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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Prodigies and Boogie get it done and bring home the hardware!

šŸ€Championship Week
šŸ€Weekly Recaps
Asian Open 
#7 Knights (50) v. #3 Squadron (64)
Championship Week has finally arrived and the Asian Open Division has come down to the Final Four! The Knights come in as your #7 seed taking on the #3 seeded Squadron! 
The Knights came to the game without Ant Navarrete! Who has suffered a broken hand since last week! The Knights were ready to play even though they were short a player they had their core in tact! They built themselves a big hole that they had to dig they're way out of! Missing their first 7 shots of the game! As a team, they shot 8-27 fgs (30%) in the first half. Joe Scott and Jovelle each scored 10pts to pace the Knights. They were down 37-20 at the half!
Squadron had they're entire squad show up (because in their minds they were going to play two championship games)! They began the game on a 14-0 run! Led by Yuhki (17pts) and Travis (14pts) the Squadron brought a 17pt lead into the second half of the game. 
But, just like a good squad, the Knights weren't just going to roll over! They outscored the Squadron in the third quarter, 21-12, to bring the lead down to single digits!  That unfortunately was as close as they were going to get. As Squadron ended the game on a 15-9 fourth quarter! To go on to win the game, 64-50!
17-51 33% fgs 
5-15 33% 3pt
10-15 67% fts 
Joe Scott 10p 5r 3a 2b
Jovelle 10p 6r 2a 1s 1b
22-47 47% fgs 
5-18 28% 3pt 
15-19 79% fts 
Yuhki 17p 6r 3s
Travis 14p 6r 2a 1s
#5 GS Threat Matrix (52) v. #1 Boogie (63)
The second semifinal of the day has the undefeated #1 seed, Boogie, taking on the #5 seeded GS Threat Matrix!
The GS Threat Matrix had upset on their minds! They played well with only 5 players they built a 17-10 lead after the first quarter! Led by Ricci's game high 21pts on 9-20 fgs (45%) shooting! Chris chipped in with 5asts and Tyler had a game high 12 rebounds! They lost their lead in the second quarter but were still in the game, 36-30!
Boogie 2.0 is working on an undefeated season! They have comfortably won each game by an average of 10pts! But they haven't played in 3 weeks?! Edwin and Johnny each scored 11pts most of them in the first half! Rebo acted as the floor general with his 5asts and Georgio played the role of thief coming away with 4stls! Boogie 2.0 had the game in hand after the third up by 11pts! They held on to the lead and won, 63-52!
Thank you, GS Threat Matrix for a great season!
GS Threat Matrix 
21-52 40% fgs 
5-19 26% 3pt 
5-10 50% fts 
Ricci Miles 21p 5r 2a 3s
Chris Knight 10p 5a
Boogie 2.0
27-55 49% fgs 
4-20 20% 3pt 
5-10 50% fts 
Johnny Moore 11p 7r 4a 1s
Edwin Cruz 11p 3r 2a
šŸ€Open ChampionshipšŸ€
#3 Squadron (53) v. #1 Boogie (60)
The final game of the Asian Open season has arrived! After a long season full of amazing highlights it's come down to this! A battle between #3 Squadron vs. the undefeated #1 Boogie 2.0!
Squadron had themselves a day! For some of them this would mark their third game of the day! Luckily for them they had the entire squad show up! It was a close game throughout! Jordan (12pts) lead the team in scoring in the first half and Steven (14pts) in the second! They shot 13-27 fgs (48%) in the first half to take a 30-28 lead in a hard fought game! 
Boogie had a rough time figuring the Squadron out! The switching and the hustle points were not going in Boogie's favor until they finally figured out their advantage...pass it down low to the man with the height advantage, Prabe! They did that over and over! Prabe was 4-5 fgs in the fourth quarter and finished the game with a game high, 17pts on 6-8 fgs (75%), and was the MVP for the finals! As Boogie went on to win and finish their season going undefeated, 60-53!
A huge thank you goes out to the fellas from Squadron! You guys played your hearts out and I thank you! Hope to see you next season...
21-47 45% fgs 
3-16 19% 3pt 
12-14 86% fts 
Steven Tom 14p 5r 2a
Jordan 12p 2r 3a 1s
19-43 44% fgs 
6-12 50% 3pt 
16-18 89% fts 
Prabe 17p 7r 1a 1b*
Joe Scott 7p 6r 5a
šŸ€Division 2 ChampionshipšŸ€
#2 Swishers (63) v. #1 Prodigies (68)
Our Division Two Championship game came down to the top two seeds, #2 Swishers vs. #1 and undefeated Prodigies, and this one would go down to the wire!
The Swishers were ready to play this game! With the trophy within reach, the Swishers went all in for it! They shot the ball well in the first half going 13-27 fgs (48%)! Travis Hom led the Swishers in scoring with 14pts and Ron Lee added 12pts & 2blks. Their defense stood up to the Prodigies holding them down to 11-27 fgs (41%) at the half! At the end of the first half, the Swishers were up 32-25!
The roles were reversed in the second half! The Prodigies turned a 7pt halftime deficit into a 5pt lead after the third! MVP Sean Caiola almost had a TripleDouble with 14pts, 10asts and 7rebs! The 25pt third quarter was highlighted by Quentin Wu's 13pts (game high 23pts)! As a team, the Prodigies shot a blistering 16-27 fgs (59%) in the second half and held the Swishers to 11-31 fgs (35%)! The Prodigies were able to hold off any late surge from the Swishers to win, 68-63, and complete an undefeated season!
Thanks Swishers! Hope to see you again next season...
25-57 44% fgs 
3-18 17% 3pt 
9-15 60% fts 
Travis Hom 14p 5r 2a 1s
Ron Lee 12p 6r 2b
27-53 51% fgs 
7-17 41% 3pt 
9-12 75% fts 
Quentin Wu 23p 5r 1a 1s
Sean Caiola 14p 7r 10a 2s*
* - MVP

šŸ€Spring Asian Open & D2
šŸ€Leaders of the Week
Asian Open
Ricci Miles (GS Threat Matrix) 21
Prabe @pbolaria (Boogie 2.0) 17*
Yuhki @yuhksterr (Squadron) 17
Tyler (GS Threat Matrix) 12
Prabe (Boogie 2.0) 9
TK @te_eks (Knights) 8
Joe @joe_breeeez (Boogie 2.0) 5*
Kevin @mr_matsukura (Boogie 2.0) 5*
Chris Knight (GS Threat Matrix) 5
Rebo @jayreebs (Boogie 2.0) 5
Georgio @georgioreed (Boogie 2.0) 4
Tyler @tpetrone12 (Squadron) 3*
Yuhki (Squadron) 3
Ricci (GS Threat Matrix) 3
James @big_gainz_james (Knights) 3
Joe (Boogie 2.0) 2*
Joe (Boogie 2.0) 2
šŸ€Division 2 Championship 
Quentin (Prodigies) 23
Travis Hom @tkhom1 (Swishers) 14
Sean Caiola (Prodigies) 14

Dave (Prodigies) 10
Mikey @mikeyyonemoto (Swishers) 8
Sean (Prodigies) 6
Ron @ronleephoto (Swishers) 6

Sean (Prodigies) 10
Mikey (Swishers) 4
Steven Tom @steven_tom (Swishers) 4
Sean (Prodigies) 2
Travis (Swishers) 2
5 players tied with 1

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Final playoff weekend schedule!!

July 16th
GAMES AT Potrero Hill Park and rec - 801 Arkansas 
3pm: (D1) 7-Knights vs 3-Squadron
4pm: (D1) 5-G.S. ThreatMatrix vs 1-Boogie
5pm: (D2) 1-Prodigies vs 2-Swishers
6pm: (D1)  Winners of 3pm/4pm games

Playoff recaps!

šŸ€Spring Asian Open & D2
šŸ€Leaders of the Week
Asian Open
Wai @fam_wai (Bombtans) 24
Evan (Goon Squad) 20
Ricci (GS Threat Matrix) 19
James @big_gainz_james (Knights) 19
Ant @ant_navarrete32 (Knights) 16
Sami (Goon Squad) 12
Wai (Bombtans) 10
Tye @watchmedome415 (Knights) 8
TK @te_eks (Knights) 6
Steven @steven_tom (Squadron) 5

Steven (Squadron) 5
John @johnnoah_ (Bombtans) 4
3 players tied with 3
Justin (GS Threat Matrix) 3
5 players tied with 1
šŸ€Division 2
Quinten (Prodigies) 34 
Wai @fam_wai (Bulls) 31
Dorian @sunnyd.8 (Swishers) 22
Wai (Bulls) 9
Dave (Prodigies) 8
Ryan @ryunderpants (Dawgs) 7
Wai (Bulls) 8
Ryan (Dawgs) 7 
Quinten (Prodigies) 6
Ryan (Dawgs) 3
Wai (Bulls) 3
John @johnnoah_ (Bulls) 2
Angelo (Bulls) 2
Ron @ronleephoto (Swishers) 3
3 players tied with 1

šŸ€Spring Asian Open & D2
šŸ€Weekly Recaps
#6 Goon Squad (51) v. #3 Squadron (68)
The Asian Open Division playoffs begin with the #6 seeded Goon Squad taking on the ever dangerous #3 Squadron! 
The Goon Squad was absent the past two weeks but team captain, Sami, brought the guys together for the playoffs! The first half the Goon Squad were trying to shoot the lights out to no avail! They were an unfortunate 2-11 (18%) from 3pt range! The leading scorer for the day was Evan (20pts) and Captain Sami did all that he could do posting a double-double (13pts & 12rebs), but alas they were down, 31-25, at the half! 
Meanwhile, Squadron was just starting to heat up! They scored their highest quarter of the game after the break (22pts in the 3rd)! Leading the way was Jordan with 13pts & 3stls! Steven Tom had quite a game doing all of the little things (9rebs, 5asts and 5stls)! They shot a remarkable 28-53 fgs (53%)! Squadron is a team with its eyes on the prize! They won convincingly, 68-51!
Goon Squad 
18-50 36% fgs 
6-23 26% 3pt 
10-18 56% fts 
Sami 13p 12r 3s
Evan 20p 1r 3s
28-53 53% fgs 
5-17 29% 3pt 
5-7 71% fts 
Jordan 13p 3r 1a 1s
Yukhi 11p 8r 2a
#5 GS Threat Matrix (46) v. #4 SFC (41)
This next playoff matchup pits the #5 seeded GS Threat Matrix versus the newcomers to our league the #4 seeded SFC!
SFC came into this playoff game on a very respectable 2 game winning streak! Their shooting was a bit off in the first half. As a team, SFC shot a combined 4-22 fgs (18%) including a horrific 0-14 from 3pt range! Their leading scorers were JT (12pts & 9rebs) and Tyler (11pts & 8rebs). Although they shot poorly from the field they still managed to own a 12-10 lead at the half! 
The GS Threat Matrix's captain, Chris Knight put the game in perspective saying, "We are playing great defense!" Both teams were! The offenses for both team picked up the pace in the second half. Particularly, Ricci who scored a game high 19pts! Justin came up big on the defensive end and got major hustle points with 2stls and 3blks! 
The Threat Matrix outscored the SFC, 36-30 in the second half to go on to secure a 46-41 hard fought victory and a meeting with the #1 seed, Boogie 2.0!
GS Threat Matrix 
14-41 34% fgs 
5-14 36% 3pt 
13-23 57% fts 
Ricci 19p 5r 3a 1s 1b
Phil 10p 1r 1a
14-50 28% fgs 
5-26 19% 3pt 
7-13 54% fts 
JT 12p 9r 2a 2s
Tyler 11p 8r 1s
#7 Knights (69) v. #2 Bombtans (57)
The final game for our Asian Open Division we have a matchup between the #7 seeded Knights versus the #2 seeded the Bombtans! 
The Bombtans were without a major part of the team in rebounding leader, Mo! They still had the other half of their dynamic duo, Wai! He did most of the heavy lifting on this day as he scored a game high 24pts to go along with 10rebs! Sharpshooter, John added 17pts (5-15 3pt, 33%). They were matching the Knights shot for shot in the first half and were down by 2pts, 33-31 at the half!
The third quarter began and James Maldonado took over the game! His presence inside was too much for the Bombtans, w/o Mo, to overcome! James scored 10 of his team high 19pts and TK came thru with 16pts, 6asts and 3stls! Ant Navarrete cleaned up the boards with 16rebs! Denying the Bombtans of any second chance possibilities! The 22-10 third quarter was too much for the Bombtans to overcome! The Knights went on to win, 69-57!
29-56 52% fgs 
2-14 14% 3pt 
7-15 47% fts 
James 19p 6r 1s
TK 16p 2r 6a 3s 1b
25-56 45% fgs 
5-22 23% 3pt 
2-8 25% fts 
Wai 24p 10r 4a 1s 1b
John 17p 2r 1a 4s 1b
šŸ€Division 2
#3 Dawgs (55) v. #2 Swishers (59)
Our Division 2 has come down to the Final Four and kicking it off will be the #3 seeded Dawgs taking on the #2 seeded Swishers squad!
The Dawgs have become a staple to TDS and here they are again as one of the last four teams for the championship! The Dawgs battled hard today, especially in the first half! They were able to hold their opponent to 9-23 fgs (39%) shooting in the half! Ryan Sera had a very nice all around game with 19pts, 7rebs, 7asts and 3stls! The Dawgs were leading at the half by the slimmest of margins, 25-24!
The Swishers came out in the third quarter like a team on a mission! They shot a combined 8-11 fgs (73%) and held the Dawgs to 6-15 fgs (40%) in the quarter to recapture the lead going into the final period, 43-40! Rob scored 10pts in the third to propel the Swishers and Dorian had 22pts to lead all scorers! The Swishers managed to hold off a Dawgs squad that was more than Game for this battle but came up a bit short! The Swishers won the game by a score of, 59-55! 
25-61 43% fgs 
3-14 21% 3pt 
3-9 33% fts 
Ryan Sera 19p 7r 7a 3s
Dez 6p 5r 4a 1s 1b
21-46 46% fgs 
5-14 36% 3pt 
12-15 80% fts 
Dorian 22p 5r 1a
Ron Lee 13p 3r 3b
#4 Bulls (76) v. #1 Prodigies (83)
The finale of the day came when the #4 seeded Bulls went up against the #1 seeded and undefeated Prodigies squad!
The Bulls came out on fire, or should I say, John came out on fire from deep! He connected on 3 of his first 4 shots from deep and finished with 5-11 3pt range! When he was done shooting the lights out it was Wai's turn! He was 13-21 fgs (62%) for the day! The Bulls shot 17-33 fgs (52%) from the field in the first half to take the slight advantage, 40-39 at the half!
The Prodigies added some youth to their core this season but it was "Q" who was responsible for most of the days damage! He had himself a day! Going for a game high 34pts to go along with 6rebs and 6asts! Sean Caiola added 20pts! The Prodigies on a 24-20 run in the third quarter to take a 3pt lead into the fourth. The Prodigies were 14-22 fgs (64%) shooting to go on to win going away, 83-76!
31-64 48% fgs 
8-24 33% 3pt 
6-9 67% fts 
Wai 31p 9r 8a 3s
Robb 21p 5r 1a 2s 1b
28-55 57% fgs 
11-22 50% 3pt 
14-15 93% fts
Q 34p 6r 6a
Sean 20p 3r 3a 1s