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Monday, October 31, 2016


Open week 1 recaps!

Winter Open Division 2016 🏀
Week 1
Big Game Ballers (74) v. United Nations (86)
The Open Division begins with a Finals rematch between the last two champions in United Nations versus last season's champs Big Game Ballers!
The BGB started off strong! Jason B. was getting to the hole whenever he wanted! He scored 12 of his 21pts in the first half. D'Angelo was his consistent self as he went for 9pts in the first half and 9pts in the second. At the half, the Big Game Ballers were up 47-41!
The United Nations were a bit sluggish to start the second half and fell behind by a total of 15pts! That's when Toby and Rueben took over! Rueben scored 19 of his 22pts in the second half. Toby, who scored a game high 27pts, hit eight straight points including two 3's to take a one point lead! Their swarming "D" was too much for BGB to handle! UN Win's the rematch, 86-74!
Big Game Ballers
33-61 48% fgs
8-24 33% 3pt 
6-9 67% fts 
B 21p 3r 2s
D'Angelo 18p 6r 2a 1s
United Nations 
8-18 44% 3pt
12-16 75% fts
Toby Merchant 27p 3r 1a 1s
Rueben 22p 7r 1a 2s
Showtime (74) v. Gamble Team (71) F/2OT
The next game we have for you was so nice that we needed extra time to show it to you! We had the Gamble Team taking on newcomers in Showtime! 
Gamble Team was posting a shutout early against Showtime! They showed off their dominance as a veteran team in the first quarter with a 24-5 lead! Gamble we're on fire in the first half, they were 13-18 fgs (72%)! Alec was 7-13 fgs for 16pts and Bobby was perfect from the field (5-5 fgs) and from the line (4-4 fts). 
After the "getting to know you" phase in the first quarter, Showtime outscored the Gamble Team 69-47! Tyler had the highlight of the game with an alley-oop jam that caught the whole gym off guard! Nate's 24pts led the way for Showtime. 
Double OT was what was needed for Showtime to defeat the Gamble, 74-71!
29-57 51% fgs 
10-25 40% 3pt
6-9 67% fts
Nate 24p 8r 3a
Dom 16p 3r
Gamble Team 
27-54 50% fgs 
5-19 26% 3pt
10-16 63% fts 
Alec 16p 5r 2a 1b
Bobby 15p 2r 2a 2s
Knights (43) v. Rock Center (69)
This game was 'David vs. Goliath'! Only in this version David (SLGHTWRK) couldn't withstand Goliath's (Rock Center) size! Although Rock Center had only the bare minimum of players, their size was too much for SLGHTWRK to overcome! Double-doubles from Brett (19p 13r) and Jon (23p 12r) were filling up the stat sheet! They led at the half, 36-22!
SLGHTWRK were basically overmatched! The twin towers (Brett and Jon) were having their way with SLGHTWRK! Simon Habtu and  Mike each had 13pts. The 3-ball which was their weapon wasn't working for them today! They made runs but every time they would get close Rock Center would go on a run! SLGHTWRK's 3pt shooting was their Achilles heel today!
Rock Center would win the game, 69-43!
17-58 29% fgs 
5-23 22% 3pt
4-7 57% fts 
Simon Habtu 13p 3r 4s
Mike 13p 5r 1a 2s
Rock Center 
30-57 53% fgs
8-13 62% 3pt
3-5 60% fts 
Jon 28p 12r 1s
Brett Corbett 19p 13r 5a 1s 4b
Balls Out (63) v. MSO (52)
Next up we had a matchup of the "old" versus the "new"! The "old" team being a friend of TDS in Balls Out and the "new" team being the boys of M.S.O. (Most Slept On)! 
MSO was a bit shorthanded with just five players suiting up for the game but they were game! They played well in the first quarter and they only trailed 17-14 after the first quarter! Then the unthinkable happened! Evan Baker came down with a sprained ankle and was done for the day! With captain Kwesi Bailey (20pts) leading the way and Neil deQuant chipping in 15pts the MSO squad was going 4 on 5 the rest of the way! 
Big man, Quinn Evans (13pts) and Chris (16pts) were too much too handle! Their one man advantage allowed Balls Out to play a "rover" on defense with made scoring even harder for MSO! A 19-5 second quarter turned the game from a close contest into a blowout! 
MSO made the final score respectable by hitting a bunch of 3's in the fourth and final quarter but it was inevitable conclusion! The final score was, Balls Out 63-52!
Balls Out
27-58 47% fgs 
5-10 50% 3pt
4-12 33% fts
Chris 16p 5r 4a 1s
Quinn Evans 13p 6r 2a 1s
MSO (Most Slept On)
18-54 33% fgs 
10-25 40% 3pt
4-9 44% fts 
Kwesi Bailey 20p 2r 3a 1b 2t
Neil deQuant 15p 5r 1s 2t
Primetime (94) v. Average Joes (59) 
The finale of the first day of the Open Division came with Primetime taking on a group of Average Joes! 
Primetime came out en fuego! They shot a combined 12-14 fgs (86%) in the first quarter and 22-32 fgs (69%) in the half! Tyrone, Daniel and team captain Corey Carlson each walked away scoring 18pts and Kareem Gilbeaux was almost able to notch the first Triple Double of the season (12p 16r 7a)! Primetime had the game under control from the jump!
The Average Joes were a bit shorthanded but put up an honorable fight! Travis Hom scored a game high 27p and dished out 5asts and Ryan Sera scored 14pts in a losing effort. The Average Joes were missing 3 of their key players. If they were here that would have made it more of a game than it was!
Primetime won this lopsided game, 94-59!
39-69 57% fgs 
11-21 52% 3pt 
2-4 50% fts 
Tyrone 18p 10r 1a 1b 3t
Kareem 12p 16r 7a 3t
Average Joes
25-73 34% fgs 
10-41 24% 3pt
1-2 50% fts 
Travis Hom 27p 6r 5a 
Ryan 14p 1r 5a 2s

Asian D2 playoffs

Fall Asian 6'2 and Under 🏀
Week 7
#3 Splash Kuyas (58) v. Kanji-Ka (49)
It's #PlayoffTime for TripleDoubleSports! We kick it off with the Splash Kuyas taking on Kanji-Ka looking to continue their stellar play with a third victory!
Splash Kuyas wasn't having it tho! They jumped out ahead in the first quarter by a score of, 17-5! DeAndre, just coming back from an injury, played an excellent game! Scoring 20pts & getting a TDS record 9stls! CQ added 14pts! 
Kanji-Ka live and die by the 3, and today they died! They shot 1-9 from 3pt land in the first quarter and were 6-28 (21%) 3pt for the game! Tommy led KK with 14pts and Che scored 13pts! If they can keep their nucleus together, they will be a team to be reckoned with next season!
As far as this season goes, Kanji-Ka was shown the door! The Splash Kuyas win the game, 58-49!
Splash Kuyas 
22-54 41% fgs
6-21 29% 3pt
7-12 58% fts 
DeAndre 20p 6r 3a 9s 1t
Chris Q. 14p 6r 1a 1b 1t
19-51 37% fgs 
6-28 21% 3pt
5-8 62% fts
Tommy 14p 2r 2a 2s
Che 13p 5r
#5 Swishers (63) v. #4 Eagles (54)
We have a battle between the #4 seeded Eagles team versus the #5 Swishers! These two teams both finished the league with identical 4-2 records (the Eagles had the advantage in point differential). 
The Eagles came into the game with a full squad! Tye had 16pts and Arj chimed in with a double-double. They led after the first quarter, 15-9! The combo of Faro and Calara combined to shot 3-8 3pt in the first half which kept them in the game. They shot 38% from the field as a team in the half. They were trailing 25-23!
For the Swishers, the Travis and Dorian show took over! Travis scored a game high, 27pts, and Dorian came out with, 16pts! Andy was the man on the boards with 10! The Swishers were able to fight off a late run by the Eagles to win the game by a final score of, 63-54! On to the next round...
22-53 42% fgs 
9-24 38% 3pt
10-15 67% fts 
Travis Hom 27p 5r 3a 1t
Dorian Sun 16p 6r 1s
20-51 39% fgs 
7-17 41% 3pt
7-9 78% fts
Arj Santos 12p 11r 2s 3t
Tye Phillips 16p 5r 3a 2t
#10 Team Smash (52) v. #7 Beastion (60)
This was a clash between a team with one of the most established teams (Beastion) versus a team still in its infancy (First season for Team Smash in TDS)! 
Team Smash came out strong! Scoring 14pts in each of the first two quarters! Behind, team captain Tommy Doan's double-double and a good all around floor game from Justin (11p 5r 5a). 
Beastion never gave up and kept the pressure on Team Smash! Last season, Beastion was in the same position, leading after the third quarter but they imploded! Nick (17pts) and Phil (13pts) made sure that wouldn't happen this time! Although, Team Smash made it close at the end...Beastion held on for the, 60-52 victory! 
A huge 'Thank You' goes out to Tommy Doan and the rest of Team Smash! I hope this isn't the last we hear from you!
Team Smash 
18-50 36% fgs 
7-22 32% 3pt
10-12 83% fts
Tommy Doan 14p 10r 2a 4s 2b 1t
Justin 11p 5r 5a 1b 1t
22-41 54% fgs 
7-14 50% 3pt
9-18 50% fts 
Nick Knight 17p 5r 2a 1s 1b
Phil 13p 5r 1a 1b
#8 Putties (41) v. #9 Dawgs (61)
The defending champion, Dawgs, look to turn on the switch versus the veteran Putties team! 
The Dawgs began the game hot! Ryan Sera (22p 5r 4a) and Bradley (12p 5r) had excellent floor games! They shot 48% (12-25 fgs) in the first half to take a 31-17 lead at the half! 
The Putties shot the ball horribly for most of the game! Their two leading scorers were Spencer (16pts) and JMac (13pts) but in order to get those points they shot a combined 11-28 (39%). The rest of the Putties only shot 5-31 (16%)!? The Putties were without their leading scorer, Jason Lee, who unfortunately was lost for the season with a sprained ankle!
The Dawgs were 5-9 3pt to begin the 3rd quarter to extend their lead to 20pts going into the fourth! The Dawgs played the Putties evenly in the fourth to win the game convincingly, 61-41!
16-59 27% fgs 
7-28 25% 3pt
4-12 33% fts 
Spencer 16p 5r 3a 2s 1t
Jmac 13p 8r 2t
24-52 46% fgs 
9-18 50% 3pt
4-6 67% fts
Ryan Sera 22p 5r 4a 2s 3t
Bradley 12p 5r 2a 1s 1t
#1 CCU Ambassadors (60) v. #7 Beastion (44)
The #1 seeded CCU Ambassadors come into the playoffs on a 3 game winning streak and their to face them were #7 Beastion, who narrowly defeated Team Smash earlier in the day!
The CCU Ambassadors only had 6 players show up for this game but it was the right players! Chris led the team with 20pts on 10 for 17 shooting from the field and Jeremy added 16pts. They doubled the output of Beastion in the first quarter (16-8).
In the second quarter, Beastion found their groove shooting 5-10 fgs outscoring CCU 13-10! Nick was their leading scorer with 13pts and Melchi added 10pts and a game high 3stls! 
Even though Beastion made their run in the second quarter, CCU was not to be denied on this day! The #1 seeded Ambassadors went on to win, 60-44! 
CCU Ambassadors 
25-49 51% fgs 
2-8 25% 3pt 
8-8 100% fts 
Chris 20p 7r 1t
Jeremy Lee 16p 5r 4a 1s 2t
17-41 41% fgs 
4-11 36% 3pt
6-9 67% fts
Nick Knight 13p 8r 1a 2s 2b
Melchi 10p 3r 3s 1b
#2 Strokers (40) v. #9 Dawgs (37)
The finale of the day was the #2 seeded Strokers taking on the defending champs, Dawgs! 
The game started off slow! With each team trying to find their legs. The first half showed some tough defense that forced each team to shoot way below average (Strokers 22%; Dawgs 26%) The Dawgs led at the half 16-13! 
Ryan Sera was the leading scorer for the Dawgs with 17pts! He also was able to add 7rebs and 5asts! Bradley kept them in the game for a while with 10pts of his own, but no one but Ryan could find the basket in the fourth! 
The Strokers thanked their lucky stars that Ray showed up this week because he was one of the only players that was effective! He scored 12pts (after showing up in the second quarter)! Adonis helped out a bit with two big 3's in the second half! Ronald was the man on the boards with 11! 
The Strokers went on to win, 40-37! No repeat for the Dawgs! Thanks to them for representing TDS this past season!
13-50 26% fgs 
5-19 26% 3pt
6-10 60% fts
Ray 12p 5r 1b
Adonis Bulanhagui 8p 5r 3a 1t
15-52 29% fgs 
2-17 12% 3pt
5-17 29% fts
Ryan Sera 17p 7r 5a 1t
Bradley 10p 5r 1