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Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 6 recaps!

Week 6 Recaps
Open Division 
Boogie Events (67) v. Hapanese (63)
Another week of Tripledouble is in the books and we start this week off with a good one! Boogie Events versus a new and improved Hapanese squad! Hapanese jumped out ahead of Boogie, 22-12 after the 1st quarter, behind 3-3pters by Tommy! It was a full team effort by Hapanese. They held the lead throughout the game, with 14pts from Bradley and 10pts from John. The Boogie team would not be outdone! A pair of double-doubles from Ant (18p 11r) and Prabe (14p 10r) forced the game to, not one but two overtime sessions! Free throws were the factor in this game with Boogie outscoring Hapanese 20-9 from the charity stripe! They went on to win, 67-63 2ot!
Boogie Events
21-54 38% fgs
4-12 33% 3pt
20-29 69% fts
Ant N. 18p 11r 2s 2b 
Prabe 14p 10r 2a 2b

24-60 40% fgs
6-15 40% 3pt
9-13 69% fts
John 10p 7r 4a 1s 1t
Drew 8p 8a 3a 2s 1b
CCU Ambassadors (52) v. Beastion (45)
Another great game was giving to us by CCU Ambassadors versus Beastion! After the first half, CCU was all over Beastion 31-17! They were on there way to a blowout, but Beastion had other ideas. They outscored CCU 18-6 in the third period to torn the blowout into a nail biter! Nick and Chris both had 11pts to lead Beastion to a comeback. CCU would not be outdone! Without leading scorer, Jeremy Lee, the CCU Ambassadors found their scoring from other players that stepped up in his absence! Derek (19p 8r) and Willie (14pts) were more than up for the challenge! Holding a small advantage, CCU held on to win, 52-45!
15-49 31% fgs
4-18 22% 3pt 
11-18 61% fts
Chris 11p 6r 3a 
Nick 11p 5r 2s 1b
CCU Ambassadors 
19-50 38% fgs
7-15 47% 3pt
7-11 64% fts
Derek 19p 8r 2a 4s 1t
Willie 14p 6r 2a
Squadron (58) v. Rangers (52)
Yet another in line of great games was this one that had Squadron up against the Rangers! After a horrendous 3pt shooting display in the first half (2-12), it was Squadron's defense that stood out! As they lead 29-25 at the half. The Rangers were poised to make this a game in the third. Behind Hicks' strong third period, the Rangers took the lead away from Squadron by 2, 41-39! Travis Hom would not let Squadron die! He scored 9 of his 18pts in the fourth and deciding quarter and Steven Tom sealed the victory with some clutch free throws to win, 58-52! 

22-70 31% fgs
3-17 18% 3pt
5-9 56% fts
Taylor Tak 10p 7r 5a 2s
Mike Hicks 12p 5r 1s 1b 1t
21-53 40% fgs
6-24 25% 3pt
8-14 57% fts
Travis Hom 18p 6r 2a 2t
Steven Tom 16p 2r 5a 1b
Go Get It (47) v. Eagles (37)
Two undefeated teams went into battle with the loser suffering their first defeat, as the Eagles squad took on the Go Get It team! Alec and Jovelle (Eagles) had their hands full all day trying to hold down Mo (Go Get It)! Normally, two is better than one, but when your one is named Mo, it's a different story! Alec spent most of the game guarding Mo in the post. He (8p 11r) and Jovelle (9p 8r) switched on and off all game long but Mo was not to be denied! He scored 21pts and pulled down a game high 13rebs! Go Get It held a 5pt lead going into the fourth. The Eagles were missing Quez, who would have made a big difference in the final score! If they meet again in the playoffs the Eagles would have a better chance with a full squad! This time, however, goes to Go Get It! 47-37!
Go Get It 
18-48 38% fgs
3-16 19% 3pt
8-12 67% fts
Mo 21p 13r
Jason Rockwell 11p 5r 4a 1s
16-40 40% fgs
4-24 17% 3pt
3-5 60% fts
Alec 8p 11r 1s
Jovelle 9p 8r 3s 1b 3t
Tru (60) v. Bomb Squad (66)
The final game of the Open Asian division brought Tru versus the Bomb Squad in a very competitive game! The first half was tight with Tru taking the lead at the break by a single point, 33-32! With JC (17pts) and Ant H. (15pts) leading the way for Tru! But the second half was all the Wong boys! 32 of the 34pts scored in the second half were scored by the brothers Wong! Nick (29pts), Kyle (21pts) and Matty (5pts) were too much for Tru to handle on this day! Nick, scored 20 of his game high 29pts in the second half, he would not let the Bomb Squad lose this game. The final score, Bomb Squad 66 Tru 60!
Bomb Squad 
22-46 48% fgs
9-21 43% 3pt
14-15 93% fts
Nick Wong 29p 5r 5a 1t
Kyle Wong 21p 7r 2a 1s 1t
21-47 45% fgs
7-17 41% 3pt 
11-15 73% fts
JC 17p 3r 5a
Ant H. 15p 8r 2a 3s 1b
Knights Basketball (37) v. Gators (49)
In the first matchup for Division Two the undefeated Gators faced the guys from Knights Basketball. Like their brethren from Hapanese, they too improved their team immensely! They just need time to gel! They did hold a 21-14 lead at the half thanks to a forgettable 2nd quarter from the Gators! A 0-10 fgs and a total of 1pt in the quarter to give the Knights the lead at the break. Drew, of the Knights, lead the way with yet another double-double (13p 12r). The Gators owned the second half! Outscoring the Knights 35-16 over the last two quarters! Mikey (12pts) and Dennis (11pts) paced the comeback for the Gators as they won convincingly, 49-37!
Knights Basketball 
17-52 37% fgs
1-15 7% 3pt
3-6 50% fts
Drew 13p 12r 2a 3s 2t
Dorian 14p 6r 1a 1t
Dawgs (46) v. The Fam (28)
Bad shooting or good defense? That was the headline for the undefeated Dawgs versus the upstart The Fam! It was an extremely low scoring affair with the Dawgs leading by 2pts, 23-21 after the third period! The Fam had a horrible day. Making 9-43 shots for a 21% clip, but surprisingly they were still in the game! The Dawgs lit up the scoreboard in the 4th period. Doubling their output for the game (23pts in the first three quarters- 23pts in the 4th quarter alone)! Bradley (14pts) and Dez (8p 10r) were the stars of the game! As the Dawgs stayed without a loss...46-28!
16-47 34% fgs
6-18 33% 3pt
8-15 53% fts
Bradley 14p 5r 2a 3s 1t
Dez 8p 10r 1a 3s 2b
The Fam
9-43 21% fgs
2-18 11% 3pt
8-12 67% fts
CQ 6p 8r 1s 1t
Jason Tejano 4p 6r 2s
Putties (76) v. The Strokers (37)
Next up, we have the Putties versus The Strokers trying to even up their record. The Strokers were without some key members due to Chinese New Year and other various reasons...and it showed! They were down at the half 39-14! Jason (12p 5r) and newcomer Malcolm (15pts) were the only bright spots. Meanwhile, the Putties had all cylinders going! KC (16pts) and Clif (15p 8r) led the way for the Putties (3-1)! They didn't let up on the gas pedal scoring a season high 76pts! The final score, 76-37!
28-53 53% fgs
10-23 43% 3pt
9-11 82% fts
KC 16p 5r 2a 2s
Clif 15p 8r 2a 1t
The Strokers 
13-48 27% fgs
5-15 33% 3pt
6-8 75% fts
Malcolm 15p 3r 1b
Jason 12p 5r 2s 1t
SF Flight (67) v. Aces of Angels (65)
A very tight game is what we had up next as SF Flight took on the Aces of Angels! SF Flight jumped out to a 23-10 first quarter lead only to relinquish that lead and go into the half tied at 30 apiece! The Aces, for the first time this season, had a bench (albeit one player)! The rest the Aces got showed in their play. John had a game high 24pts on 6-3pters and Jason played well too (12p 10r 5s). SF Flight was up for the challenge tho! As a team they shot it well from the charity stripe, 18-19 (95%)! That was the deciding stat for the game! Arj led the way (21pts) and  Sean added 19pts, for SF Flight who went on to win a close one, 67-65!
SF Flight 
22-50 44% fgs
5-21 24% 3pt
18-19 95% fts
Arj 21p 8r 3s 3t
Sean 19p 5r 3a 1t
Aces of Angels 
24-61 39% fgs
11-36 31% 3pt
4-7 57% fts
John 24p 5r 1a 1s
Jason 12p 10r 3a 5s 1b 1t
Guap (45) v. GPC (31)
The final game of the night was the youngsters from Guap versus GPC! This game was a low scoring affair. Guap led the game at the half 15-13 after holding GPC to a single point in the second quarter! GPC retook the advantage after the third quarter, 26-25! Behind a double-double from Tommy Doan (15p 13r) and 10pts from Brian T. Going into the final period Guap's Adonis was feeling good about what he was doing! The two-time 3pt shooting champion showed that he could still do it! Scoring more than half of his teams points! They outscored GPC 20-4 in the deciding final period! To go on to win the game by a score of, 45-31!
11-48 23% fgs
2-9 22% 3pt
7-13 54% fts
Tommy 15p 13r 3s 1t
Brian T. 10p 8r 1a 1t
15-46 32% fgs
9-20 45% 3pt
6-11 55% fts
Adonis 24p 5r 6s 1b 4t
Maynard 9p 2r 5a 2s 1b 3t