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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Asian League Playoffs!

Eagles DC (100) v. Jackson Arms (66)
In this first round meeting, Eagles DC were to meet an up and coming Jackson Arms squad, only if they were there!? Jackson Arms were missing firepower, John showed up but he could only do so much. He scored 30p and pulled down 10rebs, and although his running mate Kevin, showed up late, scored 18pts & 5rebs. Eagles DC jumped on the Jackson team early, with a man advantage the first half of the first quarter, the moved ahead 29-17! With Drew reigning 3's (9 3pters) and Quez's double-double (23p 13r), the EDC won every qtr to go on to a 100-66 victory! On to the next round...
Eagles DC
Quez 23p 13r 3a 1s
Drew 29p 1r 6a
Jackson Arms
John 30p 10r 4a 1s
Kevin 18p 5r 1a 2b
Jumpmen (60) v. Knights (49)
The Jumpmen squad was on a mission to win a championship! Joachim lead the way with a dominating 17p 10r 5a 3s performance and Dwight chipped in with 20pts. They held a small lead over the Knights before pulling away with the game in the fourth qtr! Ty, of the Knights, did all that he could by scoring 23pts and grabbing 7rebs! Aside from Ty's strong game, there wasn't much else the Knights could muster. Ray added 6pts and 7rebs.
Ty 23p 7r 2a 3s
Ray 6p 7r
Joachim 17p 10r 5a 3s 2b
Dwight 20p 3r 2a 3s
PayProTec (72) v. Eagles DC (47)
The Eagles DC squad was in for a fight versus PayProTec. EDC played a competitive game for one half and just ran out of gas in the second. Rob led the way with 17pts and 8rebs and Arj had 10pts but not much else. PayProTec broke the game open with a 27-12 3rd quarter on their way to a very dominant 72-47 victory! Moe led the team with his 7th consecutive double-double with 21pts and 13rebs. Jason Rockwell scored 13 of his 15pts in the decisive 3rd qtr!
Moe 21p 13r 1s
Jason 15p 10r 3a 1b
Eagles DC
Rob 17p 8r 2a
Arj 10p 1r 3a 1s
Jumpmen (79) v. Rangers (62)
In this second round battle, the Rangers came in versus Jumpmen who were still on a high from their first round battle...and it showed! They jumped out to a 35-24 halftime lead. A lead they would not relinquish. Dwight lead the way with 27p 5r 5a and James had a big 15pt/15reb game. The Rangers had Tay (23p - 5 3pters) and Nick (16pts) and not much else. The lack of rebounding lead to a number of put backs by the Jumpmen ultimately leading to the demise of the Rangers.
Dwight 27p 5r 5a
James 15p 15r 2a
Tay 23p 7r 2a 2s
Nick 16p 1r
The Fam (60) v. Beast (45)
Beast came into the game as the #1 overall seed in D2, but The Fam played like they were! The Fam jumped out to a 23-8 1st qtr lead on their way to a 60-45 dominant victory over the top seeded Beast! James Soy lead the way for The Fam with 24pts on on 7-18 shooting from beyond the 3pt line. Jason Tejano came through with 14pts to bring The Fam to the championship game versus the winner of our next game. A rough shooting night from Jason and London didn't help (2-8 fgs each). Nick lead the way with 13pts. Thank you to the Beast for playing this season!
The Fam
James 24p 3r 2a 2s
Jason 14p 4r 2a 1b
Nick 13p 4r 1s
Tyler 9p 5r 1s
Putties (54) v. Strokers (55) OT
This second battle of D2 brings the Strokers versus #2 seeded Putties! The Putties had this game in hand at the half, leading 30-18, thanks to Nic's 9pt (14pts in the game) first half! Clif showed up at the end of the second qtr but still ended up being the second high scorer with 10pts in the second half. As their shooting went cold, the Strokers got hot! They outscored the Putties 37-24 in the second half and OT!  Led by Lloyd's 14pts & 9rebs and Ronnie's 11pt second half the Strokers narrowly defeated the Putties.
Lloyd 14p 9r 1a 1s
Ronnie 14p 4r
Nic 14p 4r 2a
Clif 10p 2r 1s

Open 6'3 - Week 2 - recaps

The Yay (84) v. Balls Out (55)
Wanting to return to the championship game, Balls Out has to go through teams like The Yay, and that's not that easy! The Yay came out strong! They the lead and never let it go. They won every quarter, the final score was 84-55! DeAngelo scored 29p and grabbed 5rebs, while Isaiah had 27. Balls Out had a rough shooting game. Greg Tang was one of the bright spots, scoring 16p and 5rebs. Brent chipped in 11p (before cutting out early).
The Yay
DeAngelo 29p 5r 1b
Isaiah 27p 6r 1a 1s
Balls Out
Tang 16p 5r 3a
Brent 11p 5r
Primetime (68) v. Rock Center (63)
Captain Corey Carlson promised that his team would be formidable, maybe this was the team he was talking about! Joe Scott led the team with 17pts, while Tyrone Dickerson 16p and 9rebs. The team had balanced scoring throughout. If they continue this they could be in for a great season! Rock Center trailed by a single point going into the final quarter. The scoring of Kevin (21p) and Ant H. (20p) kept them in the game. Maybe the lack of a bench lead to their demise...
Joe Scott 17p 4r 2a
Tyrone Dickerson 16p 9r 2s
Rock Center
Kevin 21p 7r 3a 5s
Ant H. 20p 14r 1s
Cream of the Crop (37) v. Bay Area Kings (33)
This was an ugly, defensive game but Cream of the Crop came out on top! Captain of the Crop, Milo Ohta hit 8 of 11 (73%) of his free throws to give his team the victory! Arj Santos came through with 12pts and 5rebs. Bay Area Kings had a rough day shooting the ball! Turner (6p 6r) and Buckner (5p 6r) were the only highlights for the Bay Area Kings on this day. Hopefully they can turn it around or else this will be a long season...
Cream of the Crop
Milo Ohta 10p 1r 1a 1s
Arj Santos 14p 5r 1a 1s
Bay Area Kings
Turner 6p 6r 1b
Buckner 5p 6r
5 Star Ballers (68) v. Don't Call it Frisco (69)
The defending champs took the guys from Don't Call It Frisco a little too easy and it bit them in the butt! 5 Star Ballers were leading throughout the entire contest but Frisco never gave up hope. In this one mans humble opinion...thinks 5 Star kind of took their foot off the gas pedal and Frisco took advantage! Malik was on! His 21pts and 7rebs paced his team and Zo added 16pts. Frisco was lead by Jalson's 13pts and 8rebs, and Kai was big posting 14pts and 9rebs! This game was too close for comfort!
Don't Call it Frisco
Kai 14p 9r 1s
Jalson 13p 8r 4a
5 Star Ballers
Malik 21p 7r 1a 1s
Zo 16p 8r 2a 2s

May 3rd - ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and Week 3 for some Open teams