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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

Contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for more info!

>>>CLICK HERE for the NEW page or search for the TripeDoubleSports channel on YOUTUBE

- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To the rack!

Barry Lee taking it hard to the rack! Stay tuned for more about the Prodigies.


"DUKE" of ATNT helped throw the Smokin Eagles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


SEAN CAIOLA doing more then just scoring! Stay tuned for more about Sean.

Friday, June 18, 2010

week 2 recap

dreamleague all-stars (DL) versus a.t.n.t. (A)

the dl all-stars, coming off a nice win last week over run 'n' gun, came into this game versus a.t.n.t. without big man MATT FOCTHMAN. the lack of focthman required someone else from DL to step up their game...enter NICK WONG! wong led the team with 13 points on 5-7 shooting, including 3-4 from 3-pt range. DL led throughout this low scoring contest. a.t.n.t. tried to capitalize on their size advantage, but other than DUKE (12pts, 5rebs), nobody else on the squad could find the bottom of the net shooting 34% from the field, including a miserable 1-15 from beyond the arc. a.t.n.t. turned up the defense in the fourth quarter with a full-court pressing attack holding DL to 5 points in the final quarter, but it was too little too late. DL wins this defensive battle 52-40.

boogie ballers (BB) versus moneytree (MT)

those who stayed to watch the last game of the night were treated to a great game. the combo of MATT (13pts) and MIKE LEE (19pts) turned out to be a big problem for the boogie ballers (BB) in the first half leading moneytree (MT) to a 34-29 halftime lead. although BB came out with a strong defensive effort in the 3rd quarter, holding MT to 4pts, BB could not put the ball in the hoop! led by WIL WHEATLEY (12pts, 15 rebs) and RICO REDD (18pts, 6rebs) BB shot 41% from the feild and struggled from long range (3-14, 21%). teamwork proved to be the factor in this game between the established team from moneytree versus the newly formed boggie baller squad. should only be a matter of time for BB's talented squad to gel, but in the meantime, i guess we know which team cut chemistry class!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Nick Wong has been putting up SOLID numbers for DL Select team. DL Select is currently holding the top slot in the TOP FLIGHT division. STAY TUNED for the week 2 stats, pictures and game summaries.

i didn't want to have to say, "I told you so."

Okay kids, I didn't want to have to say, "I told you so..." but here it is...the time has come for Game 7 of the NBA Finals tonight @ 6pm on ABC! For those of you that know me or have read my past Laker blogs, then you know I have been saying Lakers in 7 since the beginning! This is a David Stern Productions Special! The commish of the NBA has successfully squeezed out every single penny he could out of this classic Finals match-up!

If you want to know what will happen tonight then please continue to read. If not, STOP READING NOW!


Game begins...1st quarter...Rondo and Pierce give Celts an early lead on sheer adreniline alone. Kobe and Pau keep the game close and pull away for good at the end of 1st. 2nd quarter...Odom off the bench and with Perkins out and Wallace in foul trouble the much bigger Laker squad dominates on the inside and extends it's lead...double figure lead at the half! 3rd quarter...this is not Boston's first time here, so they make a run in the 3rd and trim the lead to single digits, but here comes the 4th and the Black Mamba in for the close! Kobe puts it out of reach and midway thru the 4th the bubbly is already chilling in the defending champions locker room!

Sorry to Boston and all the Laker haters, but..."that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It was great to have DJ DIGGA and DJ MIKE.B in the building (Boogie Events Company/ComposurE Music) along with the legendary DJ SWIFTROCK (Boogie Events Company/Mighty4).

With the addition of DJ DIGGA, DJ MIKE.B and DJ SWIFTROCK to the TDS family, the sky is the limit on the entertainment aspect that we plan to bring to the consumers and fans of the Triple Double Sports Company brand! STAY TUNED!!

DJ Swift Rock Bio

Brian Lucas (better known as DJ Swift Rock) began his musical journey as a youngster. With the support of his parents at 13 years of age, he was able to get a hold of his first set of turntables and mixer. He then spent countless hours working on his craft as a DJ/ Turntablist. In 1994 he entered his first DJ competition and has competed and performed all over the world since. He’s competed and placed in many local and worldwide competitions. He’s entered competitions such as the DMC (Disco Mix Club), ITF (International Turntablist Federation), and other various battles for bragging rights. 1998 proved to be a pivotal year that earned him his Vestax World Championship title in Tokyo, Japan. That opened an opportunity for him to perform nationally and internationally. Prior to that competition, he was also asked to DJ alongside Rock Force, the World Champion break dance crew. He felt honored in 2000 when he was asked to participate in the Scratchcon’s Beat Juggling time line alongside some of the best Beat Jugglers in all of DJ history. He now has his hand in event promotions with Boogie Events Company which is based out of San Francisco and San Jose, California.


Triple Double Sports and Boogie Events Company have hooked up to bring the FUN back into the sports experience!

Stay tuned to hear about the guest DJ appearances as well as the other unique festivities we have up our sleeve!

thank you for your support!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Finals!! Who you got?!


We are a SPORTS company, so I must report on this...GIANTS SWEEP THE A's!!! Behind the combination of stellar pitching, timely hitting and (wait for it...) the longball, the San Francisco Giants re-established their dominance over the lowly Oakland un-Athletics! Proving that the weekend in the east bay was merely a fluke!

After a win last night versus the Baltimore Orioles, the Giants will try to build on their 4 game winning streak tonight behind "black-eyed" Joe Martinez, who was just called up to try and claim the 5th spot in the rotation due to the injury that placed Todd Wellemeyer on the 15-day disabled list. Good luck, Joe! And remember...DUCK!

NBA Format, with 24 second shotclock

We are all about giving you more for your money! You can't get the NBA format with the 24 second shot clock in every adult league. We believe that running our league in this fashion gives us the quality that our teams deserve! Thank you to everyone involved!


At the end of the day, this is just a game and tripledoublesports strongly believes in sportsmanship, competition and fair-play. Week two was a great success, please stay tuned for our game summaries and pictures!



p.s.. the staff isn't all Lakers fans! haha.. WARRIORS FOR LIFE!

Friday, June 11, 2010


This series is a gift from Commish David Stern to all the NBA fans all across the world. The only reason why it's not a 4-0 Lakers sweep is because of the almighty $$$! Stern is gonna make it go 7! It's really only a one game series when you really look at it! Three games a piece and then it's down to a one game winner takes all and the NBA sqeezes as much money out of us as possible!

Bottom line it's Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers! Kobe 4 President!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To the rack!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to the TripleDoubleSports BLOG!

The Experience
The Atmosphere
The Lifestyle

We are here to bring a new EXPERIENCE to adult leagues by providing an ATMOSPHERE that is a reflection of our LIFESTYLE.

Over the course of this season you will see many nuances that we will present to our basketball community. This endeavor will take time to flourish into our ultimate vision, however with your help, we're sure this will be a league you won't soon forget!

There is no way our vision would have come to fruition without the help of a strong team, and you all know who you are! We would like to personally THANK EVERYONE who has joined us in our journey to the REBIRTH of HOOP!