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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Open Week 5 Schedule

November 20th Week 5
1PM PrimeTime vs Rock Center
2PM MSO vs Gamble Team
3PM Big Game Ballers vs Showtime
4PM United Nations vs SLGHTWRK
Byes: Balls Out and Average Woes

Week 4 Recaps and FULL game links!

Winter Open Division Recaps 🏀
Week 4
Average Woes (49) v. Big Game Ballers (92)
We begin Week 4 with a test for the Average Woes as they take on the defending champions, Big Game Ballers!
This would have been a great matchup of 'David v. Goliath' but both teams were missing key players! The Average Woes were missing they're entire starting five (tournament duties). So they were left with 4 players who have never played with each other?! They were led by Joey Farber (20p 8r) and David James (24pts). 
The Big Game Ballers on the other hand only had four players as well but the four players they had were very familiar with each other! Jason had a big game scoring 23pts, 6rebs & 9asts and Ryan Wessels (22p 14r) brought the gym to its knees with a rim rattling one handed alley oop slam dunk! That put the game away! 
Big Game Ballers went on to win convincingly, 92-49!
Average Woes 
19-57 33% fgs 
8-31 26% 3pt
2-7 29% fts 
Joey Farber 20p 8r 2a 1b 3t
David James 24p 7r 2a 4t
Big Game Ballers 
36-68 53% fgs
9-28 32% 3pt 
3-5 60% fts 
Jason 23p 6r 9a 1s 2t
Ryan Wessels 22p 14r 1s
Gamble Team (57) v. Balls Out (49)
Next up, we have a battle between two mainstays of TripleDoubleSports when the Gamble Team takes on Balls Out.
The first half played very evenly. Gamble Team put up more shots (26) than Balls Out (19) in the first half, but both teams made nine shots. The Gamble Team took a 4pt lead into the half, 27-23. 
Balls Out played the entire game with the bare minimum (5). Theo Ellington led the team in scoring with 21pts and Tenn added 12pts to pace Balls Out. They used the third quarter to trim the lead to 3pts (38-35). 
The Gamble Team, however, weren't going to let the game get away from them. With Rich (14pts) and Javon (13pts) steadying the ship for the Gamble Team the game was put away! 
The Gamble Team prevailed, 57-49!
Gamble Team 
22-53 42% fgs 
6-13 46% 3pt
9-12 75% fts 
Rich 14p 5r 2a
Javon 13p 6r 1s
Balls Out 
18-44 41% fgs 
2-13 15% 3pt 
13-18 72% fts
Theo Ellington 21p 7r 1b
Tenn 12p 5r
United Nations (82) v. Rock Center (84)
The most exciting and controversial game of the day was the undefeated United Nations squad versus the upstart team from Rock Center!
The United Nations started the game off on a bad note. They shot 1-10 from 3pt range in the first quarter! As they fell behind by 7pts early! Behind Toby Merchant 11pt (33pts for the game) first half, the United Nations wet down 32-27 at halftime!
Rock Center led out early! They were taking it to the rack on a regular basis. Taking advantage of their size, they won the rebounding battle, 39-27! Rock Center got a double-double from Jon (22p 12r) and 21pts from Steve. 
Then the controversy began. Down by 3pts, Rock Center had the ball in the corner and Denzel rose up and sank the 3 to tie up the game and send it to OT where Rock Center would go on to outscore United Nations by 2, 84-82 F/OT!
United Nations 
29-70 40% fgs 
13-40 33% 3pt
11-15 73% fts 
Toby 33p 6r 3a 3s
Roy 19p 5r 5a 2s
Rock Center 
33-65 51% fgs 
9-22 41% 3pt
7-12 58% fts
Jon 22p 12r 2a
Steve 21p 7r 3a
Primetime (68) v. SLGHTWRK (57)
The finale of the day has a veteran team, Primetime, taking on a relatively new team, SLGHTWRK!
Primetime took it to SLGHTWRK in the first half! Outscoring them 41-31. Daniel was unstoppable...scoring 13 of his game high 24pts in the first half! Antwan Capla had himself a day! He scored 10pts, pulled down 11rebs and dished out a game high 10asts to give him the first TripleDouble of the season! Salute!
As for SLGHTWRK, they played well! They had a combined 30pts from team captain, Simon (16pts) and from Larry (14pts). Their aggressive play in the second half got them to the line where they prospered. If they put forth that same effort in the first half the game would have been much closer than the 11pt defeat! 
Primetime wins, 68-57!
24-52 46% fgs 
5-16 33% 3pt
14-20 70% fts 
Daniel 24p 6r 3a 
Antwan Capla 11p 11r 10a 3s
22-57 39% fgs 
9-22 41% 3pt 
6-7 86% fts 
Simon 16p 3r 3a 4s
Larry 14p 7r 1s