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Friday, November 17, 2017

Final Four Sunday recaps, leaders and video!

๐Ÿ€Final Four Sunday
#4 Saints (54) v. #1 Guap (61)
The Final Four is now upon us! It's been a long and arduous season with many ups and downs but after it all four teams still stand and in the first semifinal game we have the 5-2 Saints taking on undefeated Guap!
Excitement filled the gymnasium as the Saints took the floor! Every season they were the door mats but this season they were the ones busting through! Captain Mike Lim was excited that his team was in the final four! They had all their key players show up so there weren't going to be any excuses! Their "D" stepped up the first quarter holding Guap to 1-10 fgs (10%) shooting. Paolo (16pts) and Jon (11pts) combined for 27pts on 10-20 fgs (50%). Dave was again a man playing amongst boys! His 11rebs led all players but they were trailing at the half, 33-25!
The undefeated Guap squad had played this season flawlessly! They played as a team this season under the leadership of team Captain Adonis! I have seen this group of guys grow up from snot nosed kids to young men and their play showed it! After being down after the first quarter Guap bounced back outscoring the Saints 24-15 to take the lead at the half. Although, their lead was cut in half after the third quarter Guap showed their resilience! Maynard led the way again with 18pts on 6-13 fgs (46%) shooting and Adonis added 12pts and 3blks as Guap held off the Saints, 61-54!
Thanks goes out to the Saints for never giving up! Great season guys! Hope to see you soon!
21-51 41% fgs 
5-13 38% 3pt 
7-12 58% fts 
Paolo 16p 2r 2a 2s
Jon 11p 7r 2a 1s
21-47 47% fgs 
8-22 36% 3pt 
11-21 52% fts 
Maynard 18p 1r 3a 2s
Adonis 12p 5r 2a 1s 3b
#7 Bangarang (73) v. #3 SC Threat Matrix (76) F/OT
The second of our two semifinal games has the #7 seeded Bangarang, who in an upset defeated the #2 DRP Jets, taking on #3 seeded SC Threat Matrix to see who will face Guap in the finals! 
This game was an old time shootout! Bangarang was in for a battle. With more than half of their players missing due to unforeseen circumstances the team had to fight to stay alive in the playoffs. The tandem of Drew (25pts) and Gelo (15pts) were handling their business. Bangarang shot 11-25 fgs (44%) in the first half. They were a blistering 5-12 3pts (42%) from behind the arc. Bangarang trailed at the half by one point, 34-33!
The SC Threat Matrix were on fire for the entire game! This game would have been a blowout hadn't it been for all those measly turnovers! They shot the ball well in the first half, 15-27 fgs (56%)! The Knight brothers played an all around game. They were 18-25 fgs (72%) shooting from the field!? Amazing! Chris Knight led all scores with 24pts on 11-16 fgs (69%) and Nick was 7-11 fgs (64%). 
With time running down, Bangarang went on a 15-8 run to bring the game to overtime! When Chris and Tyler (17pts) were able to fend off the Bangarang squad! The final score was 76-73 in OT! Wow!
Part 1
Part 2
25-58 43% fgs 
9-22 41% 3pt 
12-19 63% fts 
Drew 25p 2r 1a
Gelo 15p 3r 4s
SC Threat Matrix 
33-57 58% fgs 
5-10 50% 3pt 
5-12 42% fts 
Chris 24p 6r 6a 2s
Tyler 17p 2r 1s 2b
#3 SC Threat Matrix (41) v. #1 Guap (43)
The Championship game was here! These two teams have come from the depths of despair to living the high life! The #3 SC Threat Matrix defeated Second Wind and Bangarang to meet the #1 seeded Guap who beat Jackson Arms and the Saints! Who will be the first to win a TDS Championship?
I don't know if it was fatigue or just good defense but the Matrix didn't score their first basket until the 3:28 mark of the first quarter! They were tied at 8 at the end of the first stanza. In the second quarter, the Matrix came out scoring! The defense led to offense as they outscored Guap 18-7 in the second quarter to take an 11 point advantage at the half! Behind London who had a team high, 13pts and 3blks! Threat Matrix led 26-15 at the break!
Things needed to turn around for Guap! In the third quarter they did. The MVP Brannon (16pts) and Maynard (15pts) really picked up the pace. They combined to score 23pts in the second half! Guap turned up the defense as well. Holding the Matrix to 7-23 fgs (30%) in the second half of the game! Brannon was mixing it up with stealing the ball at one end to dishing it to (usually) Maynard for two on the other end! 
The game was far from over though! The Matrix actually took the lead and with less than one minute left in the game Brannon rose up and drilled a three ball from the corner pocket to tie up the game! Next time down after a stop Brannon drove down the lane and dished to an open Truman for a layup and the lead! The Matrix had one last chance to tie or even win the game! London drove left and dished the ball out to Josh but Brannon came up with the steal to seal the game and bring home the championship for Guap, 43-41!
Thank you goes out to both teams for a great end to an equally great season! Until next time...
SC Threat Matrix 
17-44 39% fgs 
2-10 20% 3pt 
5-8 63% fts 
London 13p 7r 2a 1s 3b
Nick 5p 10r 2a 3s
16-53 30% fgs 
5-12 42% 3pt 
5-8 63% fts 
Brannon 16p 2r 4a 3s
Maynard 15p 8r 2a 2s


๐Ÿ€Weekly Rec Division Leaders
๐Ÿ€Final Four
Drew (Bangarang) 25
Chris (SC Threat Matrix) 24
Maynard (Guap) 18
London (SC Threat Matrix) 12
Dave (Saints) 11
Mike P. (Bangarang) 10
Nick (Saints) 10*
Chris (SC Threat Matrix) 6
Nick (SC Threat Matrix) 5
Brannon (Guap) 5*
Mike P. (Bangarang) 4
Gelo (Bangarang) 4
Nick (SC Threat Matrix) 3*
London (SC Threat Matrix) 3*
Adonis (Guap) 3
Drew (Saints) 2
Tyler (SC Threat Matrix) 2
*-Denotes Championship Game