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In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
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*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 7th - Asian D1 & D2 Schedule!

May 7th
GYM: SOTA - 555 Portola, SF.
12pm: (D2) SF Braves vs Prodigies
1pm: (D2) S.C. ThreatMatrix vs Putties
2pm: (D2) Rock Center vs Saints
3pm: (D2) Bulls vs Dawgs
4pm: (D2) Saints vs Swishers
5pm: (D1) Bombtans vs Knights
6pm:(D1)Goon Squad vs G.S. ThreatMatrix
7pm: (D1) Squadron vs SFC
D1: Boogie 2.0.
D2: Beastion

GYM: Games are at School of the Arts - 555 Portola Dr.  Pull into the parking lot and make a quick right down the hill towards the gym which will be on your left. There's a big lot at the bottom of the hill and the entrance is on the left side of the building.

Recaps and Asian d2 video links

Spring Season Asian D2
🏀Week 1
S.C. Threat Matrix (40) v. Dawgs (42)
TripleDoubleSports is back and we start with a division 2 battle versus newcomers, S.C. Threat Matrix taking on a TDS former champion, Dawgs!
Both teams started the game with nobody on either bench! The SC Threat Matrix had a couple of late comers arrive that helped the cause. "Flash" Gordon led his team in scoring with 15pts and Chris Knight posted a double-double with 11pts & 10rebs! The 2017 version of "Big" Ben came through with 16rebs! It was a close one at the half. Threat Matrix trailed by 1pt, 20-19!
The Dawgs were without their two main Dawgs (Bryan and Dez). They played the entire game with just 5 players but they were ready for the challenge! They managed to double their lead in the third quarter to 4pts, 30-26! Led by a game high 16pts from Daniel V. and 11pts from Kiyoshi, the Dawgs scraped and clawed their way the entire game! They held onto the lead and squeezed out a 2pt victory, 42-40! 
A great, competitive contest to start the TDS season!
SC Threat Matrix 
18-49 37% fgs 
2-14 14% 3pt 
2-5 40% fts 
Gordon 15p 6r 1a 2s
Chris K. 11p 10r
11-43 26% fgs 
8-24 33% 3pt 
12-18 67% fts 
Daniel V. 16p 5p 4a 2s 
Kiyoshi 11p 3r 2a
Swishers (67) v. Beastion (43)
The Swishers are back to try to defend their title from a season ago and first on their list was Beastion!
Beastion has some new players this season because the Knight bros broke off and formed their own team but the core of the team is the same as last season with a couple of new additions! Those two additions paid immediate benefits! As Gordon scored a game high, 19pts, and Web chipped in with, 8pts! Even with the boost the two new players, Beastion was down at the half, 29-23.
The Swishers came into this game still on a high from last seasons championship! Dorian (17pts) and Rob (12pts) led the way for the Swishers. There was a revolving door substation that the Swishers employed that kept them fresh throughout the game. With that they proved too much to handle for Beastion, as they went on to win handily, 67-43!
27-56 48% fgs 
12-24 50% 3pt 
1-3 33% fts 
Dorian Sun 17p 5r 2a
Rob 12p 2r 2a 2s
15-47 32% fgs 
9-20 45% 3pt 
4-10 40% fts 
Gordon 19p 3r 2a
Web 8p 5r 3a 1b
Putties (43) v. SF Braves (79)
After a couple of seasons off, the SF Braves have returned to try and seek their first TDS championship as they face off against the Putties!
The Putties were without some of their key players (Jmac, Matt and Clif Szeto) but they were up for the game! The uphill struggle started almost immediately! They were led in scoring by Iggy with 12pts and Jason Lee added 7pts before leaving the game with a back injury. They were down, 32-17!
The SF Braves we're back in TDS after taking a couple of seasons off. They reloaded their roster with a couple of new pieces! Greg led the way with a game high, 29pts! He scored 18pts in the second half alone. Another addition was point guard, Brandon Mamaradlo, who dished out 5asts! The SF Braves went on to win, 79-43!
16-45 36% fgs 
6-25 24% 3pt 
0-4 0% fts 
Iggy 12p 3r 1s
JLee 8p 7r 3a
SF Braves 
30-57 53% fgs 
7-18 39% 3pt 
7-9 78% fts 
Greg 29p 6r 1a 2s
MJ 23p 5r 3s 1b
🏀Spring Season D2
🏀Leaders of the Week
Greg (SF Braves) 29
MJ (SF Braves) 23
Gordon (Beastion) 19
Ben (S.C. Threat Matrix) 16
Chris (S.C. Threat Matrix) 10
Mike (Dawgs) 8
Nelson @nelsonuqui (SF Braves) 8
Brandon @bmamaradlo (SF Braves) 5
Daniel @danielv20 (Dawgs) 4
3 players tied with 3
John James @sloof_johnjames (Dawgs) 3
Regan (Dawgs) 3
MJ (SF Braves) 3
London @lwhitit (Beastion) 2
5 players tied with 1

Soft opening of Asian D2!