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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TDS Rules and regulations

Just so we are all on the same page...

  1. Games will be played in nine-minute quarters.

- 1st OT = three minutes

- 2nd OT = one minute

- 3rd OT = sudden death (first to register a basket wins).

  1. A 24 second shot clock will be used.
  2. Teams must be paid in full by WEEK 3!
  3. Team captains are responsible for weekly referee fee of $25. The fee must be given to referee before the game may begin. Lack of payment will result in a forfeit.
  4. Teams will be charged a $35 forfeit fee for any games not played.
  5. A team may begin the game with four players.
  6. Each team will have four timeouts per game. A team may only enter the 4th quarter with 3 timeouts. An additional timeout will be awarded to each team per OT.
  7. A “running clock” will be used for the first 8 minutes of 1st thru 3rd quarter and the first 7 minutes of the 4th quarter. Clock will be stopped on all baskets, timeouts and referee whistles in the last minute of the first three quarters and the last two minutes of the 4th.
  8. Players are disqualified after their 6th personal foul or after receiving a second technical foul.
  9. Technical fouls:

- 2 technical’s in a game = ejection from game

- 4th tech of season = suspension from next game

- 6th tech of season = disqualification from rest of the season.

  1. Flagrant and Clear-path fouls = 2 FTs and possession (not a tech foul)
  2. A flagrant2 or two flagrant1’s = ejection
  3. Inbounding to backcourt and Advancing ball to half court after timeout can only occur in the last 2:00 of the 4th qtr and overtime.
  4. Five fouls per quarter or 2nd foul in last two minutes results in double-bonus
  5. Held balls result in jumpball.
  6. Teams have 8 seconds to cross halfcourt.
  7. Team rosters are limited to 12 roster spots and no players may be added after Week 4. FINAL ROSTERS must be submitted!
  8. You must play at least 3 of 7 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.