Please email BoogieEvents@gmail.com with any team interest or Free Agent interest. Space is limited!



---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

Contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for more info!

>>>CLICK HERE for the NEW page or search for the TripeDoubleSports channel on YOUTUBE

- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Friday, November 7, 2014


Asian Playoff Schedule
2201 Lawton St. SF. ca

2pm: #1 PayProTec vs #8 Dynasty
3pm: #3 AOL vs #6 Rangers
4pm: #2 Dawgs vs #7 Rockets
9pm: #4 Squadron vs #5 Eagles


Thursday, October 23, 2014

POW (Player of the Week)

Eagles DC 72
27p 3r 3a 4s - JC
19p 15r 1s - Joachim

AOL 73
33p 6r 6a 1t - Kurtis
19p 11r 3a 1s - Ant


PayProTech 57
31p 13r 1a 1t - Mo
14p 3r 2a 1s 1t - Sean C.

Rockets 53
15p - Kevin
10p 1r 4a - Mark


Dynasty 25
8p 3r - Mike
6p 3r 1b - Jason

Rangers 66
21p 5r 2a 2s 1b - Tay
10p 4r 2s 1t - Jmac


Squadron 63
22p 6r 3s - Yuhki
14p 6r 2a 1s - Quentin

Dawgs 45
18p 9r 2a 2s - DJ
14p 7r 2a 1s - Ryan

Monday, October 13, 2014

Updated League Standings

League Standings

Asian 6'3
PayProTec 5-0 (+50)
AOL 4-1 (+53)
Dawgs 4-1 (+13)
Rangers 2-3 (+32)
Eagles DC 2-3 (+7)
Squadron 2-3 (-3)
Rockets 1-4 (-52)
Dynasty 0-5 (-100)

Open 6'3
Balls Out 1-0 (+15)
Prime Time 1-0 (+5)
Cream of the Crop 1-0 (+4)
Young Guns 1-0 (+2)
Gamble Team 0-1 (-2)
Sole Legit 0-1 (-4)
Islanders 0-1 (-5)
5 Star Ballers 0-1 (-15)

Tiebreaker = point differential

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prime Time Players for week 3 in our Asian Division

Here are the players of the week for the Asian division:

Eagles DC 64
27p 2r 1s 1t - Arj
13p 1r 2a 1s - Drew

Dawgs 66
35p 2r 1a - Ryan
12p 3r 2a - DJ
Rockets 68
18p 6r 1a 1s - Kevin
17p 3r 2s - Darryl

Dynasty 54
23p 5r 2s 1t - Brad
14p 3r 2a - Tyrone
PayProTec 73
23p 7r 3a - OB
18p 16r 3a 2s 1t - Mo

Rangers 48
17p 3r 2s - Tay
10p 4r 2a 1s - Geoff
Squadron 52
20p 9r 2a 1s 1t - Yuhki
8p 3r 2a - Dorian

AOL 72
20p 12r 2a 1s 2t - Anthony
16p 2r 1s - Colin

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upcoming Leagues!!

Division: ASIAN 6'3 and Under
Location: St. Ignatius High School
START DATE: September 14th
GAME TIME: 2pm/3pm/4pm/5pm

2. PayProTec
3. Squadron
4. Dawgs
5. Eagles.DC
6. Rockets
7. Dynasty
8. AOL All Stars

WE ARE SET WITH THE 8 TEAM division for the fall/winter season.  We were planning on taking a break during the foot ball season, however by popular demand, we are back with a 8 team league.

Hopefully next season?
UCSF champs
SF Braves
Bomb Squad
Tenacious D
Division: OPEN 6'3 and Under
Location: Gateway High School
START DATE: October 5th
GAME TIME: 6pm/7pm/8pm/9pm

1. Gamble Team
2. Balls Out
3. Prime Time
4. Islanders
5. Cream of the Crop
6. 5 Star Ballers
7. Young Guns
8. Sole Legit

WE ARE SET WITH THE 8 TEAM division for the fall/winter season.  We were planning on taking a break during the foot ball season, however by popular demand, we are back with a 8 team league. 

Hopefully next season?
Bay Area Go Get It (Defending CHAMPS)
Bay Area Kings
Paper Chasers
Cali Shooters
Bomb Squad

Division: REC 6'2 and Under - This division is aimed at the role players of higher division or folks looking to get into shape.  If you stack your team, the TDS staff will have to regulate.  Thinking of rules like only ONE or TWO 6 footers on the court at once.  Only ONE impact player from a higher division allowed.  Please contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for interest or questions.
Location: Gateway High School
START DATE: October 5th
GAME TIME: 6:30pm/7:30pm/8:30pm

1. Boogie Down (Rodney)
2. Eagles.DC (Kel)
3. Jackson Arms (Jason)
4. SF Pirates (CJ)

On the bubble:
SF Knights
War Dawgs
Bomb Squad
City Stars
Tenacious D

2014 Summer League Playoff Results!

Bay Area Go Get It 54  
Bay Area Kings 50 

ROY GILES takes the MVP

Asian 6'2 and Under Division 
SF Braves 80 
PayProTec 71

Rangers 62
Eagles 52

Rangers 81
SF Braves 74

Above: Kyle Tak takes the Asian division MVP.
To the left: ADONIS is the BACK to BACK 3pt CHAMP!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FINAL DAY!! Who's going to ORACLE??

----------We still need TWO more people for the 3pt Shootout!  who's ready to get cashed out?!--------

Monday, July 21, 2014


Please contact Brian with any specific questions, but anyone who has played in Triple Double in the past should be somewhat familiar with the way the (WC) Wild Card and Round One work.  
Basically, the teams in the GREY section would play to qualify for the ELITE 8, which would play against the TOP 4 teams waiting.  
Schedule notes:
  • The #1 - PayProTec plays at 6PM vs the LOWEST seed that comes from the WC round.
  • The #2 - Squadron plays at 7PM vs the 2nd LOWEST seed
  • The #3 - Rangers play at 5PM vs the 2nd HIGHEST team
  • The #4 - Dawgs play at 4PM vs the HIGHEST seed from the WC round.
Possible Scenarios:
  • If all the higher seeds win (#5/6/7/8), we would have the normal 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6 and 4vs5 match ups. 
  • So lets just say that the #12 seeds pulls off the upset, the #12 seed would play at 6PM vs the #1 seed because the 12th seed is the lowest possible seed, so that situation would make that match easy to know.  
  • Basically, if an UPSET happens in the WC round, theres a good chance you will play again at 6 or 7PM
AGAIN, please contact Brian if you have any questions.

thank you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014


WEEK 3 Schedule

What Up Folks,

My fault on the delayed post, but I know that i already communicated the game times to all the captains that chose to play this weekend rather than next weekend (June 15th Fathers Day).  So if your team isn't listed on for this week, you are playing on the 15th while everyone else playing this week has a bye on Fathers Day. Tongue twister, but let me know if you have any questions.  THANKS!

Monday, June 2, 2014

JUNE 8th games will be out by midnight.

Apologies but dealing with an issue and I'll post asap!

Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014





Monday, May 19, 2014


What up Ballers!

As everyone should know we aren't playing during holiday weekends such as Memorial Day this weekend and the 4th of July weekend!  The FULL SEASON schedule will be released this week!  Once its out, its set.  You can request changes and I will try to contact the other captains to see if there is anything that can be done.

It was GREAT seeing everyone again, and can't wait for June 1st!  Have a Great Holiday Weekend!




Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This sunday is BAY TO BREAKERS and could cause delays depending where you are coming from.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


6'2 and Under Open Division
7 Games Min (6 regular season and 1 playoff game)
Game Times: 12pm/1pm/2pm/3pm/4pm
Gateway High School
1430 Scott st
San Francisco, CA 94115

Tentative Schedule:
Week One - May 18th
Skipping Holiday Weekend
Week Two - June 1st
Week Three - June 15th
Week Four - June 22nd
Week Five - June 29th
Skipping Holiday Weekend
Week Six - July 13th
WILDCARD/Round 1 - July 20th
Semi Finals/3pt Shoot Out/CHAMPIONSHIP - July 27th

  1. Bay Area Go Get It (Formally Get Money) - Shake (Defending CHAMPS) 
  2. Big Game Ballers - Jess
  3. Ballz Out - Darryl
  4. Gamble Team - Quez
  5. Eagles - Kel
  6. Cream Of The Crop - Milo
  7. Bay Area Kings - Justin
  8. Sole Legit - Ray
  9. Can't Stop, Won't Stop - James M.
  10. South Bay Ballers - Chris

6'2 and Under Asian Division
7 Games Min (6 regular season and 1 playoff game)
Game Times: 2pm/3pm/4pm/5pm/6pm
St. Ignatius High School
2001 37th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116

Tentative Schedule:
Week One - May 18th
Skipping Holiday Weekend
Week Two - June 1st
Week Three - June 15th
Week Four - June 29th
Skipping Holiday Weekend
Week Five - July 13th
Week Six - July 20th
WILDCARD/Round 1  - July 27th
Semi Finals/3pt Shoot Out/CHAMPIONSHIP - August 3rd

  1. PayProTec (Defending CHAMPS) - Torrent
  2. Rangers - Szeto
  3. Jumpmen - RG
  4. Eagles.DC - Kel
  5. Dawgs - Dez
  6. Tenacious D - Lloyd
  7. Dynasty - Hepsie
  8. SF Braves - Tone
  9. Squadron - Andy
  10. Eagels.SF - James
  11. Triple Threat - James S.
  12. Spartanz - Will

SEMI-FINALS and PayProTec takes the title!!

Bay Area Kings (50) v. Rangers (34) Our first battle of the day pitted #2 Rangers versus #3 Bay Area Kings! Each team going into battle without their #1 scorer, Tay for the Rangers and Ivan for the Kings. The scoring would fall on the shoulders of the three headed monster of TK, Hamilton and Elton! The Kings were lead by Elton who scored a double-double with 20pts and 10reb and TK who did the majority of the ball handling (12pts 5ast). Hamilton chipped in with 12pts of his own. Without Tay, the Rangers looked a bit lost! Not knowing who to go to for points. Szeto tried to pick up the scoring for the Rangers, scoring 7 of the 12 first half points. The second half played pretty much even with the Kings out scoring the Rangers 23-22. Tak tried to pick up the load for the Rangers with 8 second half points...but it wasnt enough. As the Kings scored the upset! 

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: Kings defense locks up the Rangers.

PayProTec (59) v. Dawgs (57) The #1 seeded PayProTec were going in without two of their main players, Moe and newcomer OB! Advantage --> #4 Dawgs! The one-two punch of James Maldonado (17pts 8reb) and Ryan S (21pts) made the game even tougher for PPT. The score was 51-45 Dawgs after three quarters. Simon and Sean turned on the 'D' holding the Dawgs to just 6 4th quarter points! Simon led the team with 29pts and a team high 5stls. Sonny chipped in with 17pts. 

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: PayProTec barely slip past the tough Dawgs.

PayProTec (69) v. Bay Area Kings (53) The league title came down to 2 teams: the #1 seed PayProTec versus the 3rd seeded Bay Area Kings! The two teams battled hard for the first three quarters until PPT outlasted the Kings winning 69-53. Sean Caiola, the MVP of the league, scored 18pts collected 6rebs and dished out 6asts. Simon, a late season add, contributed with 22pts and Torrent chipped in 5pts. Hamilton came up with a his seasons best 25pts and he added 6rebs. TK registered a double-double with 10pts and 10rebs in the season finale. 

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: The #1 seed PayProTec finishes the job and take home the title!

2014 6'2 and Under Asian CHAMPS PayProTec!

MVP Sean Caiola and his #1 fan!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Jumpmen (73) v. Pandas (39) Today started out with Jumpmen on a mission. They began the game by blitzing their opponent with a 21-7 1st qtr lead and never looked back. Defeating the Pandas 73-39! The Jumpmen were led out of the gates by Joe Santos playing big with a double-double (15pts 10reb) and Joachim playing his part with 14pts 5reb. The short handed Pandas were led by Joe's 20pts 7reb and by Will's 8pts 8reb.
  FULL GAME: Jumpmen came to play!
Bay Area Kings (59) v. City Stars (53) The City Stars came out on fire! All of their field goals made were 3pt shots until Ant H hit a layup with 4:58left in the half! They took a commanding lead into the half, 36-29. The Stars were led by Ant H (17pts 7reb) and Mike R (15pts) who was perfect from the field. The Bay Area Kings stepped up the defense in the second half limiting the Stars to 17 second half pts while scoring 30pts. The Kings were led by Ivan (23pts 6reb 4stls) and TK (15pts 8reb).
Tenacious D (65) v. Islanders (55) Alert the officials...we had a Milan sighting in the 65-55 victory over the Islanders. Milan who had been struggling with his stroke scored 15pts scoring 12 of the 14pts his team scored in the second qtr. Ronnie took over the scoring duties in the second half as he scored 23pts (10-13 from the field). The Islanders were led by Tone (24pts) and Booba (16 pts). The Islanders need to bring a solid 7 or 8 players next season if they want to make a run at the championship.
                            FULL GAME: Islanders let one slip away in the 4th quarter.
Jumpmen (53) v. PayProTec (55) This was the game of the day! The 9th seeded Jumpmen battled the top seed PayProTec. PPT was short their man in the middle, Moe. While Jmen's big man, Joe Santos, was back in the fold. Jmen carried the lead through the 3rd qtr but PPT played "Simon says". Simon scored a game high 35pts (10-13 from the field) to lead the team. Santos (20pts 5reb) and 15pts from Joachim made it close. The game came down to a 3pt shot from the corner by Joerdan that came up a bit short! Good season Jumpmen! I'm sure we haven't heard the last from you...
Tenacious D (34) v. Rangers (54) The Tenacious D just ran out of gas. TD's Ronnie had 12pts 7reb and Tony chipped in with 10pts 5reb but it was far from enough to defeat the 2nd ranked Rangers. The Rangers were led in scoring by Tay (29pts on 6-13 from 3pt range) and Szeto (10pts 8reb). The Rangers clamped on the "D" in the 2nd half...holding TD to 4pts in the 3rd qtr (12pts in the 2nd half)! Nice work Tenacious D!
Dawgs (58) v. Eagles DC (48) Eagles DC came into the game a little short handed...losing top scorer, Arj to a fractured hand. EDC kept it close behind John Calara's 17pts 4reb and 10pts from Uriel. The Dawgs were led by Ryan Sera (20pts 9reb) and "Big" John Maldonado's double-double (10pts 10reb). Maldonado also striped a 3pointer to show off his range! I look forward to another good season from the Eagles DC...
                                        FULL GAME: Dawgs clicking at the right time

SUNDAYS - Final Four Preview!!

PayProTec:  PayProTec is undefeated but showing some cracks. No Moe. No Sean. More trouble. Can PPT win on the outside shooting of Simon?! If all their players show up they are the odds on favorite...but if they don't the championship is up for grabs. Their first opponent are the Dawgs. With their young, upbeat style can give PPT trouble. The Maldonado boys will be a handful for PPT.

Rangers:  The Rangers are playing well at the right time. If they can control the game they can win. Tay and Tak are playing on another level. Tak needs to control the ball and run the offense. Inside Szeto needs to play the tough "D" and with the help of JMac off the bench the Rangers will be a lot to handle. Their defense will be challenged by Ivan and TK. I see a lot of points in this #2 v. #3 battle.

Bay Area Kings: The Kings have a hard road ahead of them. They have to get by the Rangers and beat the winner of PPT and Dawgs! All four teams have a chance to win it all. TK needs to led his team with his stellar performance and Ivan needs to continue his high scoring to give Kings a chance to win. The Kings also need a big helping of Elton on the boards versus the likes of Szeto and JMac.

Dawgs:  The Dawgs are the fourth seed but they are not playing like a fourth seed! Behind the play of the Maldonado boys, the Dawgs will be a tough out! They will be challenged from the jump. Ryan Sera and Dez will have to step up their game. Their shooting from the outside will help balance the offense. If those things can happen then the Dawgs will be a tough out for PPT.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Dawgs (55) v. Jumpmen (42) This was a battle of the young guns (Dawgs) versus the grizzly old veterans (Jumpmen). The Jumpmen led after the first qtr but the Dawgs led by Ryan S (18pts 7reb) and Janes Maldonado (10pts 8reb) took control of the game winning the last three qtrs. Jmen were led by Joachim (16pts 11reb) and CQ's (15pts 4reb) performance in a losing effort.
City Stars (72) v. Islanders (71) This was the game of the day! These two teams battled all the way to the end with the lead changing on a dime. Ant H came through with a double-double with 19pts 11rebs and DJ added 17pts 6reb to help the City Stars outlast the Islanders in a thrilling game! The Islanders were led by Tony (19pts 5rebs) and Buba (16pts 6asts 3rebs).
Rangers (56) v. Eagles DC (46) Despite having a 1pt 2nd qtr...the Rangers behind the 23pt performance from Tay out dueled the Eagles DC 56-46! Along side Tay's heroics, the Rangers were aided by Szeto's 11pts 7reb. The Eagles DC on the other hand were led by a great game by Arj (25pts 3reb 3stl) and the 3pt shooting of Drew (12pts 4-7 behind the arc).
Tenacious D (71) v. Pandas (48) Tenacious D had only 6 players show for the game but that was enough to beat the 5man team of the Pandas! The Pandas started the game with 4 players and did not get their fifth until Will showed up in the 2nd quarter. By that time it was too late. The lead was 21-12 and it only got worse for the Pandas. Led by Ray's 19pt 11reb and 17pts off the bench by Lloyd, TD cruised to a 71-48 victory. Pandas were led, in defeat, by Joe (25pt 10reb) and Wally (18pts 6reb 2stls). If they can get their team to show up they'll be a force to be reckoned with.
PayProTec (58) v. Bay Area Kings (39) Bay Area Kings gave PayProTec all they could handle for 3qtrs but the veteran leadership provided PayProTec a 19pt victory. Moe dominated inside with 23pts and 11rebs and Sunny chipped in with 17pts. The Kings were led by TK's 13pt 6reb and Ivan's 11pt 8reb performance.


Dawgs (77) v. Pandas (48) The Dawgs came out strong behind the three point shooting of Karlo (21pts 8-16 from the field 4-9 behind the arc) and the fierce inside play of James Maldonado (21pts 10reb 10-13 from the field). The Pandas were led by Joe S (18pts 5reb) and Wally N (16pts 2reb). The Pandas had a cold shooting day from long distance (3-20) which led to their dimise.
Rangers (79) v. Islanders (57) The combination of Szeto (14pts 14reb) and Tay (25pts 6reb 5ast) were too much for the Islanders on this day. Off the bench JMac went 8-10 from the field for 19pts to secure the victory. Booba (26pts 5reb) and Fale (13pts 5reb) led the depleted squad. Once they get all their players to show up I think that the Islanders will be a team to be reckoned with.
Dawgs (48) v. Bay Area Kings (53) This game was a tight one throughout but there was too much Ivan! The guard scored a game high 33pts 6reb 4stls. Elton was able to chip in 10pts 5reb. On the Dawgs side of the board they were led by another strong performance by James (19pts on 9-16 shooting and he collected 6rebs). The Dawgs may have been a bit tired from playing their 2nd game of the day. They just ran out of gas in the 4th quarter.
PayProTec (65) v. Jumpmen (61) This was another nail biter! Jumpmen jumped out to an early 22-15 lead over PayProTec behind the scoring of Jochim (27pts 12reb) and CQ (13pts 5reb). But without any subs the Jumpmen faltered in the second half falling to the 3pt shooting of PPT. Without the inside presence that they usually have PPT had to change up their game plan a tad. Bombs away! Behind Simon (23pts 7reb 6asts) and Sean Caiola (19pts 4-6 from 3) they did just about enough to hold off the Jumpmen.
Tenacious D (53) v. Eagles DC (59) Eagles DC came out strong behind Drews' 16pt 1st quarter and Rel (12pts 3reb 6asts) running the point was too much for Tenacious D. On the other hand Tenacious D, without their leader and birthday boy Lloyd, were led by Ray (16pts 7reb) and Ronnie (12pts 6reb 3asts). TD put on a late rush to cut the 15pt deficit to 3 but they ran out of gas to finish the job as EDC held on to the victory 59-53.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Bay Area Kings (47) v. Tenacious D (44) F/OT A defensive battle between these two upstart teams came down to the wire. Tenacious D's Tony (15pts 5reb) hit a last second, game-tying shot with 00.1 seconds on the clock. Unfortunately for TenD, there was too much of the tandem of TK (24pts 5reb) and big man Hamilton (14pts 13reb). On a side note, Hamilton was supposed to join TenD, but decided not to add him to the roster because they thought he was too tall! But after the commish measured the center and found out that he met the 6'2 height limit he joined the Kings. Sorry Tenacious D!
 FULL GAME COVERAGE: Kings pull off the OT victory!
Eagles DC (68) v. Jumpmen (56) After an exciting first half that saw the Jumpmen down by 2pts, the Eagles DC turned on the afterburners to win the game going away. Led by Joachim (13pts 6reb) and Chris (19pts 5reb) the Jmen stayed in the game for 3qtrs, but didnt have enough steam for a 4th qtr! The young legs of Arj (15pts 5reb) and Uriel (16pts 5asts) turned out to be too much for the Jmen to handle.
FULL GAME COVERAGE: Eagles fly high past the Jumpmen
PayProTec (91) v. City Stars (78) PayProTec jumped out to a 30-12 1st qtr lead and never looked back! PPT led by Moe (17pts 13reb) and Barry (19pts 5reb) put it in cruise control for the rest of the game. Big games from Mike R (25pts) and Ant (24pts 5reb 4asts) were not enough to beat PPT. Watch out for City Stars in the near future, JBel (16pts 6asts) says that there will be some faces added to their roster by the cutoff period next week!
Islanders (59) v. Dawgs (63) Maybe they're better with 4 players! The Islanders took a 34-27 lead into the "locker room" led by Buba (22pts 6reb 4asts) and Tony (23pts 6reb). The Dawgs were led by Ryan (22pts 5reb 4asts) and James (14pts 6reb) who both had big 2nd halves. The Dawgs were without leading scorer Tyler but managed to prevail in this "dawg" fight.
Rangers (63) v. Pandas (33) The Rangers jumped out to a 15-3 advantage. The team was led by Tay (21pts) abd by a strong 1st qtr by Szeto (14pts 5reb). The Pandas, who never found their groove, were led by Joe (12pts 9reb) and Wally (11pts 3reb 3asts). A special shout goes to my fellow SI alum Matt Lai who grabbed a season high 11rebs!


If your team member has only played ONE game this season, make sure you GET IT IN this sunday!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4th Annual Ball So Hard - Battle of the Champs Recap

- 4th Annual Ball So Hard - Battle of the Champs - 

Special shout out to CHAMPAGNE WISHES TV!  
Thank you for your endless handwork and support!


This is the last week you have to add a player to your roster.  

Friday, February 21, 2014


Bay Area Kings (56) v. Eagles DC (47)
The Kings were led by Evan (22pts 6reb), who proved his eligibility by providing a copy of his birth certificate, and TK (17pts 6reb). They were able hold off the Eagles late rush for a 56-47 victory. The Eagles led by Arj (13pts 5reb) and newcomer Jayson (13pts 7reb) tried to keep the Eagles in the game throughout but in the end there was too much Evan and Co. to keep the Kings out of the win column.

FULL GAME COVERAGE: Kings back to their winning habits

Tenacious D (45) v. ProPayTech (89)
Ouch! PayProTech took Tenacious D behind the shed and whoop them like they stole something! TD was short a few key players that would have made the game a little bit more interesting! Milan (22pts 5reb), who just got off a long week of work, and Lloyd (7pts 7reb 5ast) did the best they could but there was too much Moe (19pts, 9-10 from the field) and Sunny (34pts 8-14 behind the arc). TD hopes to have everyone of their players there next time they meet PPT.

FULL GAME COVERAGE: ProPayTech continues their dominance

City Stars (54) v. Jumpmen (86)
Jumpmen made it a point to turn their season around and they took it out on City Stars! Joachim (22pts 13reb) and Joe (20pts, 10-12 from the field) held it down for the Jumpmen. JBel (18pts 6-13 from 3pt land) and Ant (15pts 5reb) did their best to keep the City Stars within earshot of the Jmen but they had a point to prove and City Stars was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. A great game was put in by Wilson (16pts 6reb 8-10 from the field). Hopefully the City Stars will have their full squad next week!

FULL GAME COVERAGE: The Jumpmen came out in full force to give the City Stars their 1st loss

Dawgs (58) v. Rangers (64)
Behind another strong performance from Tay (25pts) and the defensive presence of Szeto (14pts) the Rangers beat the Dawgs 64-58. The Dawgs had an added boost when one of their co-captains, Bryan Petroni, picked up big John Maldonado (12pts) to add to the strong Dawgs roster. That and the contribution of Ryan S. (26pts) was not enough to beat the chemistry of the Power Rangers squad.  

FULL GAME COVERAGE: Rangers continuing to click

Pandas (67) v. Islanders (72)
The Islanders, who only had four guys show up for the game, led by Isaiah "Buba" (10-17 from the field 4-6 behind the arc) jumped out to a 24-9 1st qtr lead. The Pandas behind a 32pt performance by Joe S. slowly chipped away at the deficit. Luckily Isaiah had help from Paulo (21pt 12reb) to hold off the Pandas.

FULL GAME COVERAGE: Islanders hang on to pull off the BIG win

4th Annual Ball So Hard - Battle of the Champions - NOTES for Saturday

Parking is $35 
Park at BART and walk over if you want to save cost.
When you arrive for your game, enter via the NORTH TUNNEL below the NORH ENTRANCE.

I don't own this gym, and to be honest, neither do the Warriors so if you miss your court time,

Monday, February 17, 2014

WEEK FOUR Sunday Schedule

We're already at WEEK 4!  
TWO more weeks until PLAYOFFS on March 16th!  
ALL PLAYERS must play TWO regular season games to qualify for the PLAYOFFS!

UPDATED Sunday League Standings

Here is the most recent league standings.  
The teams tied will be differentiated by Head to Head Win/Loss and then point differential.  

There are SIX total REGULAR SEASON games and ALL teams make the PLAYOFFS!
PLAYOFFS start on MARCH 16th and ALL TEAMS are playing that day.  The bottom FOUR teams after the regular season would start the 3/16 off with TWO WILDCARD play-in games.  The TWO winners would advance to play in the ELITE 8 PLAYOFFS as the 7th & 8th Seeds.

Please contact the commish for more information or questions.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 2 RECAPS and FULL GAME footage!

What up ballers!
Slowly but surely we will have this recap and game footage down like second nature.  Hope you enjoy our handwork to bring you more then just a league!

Rangers (60) v. Kings (48)
The Kings started the game with 4 players and we're down by 10pts before their 5th player arrived. Behind the shooting of Taylor (9-19 from the field and 5-9 from behind the arc) and Kyle Tak (10pts 5ast) the Rangers took the early lead and never looked back. The Kings, led by TK (25pts 8reb) and Elton (16pts 7reb) kept it close in the 2nd half but could not overcome the 13pt first half deficit.

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: Rangers win over shorthanded Kings

City Stars (63) v. Pandas (62)
What an exciting contest! City Stars, led by Mike J (7-10 from the field) and a strong start from JBel (17 1st quarter pts) came from behind to take the lead with Ant making one of two free throws to take a one point lead with 6.7 seconds left. The Pandas led by Darren (18pts) and Joseph (20pts, 11-14 from the free throw line) combined for 38pts in a losing effort.

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: Ant of City Stars hits the game winning FT vs the Pandas

PayProTec (84) v. Eagles (54)
The boys from PayProTec came out on fire! Outscoring the Eagles 51-14 in the first half! Led by the inside presence of Moe (18pts 9reb) and the outside shooting of Sean (20pts) PPT was nearly unstoppable. The Eagles made it respectable by scoring 20pts in the 3rd and 4th quarters led by Arj (16pts 6reb) and Uriel (12pts, 5-11 shooting).

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: PayProTec made it rain on the Eagles

Jumpmen (48) v. Tenacious D (62)
Jumpmen started the game out with their swarming defense. Jumping out to a 15-9 lead. Jokeem (13pts 6reb) and CQ (13pts 8reb) led the team to a 29-26 halftime lead. Tenacious D's Lloyd (12pts) and Ray (12pts) lived up to their teams' name by playing their brand of basketball. They outscored Jumpmen 36-19 in the 2nd half en route to a 62-48 win. It looked like the young legs of TD was too much for Jmen to handle.

FULL GAME FOOTAGE: Tenacious D lives up to their name against Jumpmen

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 3 - Schedule

This schedule is set and confirmed by the captains.  

Stay tuned for the full game video from Week 2 later today.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

WEEK 1 Full Game footage

What up Ballers,

Thanks to J, the links to the Week 1 Full game footage are now available.  Our goal is to have the footage up by Wednesdays.

Stats will be up shortly.


PayProTec with the W over the Rangers
Bay Area Kings pull away from the Islanders
City Stars are too much for the shorthanded Tenacious D
Pandas pull off the last second W over Jumpmen
Eagles never quit attitude equaled a W vs the Dawgs

Monday, February 3, 2014

WEEK 2 - Schedule @ SI

What up Ballers,

This week are implementing the "Jersey Rule!"  For each different color jersey, your team will receive a TECHNICAL FOUL for each violation before we tip off and before the start of the 3rd quarter.  We have decided that for this first season, the jerseys don't have to be exactly the same, but at least the same dominant color.  NEXT SEASON, we expect teams to have exact matching tops at the minimum.  

Game videos will be out by Wednesday/Thursday at the latest. 


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