the comeback trail. They shot 8-10 fts in the quarter and brought the halftime score to 23-21 Xia Yu! Johnny, of the Splash Kuyas, scored a game high 18pts & 3stls! The Splash Kuyas were able to slash the lead by one point going into the final quarter! Where the Splash Kuyas shot 3-14 fgs (21%) versus 6-10 fgs (60%). A team high, 14pts by Jeremy, was enough for Xia Yu to win the game, 48-43! Xia Yu moves onto the finals versus the Dawgs next week!
Xia Yu 
19-46 41% fgs
4-15 27% 3pt 
5-11 45% fts 
Jeremy L. 14p 5r 3a 2b
Ron L. 9p 6r 1t
Splash Kuyas 
13-43 30% fgs 
4-24 17% 3pt 
11-13 85% fts 
Johnny 18p 5r 3s
DeAndre 10p 8r 1s 2t