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Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 5 game recaps!

Week 5 Results
PayProTec (77) v. Beastion (50)
Week 5 of the Asian Division One kicks off with defending champions, PayProTec taking on, newcomer to D1, Beastion! Although Beastion put up a god fight, for three quarters, everybody knows that a game is FOUR quarters long! PayProTec, led by Jason Rockwell (25p 6r 3a) and Arik (19p 7r 3s), proved to be too much for Beastion to handle! Shooting a blistering 32-62 (52%) from the field! Beastion, on the other hand, had a pretty tough shooting day. They were a combined 18-48 (38%) from the field! The only bright spot in an otherwise dreary day went to Tyler who had a game high 30pts on 9-18 shooting from 3pt range! The only other Beastion player to show up that day was Nick who had 15pts! PayProTec continued they're undefeated streak as they improved to 3-0. 
Jason Rockwell 25p 6r 3a 1s
Arik 19p 7r 3s 1t

Tyler 30p 6r 2t
Nick 15p 2r 2a 2t
Jumpmen (60) v. Bomb Squad (53)
Without two of their top scorers (Nick & Matty Wong) Bomb Squad still put in a good effort only to lose in the end, 60-53! Jumpmen was led by Joe Scott (27p 4-8 3pt) and Dwight (12p 5r 4a). The difference in the game was from beyond the arc! Shooting from the field (Jmen 37% / BS 38%) and the free throw line (Jmen 64% / BS 68%) were virtually identical! Jumpmen was 8-25 (32%) while Bomb Squad was a meager 2-12 (17%) from 3pt range! The Bomb Squad team was led by Randall (15p 5r) and Kevin Ho who had 10p 8r! Good effort put forth by both teams! 
Joe Scott 27p (4-8 3pt) 9r
Dwight 12p 5r 4a
Bomb Squad
Randall 15p 5r 1s 1t
Kevin Ho 10p 8r 1s 1t
Dawgs (58) v. Eagles (40)
Grrrr! Do you hear that growling in the distance getting closer? Well, you should cuz that growling is coming from the Dawgs who always tend to play their best ball around this time! Ryan Sera (Dawgs) was going bonkers with 21pts in the 1st half (29pts for the game)! The hoop must've been looking like the size of a hula hoop! Jalen was no slouch himself scoring 16pts while grabbing 8rebs! The Eagles on the other hand were without their point guards in Maynard and Quez! Without them the Eagles had nobody that could initiate the offense! Which explains they're terrible shooting day (16-47 34%)! The Eagles will have two chances to make up for it next week!
Ryan Sera 29p 4r 3a 1s 2t
Jalen 16p 9r 2a 1s 1b 1t
Joe 11p 6r 2t
Arj 9p 5r 1a 2s 2b 2t
Boogie (76) v. Dubs (62)
Two solid teams both looking for their first victory of the season pits Boogie versus the Dubs! Amazingly, both teams shot exactly the same percentages from the field (28-59 47%) AND the 3pt line (6-21 29%)! The difference of the game came from the more aggressive Boogie team! When their shot wasn't falling they would take the ball in and drive the lane looking for contact...and more often then not, there was some contact! The Boogie team was 14-20 (70%) from the free throw line where the Dubs were just 0-1. The difference from the line was the difference in the game (14pts)! Led by Sam Allen's 25pts (including 9-10 from the line) and Adonis 12p 4s the Boogie team beat the Dubs, 76-62!
Sam Allen 25p 3r 5a 2s 1b 1t
Adonis Bulanhagui 12p 5r 1a 4s 1t
Los 18p 6r 2a
Raj 17p 7r 5a 2t
Gators (68) v. The Fam (60)
This first match in the D2 division saw two teams going in different directions! The Fam is coming off their first loss of the season while the Gators are looking for their third straight win! The first half played really tight as the Gators held a 34-33 lead! The difference in the game was the balanced scoring of the Gators versus the James-Bruce-George show for The Fam! The Gators had contributions in scoring from every player! Led by Dennis (17pts), Mike (14pts) and the Gators complementary players they were able to hold on to the lead and win the right game, 68-60!
Dennis 17p 5r 4a 1b 1t
Mike 14p 5r 3a 2s
The Fam 
James Soy 28p 5r 2a 1s
Bruce 12p 6r 1a 1b 3t
Putties (55) v. Team Royalty (32)
"It's not a sprint" is the montra the Putties are going by this season! After a slow start, this matchup with Team Royalty brings them a step closer to their ultimate goal! Matt Szeto (14p 6r 2a 1b) played his best game of the season thus far! The Putties played they're normal "Puttyball", having 5 players score at least 7pts! After shocking the world Team Royalty is slowly coming back to Earth!  They received good contributions from Ian (10p 6r) and a double-double by Irish (10p 10r) but didn't get much help from the rest of the team in a 55-32 loss! 
Matt Szeto 14p 6r 2a 1b
Derrick 10p 5r 1a 2s 1t
Team Royalty
Ian 10p 6r 1a 1b 1t
Irish 10p 10r 2a 4b 1t
Hapanese (59) v. GPC (57)
This game was the most competitive game of the day! As Hapanese took on GPC! GPC jumped out to a 19-13 lead after the first quarter but fell behind at the half 35-32! The difference in the game was the field goal shooting (Hapanese - 51%; GPC - 40%)! Hapanese was once again led by "TnT", Tye and Tommy who combined for 41pts! GPC received a nice game from Steven (18p 6r 3a 1s) and from Brian T. (10p 4r 3a 1s 1b). The outcome could have been different if Tommy Doan had been there for the whole game! Alas, he wasn't and the Hapanese (4-0) won fair and square! 
Tye 24p 5r 4a 1b 
Tommy 17p 6r 1a 2s 1b
Steven 18p 6r 3a 1s
Brian T. 10p 4r 3a 1s 1b 
Strokers (85) v. MonStars (44)
The finale of the week was a matchup between the defending champion Strokers versus the young MonStars! After opening up the season with a loss the Strokers were looking to win their third straight win! The MonStars are yet to play a complete game! This time it was the third quarter (outscored 21-2) that led to their defeat. The Strokers were consistently good throughout. Lloyd led his team with 15p (5-10 3pt shooting) and Cam chipped in with 12pts. The Strokers are making the league notice them once again. They can't sneak up on people anymore. They are no longer the hunter...they are the hunted!
Lloyd 15p 5r 2t
Cam 12p 3r 2a 2s
Alex 18p 7r 2a 1t
Adonis 15p 5r 2a 3s 1b1t