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Friday, October 6, 2017

Week 4 Schedule

Asian REC Division 3
WEEK 4 - Oct 8th
Potrero Hill park & rec (801 Arkansas st)
12pm: Bangarang vs SC Threat Matrix
1pm: Guap vs Jackson Arms
2pm: DRP Jets vs Dream Enders 

Bye: Second Wind, Skulls, Saints

Week 3 leaders!

🏀Weekly Leaders Rec Division 
Maynard @mvynrdo (Guap) 27
Mike (Bangarang) 26
Nick V. (DRP Jets) 20
Dave @d_hyvnie (Saints) 14
Michael (Dream Enders) 9
Prince (Guap) 9
Justin (SC Threat Matrix) 9
Prince (Guap) 5
Drew (Saints) 4
Mike Lim @mtlim (Saints) 3
Nick V. (DRP Jets) 3
Maynard (Guap) 5
Prince (Guap) 5
Mike (Bangarang) 4
Jerome (Guap) 2
6 players tied with 1

Standings and Power Rankings

🏀Fall Season Asian D3
DRP Jets....................2-0....................+30
SC Threat Matrix........2-1....................+16
Dream Enders............2-1....................(-10)
Second Wind..............1-2....................(-9)
Jackson Arms.............0-2...................(-7)


🏀Weekly Power Rankings D3
1. Dream Enders 
2. Saints 
3. Guap
4. DRP Jets
5. Jackson Arms
6. SC Threat Matrix 
7. Skulls 
8. Second Wind 
9. Bangarang
Week 2
1. Dream Enders ↔️
2. Guap ⬆️ +1
3. DRP Jets ⬆️ +1
4. SC Threat Matrix ⬆️ +2
5. Saints ⬇️ (-3)
6. Second Wind ⬆️ +2
7. Jackson Arms ⬇️ (-2)
8. Skulls ⬇️ (-1)
9. Bangarang ↔️ 
Week 3
1. Guap ⬆️ +1
2. DRP Jets ⬆️ +1
3. SC Threat Matrix ⬆️ +1
4. Dream Enders ⬇️ (-3)
5. Saints ↔️
6. Second Wind ↔️
7. Jackson Arms ↔️
8. Bangarang ⬆️ +1
9. Skulls ⬇️ (-1)

Week 3 scores, recaps and video!

🏀Fall Asian Rec Division 
🏀Weekly Recaps 
Bangarang (65) v. Saints (67)
TripleDoubleSports started week 3 in spectacular fashion! The Saints were coming off a tough loss and Bangarang lost their first game of the season as well! Who will right the ship?
Bangarang was without two of their regulars but they did bring their fighting spirit! Their leading scorer of the day was Mike P.! He put up a dazzling, 26pts and 4stls! He did it on 10-14 fgs (71%) shooting. His main accomplice was Jon who went 3-6 3pt (50%) from downtown! They shot 46% as a team in the first half. They scored 18pts in the first two quarters, but were still trailing at the half by the slimmest of margins, 37-36!
The Saints played very well together! Although they were missing a couple of players in their own right. The score was evenly distributed. Captain Mike Lim and Lamar were the leading scores with 15pts apiece. The one player that made the biggest difference was Dave! He came through with a double-double (11pts & 14rebs). 
The game, though, was still yet to be determined! It came down the stretch but the Saints did prevail, 67-65!
25-56 45% fgs 
6-20 30% 3pt 
7-9 78% fts 
Mike P. 26p 5r 2a 4s
Jon 13p 3r 3s
27-59 46% fgs 
7-14 50% 3pt 
3-7 43% fts 
Mike Lim 15p 3r 3a
Dave 11p 14r 1a 1s
Dream Enders (35) v. Guap (60)
This next game was a battle of the undefeated teams! Dream Enders and Guap were both 2-0. Coming off convincing wins versus two good opponents! Who will be 3-0 at days end?
The Dream Enders were coming off a nail biter in their last game. They would need to bring their "A" game. Unfortunately, they didn't! Miss after miss was all they could muster. To say they were having a bad shooting day was an understatement! They shot a demoralizing, 7-31 fgs (23%) for the entire first half! They were trailing, 28-14!
Guap didn't have their best day shooting as well...but luckily it was good enough! Guap turned up the 'D' this game holding the Dream Enders to a season low in shooting (28%). Maynard again led his team in scoring with a game high, 27pts on 10-21 fgs (48%)! The Dream Enders were playing catchup for the entire game. Guap never let their foot off the gas pedal as they increased their lead every quarter! Guap won the game easily, 66-35!
Dream Enders 
17-61 28% fgs 
1-13 8% 3pt 
0-1 0% fts 
Michael 10p 9r 1s
Wilson 7p 5r 1a 2s
24-59 41% fgs 
6-23 26% 3pt 
6-11 55% fts 
Maynard 27p 8r 3a 5s
Prince 11p 9r 5a 5s 1b
Second Wind (40) v. SC Threat Matrix (42)
This matchup was going to be good! Second Wind and SC Threat Matrix were both coming off convincing wins last week. Now they face each other to see who will continue their streak!
Second Wind came into the game on a high note and were looking to add to their good play. Their defense was on point today! They held their opponent to 39% shooting in the first half! Arj Santos and Barry Lee combined to score 17pts in this low scoring defensive battle! The first half ended on a half court, buzzer beater by Drew Faro to give Second Wind a one point lead at the half!
SC Threat Matrix had to overcome that deficit in the second half. They shot the ball better after halftime. They were 8-17 fgs (47%) shooting and were able to hold Second Wind to 6-19 fgs (32%) in the second half of the game! 
This game was totally up for grabs as both teams shot horribly from the free throw line! In the second half, Second Wind shot 1-6 fts (17%) and SC Threat Matrix shot 3-7 fts (43%)! SC Threat Matrix won a close game, 42-40!
Part 1
Part 2
Second Wind 
14-39 36% fgs 
5-13 38% 3pt 
5-10 50% fts 
Arj 9p 5r 1a 1s
Barry 8p 3r 1a
SC Threat Matrix 
15-35 43% fgs 
0-4 0% 3pt 
12-17 71% fts 
Justin 11p 9r 1a 2s
Nick 10p 5r 2a 3s
DRP Jets (61) v. Skulls (35)
The finale of the day was a matchup between two of the "new" teams. When the 1-0 DRP Jets took on the winless Skulls! 
The Skulls showed more aggression this week! They were taking it strong to the hole every time down the court. Although they were able to put up some shots (26 fga) they 
were only able to connect on 7 of those for 27% in the first half! Neil and Mervyn combined to score 18pts. The Skulls were down at the half, 30-17!
The DRP Jets started the game with five players. They miss fired on their first 6 trey balls! Nick V. led the way for the Jets with 20pts and Angelo scored 19pts of his own! The Jets were in total control of the game. They were able to outscore the Skulls in every quarter! They were only able to shoot the ball at a 39% clip but that was more than enough to defeat the Skulls, 61-35!
DRP Jets 
20-51 39% fgs 
7-21 33% 3pt 
11-21 52% fts 
Nick V. 20p 7r 3a 2s
Angelo 19p 7r
16-57 28% fgs 
4-12 33% 3pt 
1-2 50% fts 
Neil 10p 5r 2a 1s
Mervyn 8p 3r 2a 2s