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==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
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D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
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==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
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*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Monday, March 21, 2016

PLAYOFFS! Wildcard and round 1!

Playoff - Wild Card & First Round
(8) Hapanese - 38 v. (9) Rangers -65
Our first wild card game has #8 Hapanese taking on #9 Rangers! Hapanese, with the leagues largest roster, had a trouble scoring the ball. They struggled all day with their shooting! As a team, Hapanese shot a combined 17-54 (31%) from the field and 2-11 (18%) from behind the arc! Where, on the other hand, the Rangers were white hot! The Rangers shot it well from the field (59%) and from trey-land (50%)! Tay (21pts) and Siao (11pts) shot the Rangers into the next round with a 27pt drubbing off Hapanese! The final score was 65-38! Next up for the Rangers is Boogie Events! Thanks to Hapanese! Hope to see you all next season!
(9) Rangers
27-46 59% fgs 
6-12 50% 3pt
6-11 55% fts 
Tay 21p 5r 2a 1b
Siao 11p 3r
(8) Hapanese 
17-54 31% fgs
2-11 18% 3pt
2-5 40% fts
Tye 13p 7r 1a
Che 7p 5r
(7) Tru - 66 v. (10) Beastion - 61
This was a great game as (7) Tru battled versus (10) Beastion! At the half, Beastion held on precariously to a 35-28! They couldn't shake Tru! The Knight brothers led the way for Beastion with a combined 30pts, 14pts from Nick and 16pts from Chris. Beastion added a point to their halftime lead. Down by 9pts, Tru came out in the fourth quarter on fire! Ant Hernandez had 10 of his 28pts in the period and forced the game into overtime! In overtime, Tru continued their hot shooting in the extra session outscoring Beastion, 8-3! Winning a highly contested game, 66-61 F/OT! Waiting for them is a fresh Go Get It squad! Thanks for playing Beastion! See you next season!
(7) Tru
24-49 49% fgs
7-27 26% 3pt
9-12 75% fts
Ant H. 28p 6r 2a 4s 1b 1t
Tim W. 2p 10r 8a 1s 1b 4t
(10) Beastion 
25-53 47% fgs
5-24 21% 3pt
6-7 86% fts 
Chris Knight 16p 2r
Nick Knight 14p 6r 2s
(3) Eagles - 48 v. (6) Squadron - 51
The first round stats us off with (3) Eagles versus (6) Squadron! This battle between to good teams was very exciting! Squadron led at the half by 3, 26-23. The leading scorer was Travis Hom who scored a game high 17pts and his running mate, Steven Tom chipped in 11pts! The Eagles had a rough 3rd period, scoring only 3pts on 1-11 shooting from the field and 0-6 from 3pt land! Even with the bad quarter they were only behind, 35-26! The fourth quarter was a whole different level of basketball! The Eagles shot 7-10 (70%) and Squadron shot it at 6-9 (67%)! But for the Eagles time ran out on them and their season! Squadron pulls off the upset, 51-48!
(6) Squadron 
18-47 38% fgs 
1-9 11% 3pt
10-19 53% fts 
Travis Hom 17p 5r 1s 2t
Steven Tom 11p 4r 4a 1s
(3) Eagles
16-40 35% fgs
5-20 25% 3pt
7-13 54% fts 
Alec 12p 8r 1a
Jovelle 12p 7r 1b 1t
(2) Go Get It - 91 v. (7) Tru - 78
Tru with their second game of the day drew the #2 seeded Go Get It team! The Go Get It team went out and got it! Five is their 7 players hit a three! As a team they shot more 3pt field goals (43) than 2pt field goals (24). Sunny led their team in scoring with 33 and Big Mo got another double-double with 20pts and 10rebs! Tru, with only five players for their second game of the day, struggled. They couldn't keep up with the Go Get It train! Ant H. tried to make the score respectable as he hit 8-12 3pters in the fourth quarter alone! Tru scored 37pts in the period in a wild attempt to make it a game! The Go Get It squad cruised to a, 91-78 victory! 
(2) Go Get It
32-67 48% fgs 
15-43 35% 3pt 
9-10 90% fts 
Sunny 33p 7r 2a 2s 2t
Mo 20p 10r 1a 1s
(7) Tru
31-64 48% fgs 
15-33 45% 3pt
1-3 33% fts 
Ant H. 30p 7r 1s
Mike J. 18p 2r 1s
(4) CCU Ambassadors- 61 v. (5) Bomb 
In the D1 4/5 matchup we find the (4) CCU Ambassadors taking on (5) Bomb Squad! CCU was going into the game without leading scorer Jeremy Lee but Steve tried to pick up the scoring. Steve score 20pts in the first half alone to even up the score at the half, all knotted up at 33 apiece! The Bomb Squad was lead by none other than Kyle Wong's 19pts and was assisted by Darryl's 16pts! The duo combined for 16pts in the final and deciding quarter to win, a very exciting game, 67-61! Thanks goes out to CCU for gracing our league with their play! I hope that this is just the beginning of a long relationship! 
(4) CCU Ambassadors 
20-50 40% fgs
14-21 67% 3pt
6-10 60% fts
Steve 31p 5r
Willie 12p 3r
(5) Bomb Squad 
24-51 47% fgs
8-21 38% 3pt
11-17 65% fts
Kyle Wong 19p 7r 1a 
Darryl 16p 5r
(1) Boogie Events - 67 v. (9) Rangers - 65 3ot/F
In the most exciting game of the day, the #1 seeded Boogie Events squad took on a cinderella team in the Rangers! A 9th seed coming into the playoffs already dispatched of a (8) Hapanese team quite easily, and were well rested to take on their biggest foe in Boogie! Staked to a 14pt lead going into the fourth quarter, the Boogie squad went cold! A 3-13 (23%) fgs and 0-2 (0%) from the line! While Boogie was cold the Rangers started to heat up! Going 7-12 (58%) from the field including 4-9 from behind the arc to send the game into extra sessions! After going back and forth, two overtime ma weren't enough! So, we had to go to a sudden death overtime! First to score a bucket wins and after the Rangers had the opportunity to win the game twice the rebound was quickly passed to Rebo who went in and finished a layup! Boogie wins, 67-65! 
(1) Boogie Events
28-65 43% fgs
3-14 21% 3pt
8-18 44% fts 
Prabe 19p 15r 1a 1s 3b 3t
Jose 13p 11r
(9) Rangers 
26-63 41% fgs
7-19 37% 3pt
5-18 28% fts
Tay 27p 7r 3s 1b 1t
Hicks 11p 5r 2a 5s
(8) Aces of Angels - 53 v. (9) Guap - 43
In the first game of the Wild Card round for D2 brings us (8) Aces of Angels versus (9) Guap! Guap was holding it down for the first half as they were up 22-20! Kendal's 14pts paced the Guap squad. But their fate changed dramatically! Guap shot a minuscule 1-12fgs, as a team in the period and the Aces of Angels squad hit 7-12fgs to take a commanding 40-27 lead going into the fourth! Jason K. led all scorers with 23pts and Matt pulled down a game high 14rebs! The final period was won by Guap but it was not enough as they couldn't overcome the third quarter where they were outscored 20-5! Aces of Angels won, 53-43!  Next up...Dawgs!
(8) Aces of Angels 
17-43 40% fgs 
6-25 24% 3pt
11-13 85% fts 
Jason K. 23p 8r 3a 1s
Matt 7p 14r 1t
(9) Guap 
13-45 29% fgs 
2-17 12% 3pt 
15-23 65% fts 
Kendal 14p 5r 1s
Prince 8p 5r
(7) Knights Basketball - 53 v. (10) GPC - 42
The second Wild Card game for D2 pitted (7) Knights Basketball versus (10) GPC! GPC was going to play without their #1 scorer, Tommy Doan, which made the Knights that much stronger! The Knights led at halftime 26-15, behind the scoring of Vince (17pts) and three point shooting of Tommy Zhang! Steven, of GPC, tried all he could against the Knights! He walked away with a double-double (16p 10r) and Brian T. chipped in with 10pts! But it wasn't enough as the Knights went on to win the game, 53-42! Next up: (2) Gators!
(7) Knights Basketball 
20-48 42% fgs
6-19 32% 3pt
5-6 83% fts 
Vince 17p 6r 3a 1s
Tommy 12p 3r 2a 1t
(10) GPC 
16-45 36% fgs
0-11 0% 3pt
7-12 58% fts
Steven 16p 10r 2a 1b 1t
Brian T. 10p 6r 1s 1t
(1) Dawgs - 48 v. (8) Aces of Angels - 68
The first round continues as the (1) Dawgs take on (8) Aces of Angels. The Dawgs are without some key pieces to start the game and have to begin with 4 players! And the Aces of Angels took full advantage of their "power play" with a 40-21 lead at the half! Kiyoshi's 14pts led the Dawgs in the first half and Ryan's 14pts in the second half. But the Aces took the first half lead that they had built up and were able to play the Dawgs even with the same two guys doing it again! Jason K. (23p 10r) and Matt (13p 15r) both came up big with a pair of double-doubles! As the #8 seeded Aces of Angels defeat the #1 seeded Dawgs, 68-48!
(1) Dawgs
16-42 38% fgs
7-17 41% 3pt 
9-14 64% fts
Kyoshi 14p 3r 1b 1t
Ryan 14p 3r
(8) Aces of Angels 
26-64 41% fgs
14-36 39% 3pt
2-8 25% fts
Jason K. 23p 10r 4a 2s
Matt H. 13p 15r 1b 1t
(4) The Fam - 34 v. (5) Putties - 40
This 4 versus 5 matchup bring us The Fam versus the Putties! These two evenly matched teams brings excitement to the game. The Fam lead this defensive battle at the half, 22-19! CQ went for a double-double and Jason T. chipped in with 10pts. The Fam was shooting 10-39 (26%) going into the 4th quarter. A bad day but they were still ahead by one point, 27-26, going into the pivotal final quarter! In the final stanza, the Putties outscored The Fam 14-7 behind JLee who scored 6pts in the fourth! The win would've been a little bit more comfortable if the had converted more than the 4-11 fts in the quarter! They did enough to win, 40-34!
(4) The Fam 
13-50 26% fgs 
4-26 15% 3pt
5-8 63% fts
CQ 16p 10r 2b
Jason T. 10p 7r 2s 1b 1t
(5) Putties 
14-47 30% fgs
2-13 15% 3pt
10-17 59% fts
JLee 10p 3r 1s
Matt Lai 4p 11r 2s
(2) Gators - 69 v. (7) Knights Basketball - 56
While Knights Basketball was going thru a wild card battle the Gators were sitting back waiting for them...and it showed! The Gators jumped out to a 24-13 first quarter advantage. But the Knights proved they were not dead by scoring 24pts of their own in the second. The Knights were behind by halftime score was 43-37. Dorian led all scorers with 26pts & 10rebs! The Gators outscored them the rest of the way by a score of 26-19. Jordan Davis scored a team high 19pts while Mikey chipped in with a double-double! The Gators go on to win, 69-56! On to the final four...
(2) Gators
27-55 49% fgs
7-17 41% 3pt
8-13 62% fts
Jordan Davis 19p 5r 1a 
Mikey 11p 10r 1a 1s
(7) Knights Basketball 
21-54 39% fgs
6-26 23% 3pt
6-7 86% fts
Dorian 26p 10r 1a
Drew 6p 14r 3b 2t
(3) SF Flight - 67 v. (6) The Strokers - 60
In our finale, The Strokers battle against SF Flight! This was a rematch of the last regular season game of the season, where The Strokers won when SF Flight's Rodney's 3pt shot went in and out at the buzzer! The rematch, though, was a whole different story! SF Flight was winning at the half, 43-26! Arj (22pts) and Sean (16pts) were the two men that The Strokers had the most trouble with! Although, The Strokers outscored SF Flight, 21-10 in the third quarter they couldn't overcome the 17pt first half advantage! SF Flight wins, 67-60! Revenge tastes so sweet! 

(3) SF Flight 
24-48 50% fgs
6-18 33% 3pt
12-19 67% fts
Arj 22p 7r 1a 2s 1t
Sean 16p 5r 3a
(6) The Strokers 
22-49 45% fgs
9-24 38% 3pt
7-11 64% fgs
Ray 17p 3r
Georgio 16p 5r

Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 8 recaps!

Week 8 Recaps
CCU Ambassadors (61) v. Rangers (70)
The regular season last week of games begins with the CCU Ambassadors taking on the Rangers! The Rangers came out of the box with fire in their eyes! They jumped out to an 18-8 1st quarter lead. The Rangers scored 18pts in each of the first three quarters of the game! Giving them a 54-49 lead at the end of the third period! CCU did not seem phased by the Rangers hot start as they scored 41pts in the 2nd and 3rd quarters combined! CCU's leading scorer was Jeremy Lee who finished with a game high 28pts and, new daddy, Daniel Lao chipped in with 3 bombs (9pts). The Rangers played a very aggressive game taking it at CCU all game and wound up shooting 21-29 fts (72%). That was the major difference in the game. CCU shot 14-22 fts (64%). The Rangers salted the game away winning, 70-61!
CCU Ambassadors 
19-43 44% fgs 
7-10 70% 3pt
14-22 64% fts 
Jeremy Lee 28p 6r 2a
Daniel Lao 9p 2r 3a
22-43 51% fgs
4-15 27% 3pt
21-29 72% fts
Mike Hicks 19p 5r 5a 2s 1t
Tay 16p 6r 2a 2s
Tru (65) v. Beastion (40)
Next up we had Tru versus Beastion! Beastion was looking for they're first victory of the season and Tru was looking to enter postseason play on a high note! Tru came out of the gates strong! Behind Joerdan (13pts) and Tim's (12pts) scoring in the first half, Tru jumped out to a commanding 31-13 halftime lead! Unfortunately, for Beastion they only could muster one basket in the 2nd quarter and were outscored 12-2 in the second! Tim and Joerdan continued their onslaught on Beastion in the second half as well. Both men finishing with 22pts! The same two teams will meet in the first round of the wild card next week! Tru took this one, 65-40...rematch next week!
24-46 52% fgs 
10-20 50% 3pt
7-10 70% fts
Joerdan DeGuzman 22p 7r 2a 1b
Tim Wabla 22p 2r 2s
16-46 35% fgs 
4-23 17% 3pt 
9-14 64% fts
Chris Knight 11p 5r 4a 1t
London 2p 10r 1t
Putties (58) v. Knights Basketball (70)
Division Two begins with a battle between the Putties and Knights Basketball! The Knights were looking for a win and a little help to get themselves out of the bottom four and possibly a wild card game where the Putties are playing for position in the playoffs! The halftime score was Knights 37 Putties 27! Matt Szeto (Putties) scored 9 of his 12pts in the first half and JLee scored 14pts to lead the way for the Putties. The second half the two teams played virtually even as Knights Basketball went on to be victorious by the score of, 70-58! Now they need some help to get out of the wild card round!
23-57 40% fgs 
8-25 32% 3pt
6-12 50% fts 
JLee 14p 3r 2a 2s 1t
Szeto 12p 8r
Knights Basketball 
28-55 51% fgs
8-21 38% 3pt
8-14 57% fts 
Chris 17p 6r 1s
Dorian 14p 5r 2s
Guap (51) v. Aces of Angels (66)
This game versus Guap and Aces of Angels had the feel of an old pickup game...your five versus my five. No substitutes! Actually, cuz there weren't any! Francis (18pts) and Prince (17pts) were the offense for Guap on this day. Where on the other hand, John (game high 26pts) and Matt's double-double (11p 19r) impressed! The Aces of Angels led throughout the game. Guap showed some life in the third but faltered in the fourth. Guap needs ball movement. They're usually a "one shot and out" kind of team. A point guard who can run the show is what this team lacks! The Aces, on the other hand, live and die by the 3! Something that pulls at the heart strings of yours truly! The 3's have been falling but for how long? Aces win, 66-51! The two teams are set up for a rematch this Sunday!
Aces of Angels 
24-49 49% fgs 
13-29 45% 3pt
5-11 45% fts 
John 26p 3r
Matt 11p 19r 2a 2s 1b 1t
19-45 42% fgs
6-19 32% 3pt
6-12 50% fts 
Francis 18p 3r 1t
Prince 17p 6r 2s 1b
The Fam (41) v. Guap (40)
The next match brought The Fam up against GPC in a low scoring, defensive battle! GPC started the game off slowly with just a single basket (2pts) in the first quarter! The rest of the game looked bleak for the men of GPC but they were in until the end! The Fam, lead by CQ (10pts) and James (11pts), were in control of the game from the jumpball! Winning the first quarter, 17-2, and they were up 23-15 at the half! The second half brought a different GPC to the forefront! A more aggressive team that almost pulled off the upset! Tommy (14p 10r) and Steven (12pts) did all that they could do! Fighting and clawing for every loose ball...but in the end it was down to free throws! Tommy and Steven not only brought they're team back from the dead they also killed themselves from the free throw line! They were a combined 8-17 fts and in a one point loss that is heavy! The Fam wins, 41-40!
14-38 37% fgs 
2-9 22% 3pt
10-19 53% fts 
Tommy 14p 10r 3a
Steven 12p 7r 1a 4t

The Fam
13-50 26% fgs 
5-15 33% 3pt
10-13 77% fts
James Soy 11p 5r 2a 1s
CQ 10p 8r
Dawgs (66) v. Gators (61)
The top two teams, Dawgs v. Gators, go at it this week both suffering their first loss of the season! A high octane game! With both teams scoring at will! Joerdan, for the Gators, had it going in the first half scoring 12 of his 20pts. At the end of one half the Dawgs led 35-31! The Dawgs were led by Ryan Sera, who scored a game high 27pts! The Dawgs kept pace with the Gators, trading buckets, for the whole second half to win the game, 66-61! For each of the teams the await the winners of the wild card round to see who they will face in the playoffs of TripleDoubleSports! Good luck gentlemen!
24-51 47% fgs
5-11 45% 3pt
13-19 68% fts 
Ryan Sera 27p 5r 3a 1a 2t
Bradley 11p 6r 3a
20-54 37% fgs
7-17 41% 3pt
14-21 67% fts
Joerdan 20p 5r 1a
Jordan 10p 8r 2s 2t
SF Flight (57) v. The Strokers (60)
In the last game of the night, SF Flight hope to spoil the birthday weekend of The Strokers! If The Strokers were to lose this game they would have to play a wild card game and some of their key players would be in Las Vegas and would most likely have to forfeit! So, they were seriously trying to win today! SF Flight had other plans tho! Arj (24p 10r) and Law (10p) did their best as they kept the score close throughout! On the other hand a good first half from Georgio (11pts) and a couple of key 3's from Lloyd kept SF Flight at arms length! Until the end where SF Flight had a chance to tie the game on a 3pter with time expiring by Rodney, but his shot was in and out! Heartbreak and joy all in one shot! That's why I love this game! The Strokers win, 60-57!
SF Flight 
18-41 44% fgs 
4-15 27% 3pt
14-20 70% fts
Arj 24p 10r 4s 2b 2t
Law 10p 2r 5a 1b
The Strokers 
23-54 43% fgs
6-16 38% 3pt
12-23 52% fts
Georgio 13p 5r 2s
Ronald 10p 8r

Monday, March 7, 2016

Let the games begin!! PLAYOFFS!

PLAYOFFS TripleDoubleSports.org ASIAN D1 & D2 GYM
March 13th 10AM #3 Eagles   vs   #6 Squadron SI - New
March 13th 11AM #4 The Fam   vs   #5 Putties SI - New
March 13th 12PM #7 Knights   vs   #10 GPC SI - New
March 13th 12PM #8 Ace Of Angeles   vs   #9 Guap SI - Old
March 13th 1PM #7 TRU   vs   #10 Beastion SI - New
March 13th 1PM #8 Hapanese   vs   #9 Rangers SI - Old
March 13th 2PM #1 Dawgs   vs   Lowest seed of WildCard SI - New
March 13th 2PM #2 Gators   vs   Highest seed of WildCard SI - Old
March 13th 3PM #1 Boogie    vs   Lowest seed of WC SI - New
March 13th 3PM #2 Go Get It   vs   Highest seed of WC SI - Old
March 13th 4PM #4 CCU   vs   #5 Bomb Squad SI - Old
March 13th 5PM #3 SF Flight   vs   #6 The Strokers SI - Old


Boogie Squad.........6-0...............+51
Go Get It.................5-1................+46
Bomb Squad...........3-3..............(-5)
SF Flight...................4-2...............+12
The Fam...................4-2................(-1)
**Aces of Angeles.......2-4...............(-11)

**These teams will be in the WILDCARD/Playoff - Play in game.  Be prepared to play two games if you win!