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*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Opening day Recaps!!

Fall League 2016 - Asian 6'2 and under 
Week One
Stokers (47) v. Beastion (37)
I feel blessed to have yet another season to continue to spread word of good health and clean living! We start with, a matchup between Beastion and the Strokers! The Strokers came into the game, after taking a season off, without their injured captain Lloyd Aguirre! 
Beastion took an early 10-7 lead after the first quarter of play. Matt led the team in first half scoring with a couple of 3pters and Nick was a monster on the boards, grabbing 14 rebs for the game..but the rest of the team went cold! Going 1-8 fgs in the second quarter! Only finishing with 4 pts. They trailed at the half 17-14!
The third played evenly...but the final quarter is where the Strokers flexed their muscles! Adonis and Justin combined for 20pts in the second half! Their second half shooting (10-21 fgs) combined with their great team defense, enabled the Stokersto get away with the W, 47-37!
13-53 26% fgs 
5-31 16% 3pt 
4-6 67% fts 
Phil 11p 8r 1a 1s 1t
Chris 9p 7r 1a 1t
16-45 36% fgs
6-20 30% 3pt
9-12 75% fts
Adonis 13p 7r 2s 2t
Justin 10p 5r 1a 2s 1s 1t
Eagles (34) v. Splash Kuyas (44)
Game #2 brought us yet another defensive battle, when the Splash Kuyas took on the Eagles! The Eagles had some trouble shooting right off the bat, scoring a measly 3pts in the first quarter! Arj (11p 6r) and Law (7pts) did all they could but their scoreless first half was the difference! For the Splash Kuyas, the bulk of their scoring came from CQ (12p 9r) and Johnny (15p 5r)! The combo was nearly unstoppable! They just seemed to be playing at a different speed and the Eagles looked discombobulated!? The Splash Kuyas were in control the entire game! They lead wire to wire and won the game, 44-34! 
13-35 37% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt
2-6 33% fts 
Arj 11p 6r 4a 3s 1t
Lawrence 7p 2a 2t
Splash Kuyas 
16-37 43% fgs 
2-13 15% 3pt
10-28 36% fts 
Johnny 15p 5r 2a 1s 1t
Chris 12p 9r 3a 4s 1b
CCU Ambassadors (62) v. Kanji-Ka (54)
Game #3 was another competitive game! CCU Ambassadors in one corner taking on the undermanned Kanji-Ka! 
Kanji-Ka stated the game with only 4 players so there work was gonna be cut out for them but they surprisingly managed to hang in there! After the first half, Kanji-Ka only trailed CCU by 4pts...30-26! Yu (22pts) and Tommy (18pts) combined for 23pts in the first half to keep them in the game! In the third quarter, Sean Nakano made an "executive" decision to pull Kyle from the desk and have him be their fifth man! 
With the sides being even...the Ambassadors went on a run behind Jeremy Lee's near TripleDouble (20p 8r 7a) and Jeff Hau's 13pts! To lengthen there lead to 11pts! 
Both teams played hard in the fourth, scoring the most points in a quarter (22-19) but it wasn't enough as Kanji-Ka fell to the CCU Ambassadors, 62-54!
CCU Ambassadors 
26-64 40% fgs 
7-22 32% 3pt
3-7 43% fts
Jeremy Lee 20p 8r 7a 1t
Jeff Hau 13p 7r 3a 1s 1b
20-51 39% fgs 
6-17 35% 3pt 
8-14 57% fts 
Yu 22p 10r 1a 2s 1b
Tommy 18p 6r 1a 2s