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==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
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*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week Three Previews!

Dawgs v. Jumpmen
This matchup pits two teams that projected to be on top of the standings when the season began, but that's not the case. Both teams will be looking for their first victory of the season!

Jackson Arms v. PayProTec
The surprise team thus far is Team Jackson Arms! They go into this week facing the defending champions, PayProTec. Will Cinderella be on time for the ball?

Putties v. Team Royalty
Team Royalty tries to turn around their season when they battle the Putties. Will they get their first win of the season or will the Putties put them away?

Beast v. Dubs
The Dubs will try to continue the momentum as they enter their matchup with the undefeated Beast squad. Can the Dubs put an end to Beast's winning streak or will they keep the bus moving?

Rangers v. Eagles DC
Who will blink first? Another clash of the titans as the Rangers take on the Eagles DC in this battle of unblemished teams.

The Fam v. The Strokers
The Strokers are looking for their first win. On the other hand The Fam is looking to make it two in a row! Who's wish will come true?

Squadron v. Knights Basketball
Squadron, coming off two tough losses, look to get back on track versus an upstart Knights Basketball team. Squadron doesn't want to start the season 0-3! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 2 Game Recaps and video links!

Week Two

Squadron (64) v. PayProTec (69)

This game pitted two powerhouse teams as PayProTec took on the upstart Squadron team. The two evenly matched teams played a very competitive game. The largest lead for either team was 5pts. PPT was lead today by a strong performance by Moe (18p 13r 3a 2s 2t) and 4-6 from 3 from Barry Lee. On the other side of the coin there was Mikey's 5-6 shooting for 12pts and after a slow start from Travis (6to in first half) finished with 15pts 3reb 2asts.

Dubs (57) v. Putties (48)

Another highly competitive game! Jayson (13p 13r 4a 2t) brought his squad, Dubs, into this matchup between Matt Szeto (13p 9r 2a 2s 1b) led Putties. Szeto and Jason (10p 2r 1a) and the Putties were only down by 2pts, going into the 4th quarter, but the Dubs outlasted them by 9. PG Arvin's (12 p 2r 5a 3s) flashy dribbling skills bright back visions of "White Chocolate" helped the Dubs pick up their first win of the season!

Eagles DC (74) v. Knights (68)

A battle between these two undefeated heavyweights was next on the card. The Knights came into this matchup on the heels of a 3pt win and the Eagles DC were coming off a 10pt victory. The Knights led by Ty (18p 3r 2a 2t) and Mike Lim (14p 2r 1a 1s 1t) put up a good fight but came up a little short versus EDC. After three quarters, the teams were tied at 52. The Eagles found that second gear and ran away with a 6pt victory! Hot shooting by John Calara (4-8 3pt) and a strong showing from newcomer Rob (28p 10r 3a 2s 2t) were too much for the Knights to overcome.

Dawgs (50) v. Jackson Arms (58)
After last weeks hot shooting Jackson Arms came back to earth shooting 30% (6-20) from beyond the arc. Kevin M (16p 5r 1a 1t) and Jon (17p 3r 1a 3s 1t) paced JA as they finished the game with a 21-9 4th quarter. Meanwhile, Joe lead the way for the Dawgs with 16p (all in the first half) and Joshua C grabbed a game high 11rebs! The Dawgs dropped their second game of the season and look to next week to get their first win!

The Fam (48) v. Team Royalty (29)

Coming off a bad start to the season, The Fam made a comeback and showed signs of life! They were led in scoring by Luigi Matawaran (16p 2r 2s 2t) and got 7rebs by Adam Radman. Team Royalty had a less than stellar shooting performance. Their only bright spot was AJ's 13pt performance and an 8 reb game from Ian. Team Royalty is lacking a "go to guy" who they can rely on to get that tough bucket they need when the offense is sputtering.

Beast (70) v. Strokers (50)

After a competitive first half, Beast turned it on to end up winning comfortably by 20. Beast was lead by Greg Tang (20p 6r 4a 1t) and Chris (18p 4r 2a). An all around team performance was put forth by Beast. Tyler also chipped in 17p (5-7 3pt). Strokers were led in scoring by Lloyd (15p 3r 3a 1t) and Ray (13p 4r 1a). If the Strokers were able to put the same effort they put in the first half into the second half this would've been a closer matchup.

Rangers (62) v. Jumpmen (50)

The final score doesn't tell the story in this back and forth matchup. Jumpmen was leading at the half with a 32-31 lead. Joe Santos lead the team with 8 first half points (4-4 2nd qtr) and Dwight came out firing with 4-7 from 3pt range! The Rangers put together a six point run and were able to put the game away on the free throw line. Going 9-10 in the 4th quarter from the charity stripe and 15-18 (83%) for the game. Tay led the way with 21pts and Nick chipped in 13pts to keep the Rangers undefeated this season.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 3 Schedule

Friday, February 20, 2015

Week Two previews!!

Week Two Preview

PayProTec v. Squadron
PPT will look to continue their dominance as they take on the Squadron. Squadron look to rebound, coming off a tough loss to the Eagles.

Dubs v. Putties
Matt Szeto hopes to continue his strong play this week as the Putties attempt to put a stranglehold on Jayson Dizon's club the Dubs. 

Eagles DC v. Knights Basketball
Arj Santos and his squad, Eagles DC, are pitted versus the newcomers Knights Basketball led by James Manalang in this battle of undefeated!

Dawgs v. Jackson Arms
Formerly known as SF Bluechips, Jackson Arms will try to continue their hot shooting versus the Dawgs. Dawgs coming off a season where they almost brought home the crown hope to rebound in this game.

Team Royalty v. The Fam
After Week 1 blowouts, both The Fam and Team Royalty will be looking at each other hungry for their first victory!

Beast v. Strokers
A tale of two different outcomes, the Beast handily defeated their opponent by 26 and the Strokers narrowly lost by 3. Can the Strokers come back with a victory? Will they be at full strength? Stay tuned...

Jumpmen v. Rangers
Another hot matchup versus these two powerhouse teams! Can the Rangers continue their dominant play or will Jumpmen douse out their flame? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week one recaps!

Week One recaps fresh off the press!  Stay tuned for the game preview reviews that we will post tomorrow afternoon!  Can't wait for SUNDAY!

DIVISION ONE - PayProTec (53) v. Dawgs (41) PayProTec started this new season of TDS the same way they ended the last season...in dominate fashion. PPT was lead by PG Sean Caiola (19p 4r 5a 2s 1b) and a strong effort by C Moe Otabachi (10p 7r 1b). The Dawgs were lacking that "go to guy" they had last season with the departure of Ryan Sera (now with PayProTec). Jordan Cruz (12p 6r 2a 3s) and Joe Scott's (13p 1s) weren't enough as PPT cruised to a 53-41 victory. 

DIVISION ONE - Squadron (52) v. Eagles (62) The Eagles got a boost from Arj Santos at full strength (16p 6r 3a) and newcomer Robbie (15p 6r 1s) to outlast Squadron by 10, 62-52. The first half was played to a draw, tied at 27 but the Eagles put the clamps on Squadron in the second half out scoring them 35-25 in route to a 62-52 victory. Travis Hom (16p 1r 3a) and Ryan Baba (10p 2r 1a) led the way for Squadron, who only shot 23% from beyond the arc.

DIVISION TWO - Beast (58) v. The Fam (32) Beast was on their game from the jump and never looked back! Being the new team on the block, they were looking to make some noise by pouncing on The Fam who only had 5 guys suited up.  They took a 30-10 first half lead backed by Tyler's 5-10 behind the arc and Jason Quintal's hustle on the boards (7p 10r 1a 1s).  The victory was never in doubt. The Fam had a poor day from the field shooting a mere 30% from the field including 23% from three point range. Austin Lacsina (9p 3r 1s) and Jason Tejano (6p 10r 2a 1b) were the bright spots for The Fam 

DIVISION ONE - Knights (65) v. Jumpmen (62) It was quite a game between Jumpmen and the Knights! Jumpmen came out of the gate strong...leading 18-14 after the first quarter. Newcomer Keoshi led the way with a double-double, 24p 10r, and Dwight chipped in with 20p 6r 2a. The Knights shot the ball masterfully from the field. Shooting 57% from the field and beyond the arc! The Knights were led by Ray (15p 7r 1a) and James Manalang (12p 5r 4a) in their victory! 

DIVISION TWO - Putties (43) v. Strokers (40) The Strokers led for most of the game but couldn't hold on to the win in the end. The Strokers were led by Zack (15p 2r) and Justin (14p 6r) both doing most of the teams damage in the second half. Free throw shooting led to the demise of the Strokers. They went 2-9 from the line in the second half which was enough to open the door for The Putties! The Putties were led by a strong game from Matt Szeto (11p 10r 1a 1b) and Nick (10p 3r 1s). 

DIVISION TWO - SF Bluechips (85) v. Team Royalty (55) SF Bluechips brought the rain! They shot 19-34 (56%) from beyond the arc! Led by Kevin M (24p 5r 1a) and Mike Ruiz (16p 2a) the SF Bluechips were on fire all day! Team Royalty played a good game but on this day were no match for SFB! AJ led the way with 21p & 2r and Irish chipped in with 13p 8r 1s 1b. Team Royalty shot 49% from the field but a measly 27% from the free throw line. Team Royalty needs to work on the little things in order to make a move in the league.  The BlueChips, now known as Jackson Arms will move from D2 to the D1 division this Sunday.

DIVISION ONE - Rangers (75) v. Dubs (54) Jayson Dizon made his case for "Splash Brother #3" by going 6-12 from three and finishing with a game high 26p 10r 3a 1s. Adlai added 17p 3r 2a but those efforts weren't enough because the Rangers came out strong led by Tay (23p 3r 1a) and new to the team Nick Wong (22p 4r 7a 1s)! The Rangers shot 54% from the field as a team.  Although the Dubs only suited up 5 guys, they will take their talents to the D2 this season and then move to D1 in the summer.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week TWO schedule and current Standings

While we work on the team changes from D1 to D2, this blog site will be the most accurate schedule.  I will keep you posted when the OpenBall site is ready.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Opening Day for ASIAN division 1 and 2!

Tentative game times:
11am: D1 - PayProTech vs Dawgs
Noon: D1 - Squadron vs Eagles
1pm: D2 - Beast vs The Fam
2pm: D1 - Knights vs Jumpmen
3pm: D2 - Strokers vs Putties
4pm: D2 - Team Royalty vs SF Bluechips
5pm: D1 - Rangers vs Dubs

All games will be at St Ignatious and I'm working to complete the full season schedule.

Teams were divided based on rosters and captions request. Teams will be evaluated after their first two games to determine if your team is in the right division.