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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 4 game recaps!

Week 4 Results
Eaglea (59) v. Jumpmen (58)
This battle pits two OG teams as the Eagles take on Jumpmen! The Eagles jumped out to an early 35-17 first half lead! They had the game well under control, shooting a good percentage (25-51 49%) from the field. Jumpmen was down but not out! Inspired by Coach RG, the Jumpmen boys came back! Dwight (16pts) and Joe (14pts) had one more  burst of energy to make the game close! For the Eagles, Arj came thru with 10pts (18pts for the game) in the second half and Quez had 20pts. Just enough for the Eagles to hold off Jumpmen, 59-58! 
Arj 18p 5r 3a 2s
Quez 20p 5r 4a 4s
Dwight 16p 4r 3a
Joe 14p 4r 2s 1t

Bomb Squad (56) v. Boogie (54)
Another competitive game has the Boogie team taking on Bomb Squad! The Boogie team came out strong behind 8 first half pts (14pts for the game) from Tang and 12pts (17pts for the game) from Tye. Shooting for the game was pretty much even (Boogie 43% - Bomb Squad 40%). The major difference came from the free throw line (Boogie 40% - Bomb Squad 71%)! The Wong brothers struck again! In the first half it was Nick with 11pts (15p 10r for the game) and his brother Matty in the second half for the win! Boogie did have a last ditch effort for the win from 35ft out but missed it! Exciting game!

Bomb Squad 
Matty 22p 3r 2a 1s
Nick 15p 10r 3a 1s
Tye 17p 10r 1a 2s
Tang 14p 5r 3a 1t
Beastion (51) v. Dawgs (48)
D1 had some battles and this week! This one had Beastion battling the undefeated Dawgs!  It was a tight battle throughout this contest! The Dawgs trying to keep their season record unblemished and Beastion looking to prove that they belonged in the upper echelon of TDS! Tyler started Beastion off by hitting 3-3pters in the first quarter and Chris calmly scored 12pts in both halves giving him a game high 24pts! The Dawgs on the other hand got 10pts from Dez and 21pts and 11rebs from Jalen but it wasn't enough! Again the free throw line was the demise for the Dawgs! As they hit a combined 8-16 (50%) from the free throw line. Better luck next week! 
Tyler 11p 5r 2a 1b
Chris 24p 3s
Dez 10p 5r 3a 2b 1t
Jalen 21p 2a 1s

Hapanese (64) v. Putties (61)
Just like the D1 division the guys in D2 would not be outdone! In this first matchup of the day Hapanese took on the Putties! A big first half by mainstay, Matt Szeto (21p 12r), led to a nice game and 19pts from Jason was almost enough to beat Hapanese!  The duo of Tye (24p 12r 8a) and Tommy (30p 6r) proved too much for the Putties to handle. TnT (Tye and Tommy) were unstoppable as they improved their overall record to 3-0 while the Putties fell to 1-3 on the season. 

Tommy 30p 6r 3a 2t
Tye 24p 12r 8a 4s
Matt Szeto 21p 12r 3a 1t
Jason 19p 5r 2a
Gators (53) v. GPC (43)
Next matchup has two teams fighting to stay in the fight! The Gators and GPC both are in the hunt for a D2 championship! Shooting from long range was difference in this game. The Gators shot 6-12 (50%) from 3pt range which basically was the difference in this contest! Dennis led his team in scoring with 17p (5-6 3pt) and Mike added 14pts. GPC had a highlight with a 3rd period breakaway dunk by Tommy Doan (18pts). GPC as a team didn't shoot the ball very well. They shot 18-48 (38%) from the field and 6-13 (46%) from the free throw line! Now the Gators and GPC are both 2-2. Let this crazy season continue! 
Dennis 17p 5r 2a 2s
Mike 14p 5r 1b
Tommy 18p 5r 1t
Steven 10p 4r 3a 1s 1t
The Fam (56) v. MonStars (47)
This next battle pits The Fam (2-1) versus the winless MonStars (0-3) who are desperately seeking their first victory of the season. The Fam jumped out to a 30-25 halftime lead. The level of competition was stiff! For the MonStars, Maynard scored 12pts and Alex scored 12 of his 13pts in the second half! The MonStars shot a measly 38% from the field and 59% from the free throw line. They've got to shoot better if they want to break the win column! The game was won from behind the arc where The Fam shot 8-23. They outscored the MonStars by nine (The Fam won by 9) from 3pt land. The MonStars look to finally turn their luck around next week!
The Fam
Bruce 11p 8r 2a 2s
James Soy 16p 7r 3a 3s

Maynard 11p 6r 2a 3s
Alex 13p 6r
Strokers (66) v. Team Royalty (28)
Team Royalty was looking at winning their third straight victory versus the defending champions, Strokers! Team Royalty's hopes of a third straight W was short lived. They came into the game undermanned without 2 of their 3 top scorers! Meanwhile, the Strokers had a #FULLSQUAD! Tony led the Strokers with a double-double (13p 11r) and Zack chipped in 10pts. They played like the defending champs that they are! The Strokers are looking for a repeat and if they continue to play like this...they're going to get it! 
Tony 13p 11r 2a 2s
Zack 10p 2a 2s
Team Royalty
Jon 9p 2r 2a
Shawn 2p 10r 3s 4t