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---TripleDouble NEW PROGRAMS---

In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

Contact BoogieEvents@gmail.com for more info!

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


TripleDoubleSports Winter/Spring season is FINALLY HERE!

I know that everyone has been waiting and anticipating this coming season!  Time to defend titles (Open Pro Am: United Nations, 6'2 D1: Boogie Events and 6'2 D2:OG Prodigies), time for some revenge and time for us to come together as a community to bring a positive light to all our lives.  

YES we all want to win, but lets enjoy the MOMENT!  We all won't be young for long, so lets try to meet some new friends and have a GREAT SEASON!!  Ya'll know me, i'm making my moves to try and improve this league every year/season.  I need ya'll to help me, HELP YOU!  

Ok, that's all with the ranting.  Just remember, you can call/text/email/send a pigeon message to me and i will be there to help/answer any questions or concerns.

***NOTES for the 6'2 and under Divisions***
- All suspect players will be subject to measurement. 
- After your first TWO games, the TripleDouble Committee will determine if your team is in the correct division.  If we have to create a 3rd (REC) division, we will do it.  I don't care if it cost me more money to run, i just want to make sure ALL triple double supporters get a good experience!  

OPEN PRO AM: Schedule issues prevent Street Cred, Boogie, The Show and Destiny to play this Sunday.