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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.


www.TripleDoubleSports.org Rules and regulations


This division is intended for those who have basketball playing experience. If you have played professionally here or overseas, D1, D2, JC ball, this is the division for you. Not for the timid, this division will turn boys into MEN. If your team does not have at least, i repeat, AT LEAST two dependable bigs above 6'5, then this may not be for you. You have been warned!

DIVISION 1 - 6'2 n under
This is the TOP division for 6'2 in TDS. This is called division 1 for ONE reason. Reason being, there is ONE main rule, no one above 6'2 (without shoes) is allowed in this division. The teams in this division have the talent to play in the TOP FLIGHT DIVISION, but they do not have the hieght needed to complete.

DIVISION 2 - 6'2 n Under.
This is called Division 2 for a couple reasons. The first reason is because this is the 2nd tier competition and because you can only have TWO players above 6'0 on the court at 1 time. If your team has a problem with this rule, you should join our DIVISION 1. This rule is in place to keep the playing ground fair since this is equivelent to REC division ball.

Quick Summary of BASKETBALL rules:
  1. Games will be played in nine-minute quarters. 
-       1st OT = three minutes
-       2nd OT = one minute
-       3rd OT = sudden death (first to register a basket wins).
  1. A 24 second shot clock will be used.
  2. Teams must be paid in full by WEEK 3!
  3. Teams will be charged a $35 forfeit fee for any games not played.
  4. A team may begin the game with four players.
  5. Each team will have four timeouts per game.  A team may only enter the 4th quarter with 3 timeouts.  An additional timeout will be awarded to each team per OT.
  6. A “running clock” will be used for the first 8 minutes of 1st thru 3rd quarter and the first 7 minutes of the 4th quarter.  Clock will be stopped on all baskets, timeouts and referee whistles in the last minute of the first three quarters and the last two minutes of the 4th.
  7. Players are disqualified after their 6th personal foul or after receiving a second technical foul.
  8. Technical fouls:
-       2 technical’s in a game = ejection from game
-       4th tech of season = suspension from next game
-       6th tech of the year = disqualification for 1 year from date of tech.
  1. Flagrant and Clear-path fouls = 2 FTs and possession (not a tech foul)
  2. A flagrant2 or two flagrant1’s = ejection
  3. Inbounding to backcourt and Advancing ball to half court after timeout can only occur in the last 2:00 of the 4th qtr and overtime.
  4. Five fouls per quarter or 2nd foul in last two minutes results in double-bonus
  5. Held balls result in jumpball.
  6. You can't catch your own air ball. 
  7. Teams have 8 seconds to cross halfcourt.
  8. Each ROSTER SPOT belongs to a single player.  Maximum 12 players on a team.  FINAL ROSTERS must be submitted by start of season!  You MUST submit a roster change request via email to the commissioner for any additions.  An injured player can be replaced on roster as long as the new player participates in the required minimum games.  
  9. You must play at least 2 of 7 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.  If it's a 6 game regular season league, player must play 1 of the 6 regular season games.  For a tourney, 1 of the first 3 games.


Triple Double Sports is a Professionally Run Organization
- Uphold our safe haven for high-quality, high-caliber, high-class organized bball.
- Please share your passion for basketball in a positive manner.
- Triple Double's constituency includes kids under 18; act accordingly.
- We reserve the right to kick unruly spectators, players, or coaches out of the gym.
- Have your captain call the commissioner for all issues unresolved by refs.
- Smoking is illegal at all school premises.
- Like any other illegal activity, doing something illegal at our facilities risks shutting down dreamleague.
- To mitigate risk of putting operations in jeopardy, no smoking is allowed at our facilities.
- This includes schools as well as any non-school dreamleague facilities.
- Get caught smoking at a non-school facility (inside or outside) = automatic 1-game suspension.
- Get caught smoking at a school facility (inside or outside) = automatic season suspension.
- Zero-Tolerance rule #1 = fouls that might be flagrant fouls *are* flagrant fouls.
- Zero-Tolerance rule #2 = fighting, even in retaliation, forfeits your right to play.
- Zero-Tolerance rule #3 = taunting by anyone is an automatic ejection from premises.
- NBA Verbal Fan Interference: taunting/fighting rules also apply to spectators.
- Any Triple Double staffperson on-site can escalate the rule to a referee to enforce it.
- Referees may reinstate timeouts called to diffuse zero-tolerance and unsportsmanlike situations.
- No refunds will be given to any team whose player violates Zero Tolerance Rule.
- Players violating Zero Tolerance Rule will be suspended as necessary.
- Please do not blame others for your misfortunes. Know what is under your control.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct adversely affects our ability to provide high-quality basketball.
- A player will be suspended one game on the player's 3rd technical foul accrued.
- Each subsequent technical after the 3rd will result in one more game suspension.
- The suspensions will carry over into the playoffs if necessary.
- Unsportsmanlike spectators will be ejected and suspended.
- Players with the most technicals can be issued another technical for spectators' unruliness.
- Technicals will always be issued to a player, even if it is called on the bench or coach.
- The league office can issue a post-game technical upon further review of evidence.
- All of our gym facilities should be full-sized or near-full-sized.
- All of our gym facilities should have a hardwood surface.
- All of our gym facilities should have an electronic scoreboard.
- We should never be playing cross-court.
- Avoid two or more games side-by-side running simultaneously, due to confusion in ref whistles.
- We should always provide a digital shotclock if the gym does not already have one.
- If a majority of players don't like a certain ref, we will stop hiring that ref.
- We should always have the best-trained scorekeepers, statkeepers, and timekeepers.
- We should have a double-backup system on points scored.
- If the gym has a dusty floor, you must ask the gym director for assistance.
- Our scorekeeping staff and ref crew do not carry first aid kits, athletic tape, mops, or water.
- If the gym has a malfunctioning scoreboard, we may need to run the game via paper and stopwatch.
- We may or may not be able to provide a game ball.
- If we provide a game ball, we may or may not allow you to shoot around with it.
- The success of Triple Double depends largely on our relationships with gym directors.
- Happy gym directors equals smooth-running league. Unhappy gym directors = no league.
- Gym directors become unhappy when they have to assume the role of a janitor.
- Failure to pickup all trash can result in a damaged relationship with gym director.
- A damaged relationship with a gym director can result in suspension of the league.
- Therefore, do not leave trash for a gym director to see, whether it's yours or not.
- No more than 3 "impact" players from a higher division may play on the same team in DIVISION 2 lower 6'2 division.
- "Impact" player is defined as finishing in the top 7 in his team's scoring in the higher division.
- Impact players are strongly discouraged in playing on teams more than 2 levels below his top team.
- Burden of proof is on team captain for players under suspicion of ineligibility.
- Enforced by senior scorekeepers (Dream League staff) or via commish on cell.
- Protests on eligibility issues must be made *before* a game is played out.
- Your team playing = accepting competition; if protesting, stop playing, call commish.
- Teams may shuffle *eligible* players in and out of available roster slots throughout the season.
- Players suffering season-ending injuries may be replaced by a new "injury replacement" player.
- Playoff eligibility rule of 2 regular season games played for injury replacements still holds.
- Bringing in impostors to fulfill playoff eligibility will result in forfeit and suspension.
- Teams may start a game with a minimum of 4 players.
- It is customary to ask your opponent for permission to pickup non-roster players to fill spots.
- Teams may not pickup opposing players from the same division.
- No more than 12 players may play per team per tournament/league.
- A player must have played 2 regular season games to be allowed to play in the playoffs.
- No jewelry, please; all other issues of this sort at discretion of referees.
- Invalid jersey numbers will be subject to technical fouls.
- A free agent is defined as a player who has no intention of joining a specific team.
- Teams that have 6 or more players intending to be on the same team are *not* free agent teams.
- The commish will make arrangements for any established teams needing a free agent.
- Proper jerseys are important in Triple Double: stats, website, professionalism.
- Jerseys must have number on front and back.
- Jersey numbers must be clearly visible/readable from scorer's table.
- No taped numbers are allowed; they *always* fall off and cause stats confusion.
- Two blank t-shirts or jerseys representing "0" and "00", *only* if still available.
- Illegal jerseys may be subject to 1 technical FT per violation.
- Individual stats will *not* be kept for players with illegal jerseys.
- Referee will enforce illegal jersey technical FT if your opponent asks him to.
- Absolutely no excuses for being late to tipoff; you are expected to arrive early.
- Teams not ready at tipoff may be called a forfeit by opponent.
- Game time will be pro-rated at 3:5 game time-to-realtime minutes for late teams.
- Opponents of late teams must accept pro-rated time or invoke the forfeit.
- Referees will not ref a forfeited game.
- Automatic forfeit *will* be called if team is late 15 minutes after tipoff is ready.
- Teams that forfeit any game must petition Triple Double to be reinstated.
- Teams that forfeit may be subject to fines payable to opposing teams victimized.
- Scorekeepers encouraged to ask refs to direct captains from stands to table.
- Captains, write down rosters on new scoresheet in 4th quarter of previous game.
- Team that has white jerseys (=home) writes names at bottom part of scoresheet.
- Illegible, incomplete names *will* result in website stats inaccuracy, guaranteed.
- All players must have a waiver completed prior to tipoff.
- Players with no waiver completed must fill out a paper waiver.
- Warm-up and tipoff time does not stop for filling out scoresheets/waivers.
- If behind schedule, warm-ups are 2:00 right after horn ends previous game.
- If on schedule, warm-ups are up until two minutes prior to scheduled tipoff.
- Teams may shoot around during 30-sec timeouts of previous game.
- Do not dribble the ball on the sidelines during game play, esp. during FTs.
- Games may start with one ref, although two are assigned to every game.
- Game clock will start for teams that are not ready to play at tipoff.
- Scorekeepers are to be addressed by refs only to resolve discrepancies.
- Running score kept on paper by hand; scoreboard only serves as reflection of that.
- Scoreboard may be wrong when you look at it; all discrepancies resolved by paper.
- Players may ask scorekeepers about foul/timeout counts *only* during dead balls.
- All issues must first be addressed by team *captain* to referees *only*.
- No player-to-opposing-player disputes allowed; go to refs or be subject to techs.
- If you do not trust the capability/approachability of our refs, call the commish.
- Snide remarks made to Triple Double Sports staff will result in technical FT, expulsion.
- All clock rules below are subject to gym being on time.
- If we are behind, run clock until we are back on time, except for last 2:00 4th qtr.
- 0:24 shotclock resets to 0:14 on all defensive violations, fouls, kicked ball.
- Only on a jump ball not caused by the defense, shotclock resets to 0:14.
- 9:00 per quarter, 4 quarters (NBA uses 12:00 quarters).
- First overtime = 3:00, second OT = 2:00, third OT = sudden death.
- Halftime is only 1:00 if we are behind schedule, 2:00 if we are on schedule.
- Being on schedule means quarters end near 0:15, 0:30, 0:45, and :00 each hour.
- Team that wins opening tip gets ball in 1st and 4th quarters, from end line.
- Clock starts as soon as ball is tipped during jump balls.
- Clock stops on made basket and any whistle under 1:00 in quarters 1-3.
- Clock stops on made basket and any whistle under 2:00 in 4th quarter.
- Clock runs whenever the point differential is 20 or more, except under 0:10.
- 4 timeouts per game, plus one for each additional OT, however...
- ...you may enter the 4th quarter with no more than 3 timeouts remaining.
- If timeout called before advancing ball, advance ball to halfcourt for in-bound.
- Advance-to-halfcourt for timeouts is only applicable in the final 2:00 of 4th+OT.
- Each timeout and quarter break is 30 seconds
- Infection control (bleeding): player subbed out, opposing team may have one sub.
- Can only pass into backcourt from out-of-bounds with 2:00 remaining in 4th.
- Refs should warn inbounder and teams of this rule as a warning (obscure rule).
- All violations result in taking the ball out from the side, free-throw line extended.
- Held balls are jump balls; no such thing as a possession arrow.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct = deceit, disrespect of officials and profanity.
- First offense for unsportsmanlike conduct = technical foul.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct technical fouls do not count as a personal foul.
- Any player committing 2 technical fouls must leave the premises.
- Technical fouls are one shot, resume play at point of interruption.
- 6 personal fouls and/or 2 technical fouls for disqualification.
- If 5th available man fouls out, he remains in the game and technical FT is issued.
- Clear-path foul = not a technical, but shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
- Flagrant foul = not a technical, but shoot 2 FTs plus get possession.
- Any player with one 2nd-degree flagrant or two 1st-degree automatically ejected.
- Non-intentional elbow foul = must connect, not a technical, but shoot 2 FTs.
- Intentional elbow foul = must connect, shoot 2 FTs and automatic ejection.
- Swinging elbow that does not connect = loss of possession.
- 8 seconds to cross halfcourt (use shotclock as your guide -- 0:16).
- 5 fouls per quarter results in double-bonus (2 FTs, no such thing as 1-and-1).
- Any offensive foul is, by definition, NOT counted as a team foul.
- Double fouls do not count as team fouls.
- No 5-second count unless offensive player underneath FT line (Barkley rule).
- Hack-a-Shaq rule: 1 FT + ball if foul committed away from play, under 2:00 in 4th.
- Ejected players, coaches, or spectators must leave the gym premises immediately.
- Shot at buzzer can be attempted with 0.3 or more seconds remaining.
- Timeout called without any remaining is a team technical plus loss of possession.
- Last minute of 1st thru 3rd quarters, stop clock.  4th quarter is the last 2 minutes.
- College 3-point line to be used unless both teams agree to use FIBA or NBA lines.
- Defensive 3 second rule (Shaq rule).  Basically you must guard someone at all times.
- 4th quarter only, 2 team fouls in last 2:00 is double-bonus (NBA = all quarters).
- In 1st thru 3rd quarters, 2 team fouls in the last minute is double-bonus.
- Under-the-basket offensive fouls subject to interpretation.
- All rules subject to interpretation by referees.