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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 3 Schedule

March 11th - Asian D1 & D3 Schedule
MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St SF
11am: D1 - SF Fire vs Dawgs
12pm: D1 - Rock Center vs CCU
1pm: D1 - Prodigies vs Ranger Squad
2pm: D1 - Bulls vs Boogie
3pm: D3 - Jackson Arms vs DRP Jets
4pm: D3 - Make it Drizzle vs Fort Knights
5pm: D3 - Rise vs Bangarang
6pm: D3 - SF Hoopers vs Threat Matrix
7pm: D3 - Team Revolution vs Saints
D1 - New Jersey Sets
D3 - SF Warriors

Recaps, stats and videos!

posted by Wednesday!


posted by Tuesday.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 2 Schedule

March 4th - Asian D1 & D3 Schedule
11am: D3 - Saints vs Jackson Arms
12pm: D1 - Boogie vs SF Fire
1pm: D1 - New Jersey Sets vs CCU
2pm: D1 - Bulls vs Rock Center
3pm: D1 - Dawgs vs Ranger Squad
4pm: D3 - Make It Drizzle vs Rise
5pm: D3 - Threat Matrix vs Bangarang 
6pm: D3 - SF Warriors vs Team Revolution
7pm: D3 - Drp Jets vs Fort Knights
D1 - Prodigies
D3 - SF Hoopers


Asian Open D1
SF Fire.......................1-0.................+6
Ranger Squad...........0-0.................+/-0
NJ Sets......................0-1..................(-6)
Asian D3
SF Warriors...............1-0...................+10
Threat Matrix............1-0...................+8
Team Revolution.......1-0...................+5
Jackson Arms...........1-0...................+2
DRP Jets...................0-0...................+/-0
Tri Lambs..................0-0...................+/-0
SF Hoopers...............0-1....................(-2)
Make It Drizzle..........0-1....................(-5)
Fort Knights..............0-1....................(-8)

- Max point differential for a single game win/loss is 20 points. 

Week 1 recaps, scores and videos!

🏀TDS Spring Asian Open
Week 1
SF Fire (56) v. NJ Sets (50)
TripleDoubleSports is back and we’ve come back even stronger than before! We begin the new Asian Open with two newbies, SF Fire and New Jersey Sets! This is set to be a good one! 
New Jersey Sets, former players off the old Eagles and Gamble teams, had a sense of familiarity with one another which allowed them to jump out to an early lead. JP and JC lead the team with 16pts each. Unfortunately Austin, captain of NJ Sets, had some roster problems which limited them to have only 5 players show up for the game! They’re lack of a bench didn’t stop them from having the lead at halftime, 22-16!
SF Fire came out of the gates as cold as the weather outside! The Fire’s team captain, Shant, said that his team were slow starters and he wasn’t kidding! The Fire outscored NJ Sets, 38-27 in the second half! They were led by Arakel Panos, who had a monstrous double-double with 18pts & 14rebs! His partner in crime was another Arakel, Arakel Mardo who’s long range shooting was awesome! He was 5-7 from 3pt range and hit 4 of them in the decisive 3rd quarter! They held onto win the game, 56-50! If this is a sign of things to come then we’re gonna have a competitive season!
Part 1
Part 2
SF Fire
22-41 54% fgs
5-9 55% 3pt
7-13 54% fts
Arakel Panos 18p 14r 
Arakel Mardo 15p 3r 1s
NJ Sets
18-39 46% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt
7-12 58% fts 
JC 16p 3r 5a 3s
JP 16p 3r 1a
Dawgs (66) v. Prodigies (64)
Now we go to two new teams to two veteran teams! These two teams have stuck with TripleDoubleSports from our days back at South City! They may be older but they’ve still got game! So, pitting these two teams, Dawgs and Prodigies, was a must! 
The Prodigies came out of the shoot like a rocket ship! They connected on 7-12 fgs in the first quarter, including Torrent Lee’s 2-2 from beyond the arc, to jump ahead of the Dawgs, 21-13! One of the pickups the Prodigies had was Sunny, who lead the team with 21pts. Sean also came up big with 20pts of his own! They went into halftime with a slim 4pt lead, 30-26! 
The Dawgs weren’t fazed by the hot start that the Prodigies put forth, as they too had an ace up their sleeves! As the Dawgs entered the fourth quarter, they had been behind by 7pts! So, the my looked to their new member to the Dawgs Family...Georgio Reed! His 13 fourth quarter points led the Dawgs back from the dead! They shot 9-14 fgs (64%) in the quarter to the Prodigies 43%! Dez kept the Dawgs I the game with a game high, 21pts on 7-16 fgs! The Dawgs ended up pulling one out, 66-64!
Part 1
Part 2
26-40 43% fgs
5-18 28% 3pt
8-11 72% fts
Dez 21p 6r
Georgio 20p 4r 2s
20-43 47% fgs 
11-23 48% 3pt
13-17 76% fts
Sunny 21p 8r 1a 1s
Sean 20p 5r 3a 1s
Bulls (72) v. CCU Ambassadors (68)
Here we have another good matchup between two teams looking to win their first TDS title! In one corner we have the Bulls taking on the CCU Ambassadors! Who will reign supreme? 
The CCU Ambassadors we’re back after taking a season off and they were ready to face all comers! Although, they were short a couple of players, CCU was game! They were behind early by 4pts but stayed in the game due to Malcolm and Jeremy combining for 23 first half points! As a team, they combined to shoot 50% (27-54 fgs)! Jeremy led all scorers with 37pts! They were still trailing, 34-30 at the half!
The Bulls were charging! Adding to their 4pt halftime lead, the Bulls were ahead 51-45 headed into the 4th quarter! Led by Wai in the first half (11pts of his team high 13pts), the Bulls nursed their way in the second half of the game! A real team game as they had 4 players score in double figures and another three players scoring at least 7pts! Matching every shot with a shot of heir own. The Bulls shot a very healthy 26-51 fgs (51%)! The Bulls overcame Jeremy’s big day to win a tight battle, 72-68!
Part 1
Part 2
26-51 51% fgs 
7-21 33% 3pt
11-14 79% fts
Wai 13p 7r 4a 3s
Chris 10p 6r 1a 1b
CCU Ambassadors 
27-54 50% fgs 
8-16 50% 3pt
4-7 57% fts
Jeremy 37p 5r
Malcolm 8p 1r
Boogie (88) v. Rise (52)
Rise is another new team to come play with TripleDoubleSports! Awaiting them was the Boogie squad! A big test for Rise to show that they belonged with the big boys!
Rise initial game in TDS came with a couple of problems. They opened the game missing their first 5 from long distance and they allowed their opponent to shoot 53% (10-19 fgs)! They were trailing after the first quarter, 24-11! Their bright spots were Adrian and Dev who were able to score a combined 24pts. They were totally mismatched in this contest. They trailed at the half, 42-21!
Boogie was well...Boogie! As a team, Boogie shot 54% connecting on 37-69 field goals! Joe Scott showed up at halftime and promptly lead the team in scoring with 18pts on 6-11 fgs! Ant Navarette came up big with a double -double, 11pts & 12rebs! Boogie had 9 players appear in the game and all nine scored at least a point, with 6 scoring in double figures! They dominated this game from the tip to the final buzzer! In the end, Boogie won the game handily, 88-52!
37-69 54% fgs 
11-27 41% 3pt
6-7 86% fts
Joe Scott 18p 5r 4a 1s
Ant Navarette 11p 12r 3a
18-52 35% fgs 
8-26 31% 3fg
8-9 89% fts
Adrian 14p 2r 1s
Dev 10p 5r 1a 1s


🏀TDS Asian D3
Week 1
Jackson Arms (51) v. SF Hoopers (49)
TripleDoubleSports Division 3 gets underway with a returning team, Jackson Arms, taking on a new squad in SF Hoopers! Will Jackson Arms be able to show off their guns or will they be taken to the (SF) Hoop(ers)! Lol! 
The SF Hoopers are “new” to TDS this year. I say “new” because they’re comprised of players who have been playing in TDS on other teams! The Hoopers were throwing up shots at the goal and they were able to connect on 19-56 fgs (34%)! They struggled a bit from distance only converting on 4-20 3pt field goals (20%). Their leading man was Noah who managed to get a double-double, 15pts & 10rebs! They also got 10 apiece from Wilson and Tone Arce! They trailed at the half, 29-26!
Jackson Arms played a very tough game! This game went into overtime but they had some chances to win the game in regulation but the ball did not find its home! If it wasn’t for the effort put forth by Hansen & Co. this game would have been over! Hansen & Chris combined to score 26pts and Andy was the rim protector with 9rebs (all on defense)! Their shooting was just enough to win! They shot 21-56 fgs (38%) and manages a 51-49 overtime victory!
Jackson Arms 
21-56 38% fgs 
6-20 30% 3pt
3-8 38% fts
Hansen 17p 5r 1s
Chris 9p 1r 3a
SF Hoopers 
19-56 34% fgs 
4-20 20% 3pt
6-13 46% fts 
Noah 15p 10r
Wilson 10p 5r 2a 1b
SF Warriors (74) v. Bangarang (64)
Old versus New was the theme of this game! “Old” (as in time they’ve spent in TDS) was Bangarang trying again to get their first TDS championship took on the “New” SF Warriors! These newbies look to make some noise in their first season! Who will prevail?
Bangarang tried to show their dominance early as they connected on 8 of their first 15 shots (53%) to take an early 5pt advantage! Drew was the leading scorer for Bangarang with 24pts on 8-20 fgs (40%), including 5-15 3pts (33%)! Bangarang had 4 other players score at least 8pts. They had the slimmest of leads at the half, 33-32!
The SF Warriors came into this game not knowing what to expect! They quickly learned. As a team, they shot 29-59 fgs (49%). Alvin Lin was the man today! Scoring at will! His 32pts & 11rebs proved to be to much for Bangarang to handle! Alvin’s running mate was Joe Kim. He dished our a game high 8asts to go along with 11pts! Bangarang had no answer for Alvin in the final quarter!? The SF Warriors went on to win the game going away, 74-64!
SF Warriors 
29-59 49% fgs
8-28 29% 3pt
9-11 82% fts
Alvin Lin 32p 11r 1a 2s
Joe Kim 11p 5r 8a 1s
25-56 45% fgs 
11-36 31% 3pt
6-9 67% fts 
Drew 24p 1r 1a
JP 10p 3r 2a
Fort Knights (45) v. Threat Matrix (53)
The Threat Matrix make another appearance in TripleDoubleSports after a season where they were 2pts short of winning their first TDS title! Today, they’re taking on a familiar face under a new identity...Fort Knights!
The Fort Knights are comprised mostly of team Guap, the champs of a season ago! Why are they in this league again you might be asking? Well, they lost 3 of their key players (leading scorer Maynard, Prince and Finals MVP Brannon)! So, team captain Adonis will try and take this team to another championship and their first challenge is Threat Matrix! Adonis led the team in scoring with 12pts on 3-6 3pt shooting and Kent came along for the ride with 10pts off the bench! They led at the half, 24-18!
Threat Matrix, led by Chris Knight, were in for a battle! Like the Golden State Warriors, they dominated the third quarter! Erasing the halftime deficit and turning it into a 6pt advantage! The comeback was led by newcomer, Terrance who scored 9pts in the third quarter on 3-4 3pt fgs! Phil made the advantage stick with his 12pts! As a team, they shot 21-43 (49%)! Threat Matrix went on to win, 53-45!
Fort Knights 
19-48 40% fgs 
4-21 19% 3pt
3-5 60% fts 
Adonis 12p 5r 2a 2s 1b
Kent 10p 2r 1a 1s
Threat Matrix
21-43 49% fgs 
5-11 45% 3pt
6-10 60% fts 
Phil 12p 5r 3s
Terrance 11p 2r 2a 1s
Team Revolution (56) v. Make It Drizzle (51)
Another game with a couple of new teams we’re on deck for our finale of the night! Team Revolution, led by Jerrick Mesoga, took on Make It Drizzle, led by our score table veteran, Kyle! Which new team will be victorious? 
Make It Drizzle wanted to make a name for themselves and D3 is where they would start! They had a pretty auspicious start! Hitting on 2-15 fgs for 6pts after the first quarter! Mark (24pts) and Jordan (15pts) combined to score 39 of the teams 51pts in the game! The rest of the team struggled mightily! Shooting 5-35 fgs (14%)!? If one more of their players could step up they’ll be a force in D3! They were down at the half, 26-20!
Team Revolution, newcomers to TDS, have actually been playing in other leagues! Took a chance to play in TripleDoubleSports! A dream they’ve been having for some time. They took their 6pt halftime lead and increased it to 10pts going into the fourth quarter! As a team, they shot 27-53 fgs (51%)! Yves Pangilinan and Marvin Mendoza combined to score 24pts and lead 4 players that each scored in double figures! Team Revolution withstood a late rush by Make It Drizzle to win the game, 56-51!
Team Revolution 
27-53 51% fgs 
3-10 30% 3pt 
6-7 86% fts 
Marvin 12p 5r 1a
Yves 12p 1r
Make It Drizzle 
22-58 38% fgs 
5-21 24% 3pt 
5-11 45% fts 
Mark 24p 3r 3a 2s
Jordan 15p 2r

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Spring Asian D1 & D3 schedule!

Apologize for the delay, team RISE has asked to move from the D3 to D1.  FYI, after your first game, you may be asked to switch divisions, NO SANDBAGGING!
Spring Asian D1  - MLK Middle School - 350 Girard st.
WEEK 1 11AM SF Fire vs New Jersey     Sets MLK
Feb 25th 12PM Dawgs vs Prodigies MLK
Feb 25th 1PM Boogie vs Rise MLK
Feb 25th 2PM Bulls vs CCU MLK
                                                                BYE: Rock Center

Spring Asian D3  - MLK Middle School - 350 Girard st.
WEEK 1 3PM Jackson Arms vs SF Hoopers MLK
Feb 25th 4PM SF Warriors vs Bangarang MLK
Feb 25th 5PM  Fort Knights  vs Threat Matrix MLK
Feb 25th 6PM Make It Drizzle vs DRP Jets MLK
                                                                  BYES: Sanits

2017 Champions..