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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Game recaps!

Week 3
Boogie (77) v. Gamble Team (76)
The first, of a full slate of games, has the  Boogie squad taking on the Gamble Team in a matchup of true contenders! The Gamble Team started the game off strong. Scoring 27pts in the first quarter (43pts at the half). Behind the scoring of Alec (24pts) and Bobby (23pts), the Gamble Team looked like they were holding all the right cards! Boogie, on the other hand, was a little short. They only had 4 players to start the game and their 5th player showed up halfway through the first quarter! When they were at even strength, Boogie began to chip away at the lead. Every quarter inching closer and closer! Until the fourth quarter when with 20.8 secs left in the game and GT clinging to a one point lead, one of their better free throw shooters was fouled and went to the line shooting two! Mark made the first and after a shrewd time out he came back to the line and missed the second. With time ticking down Boogie brought the ball into the front court and found Georgio alone in the corner for a three and he hit nothing but net! After a fierce comeback, Boogie wins 77-76!
31-62 50% fgs 
6-18 33% 3pt
7-14 50% fts
Andre Jones 21p 5r 1a 2s 5t
Rebo 19p 1r 6a 1s 2t
Gamble Team 
30-66 45% fgs 
12-23 52% 3pt
7-10 70% fts
Alec 24p 5r 1s 4t
Bobby 23p 6r 4a
Big Game Ballers (66) v. United Nations (64)
Next up we had a rematch of last seasons championship game. The Big Game Ballers came to extract some revenge on the champs, United Nations! Tobe, of UN, started off the scoring after coming off a horrible shooting performance last week led all scorers with 20pts! He was joined by Joe right behind with 18pts. The Big Game Bsllers were ahead of UN at the half, 31-25. With a double-double from DeAngelo (18p 11r) and 16pts from team captain Isaiah Sandoval, team Big Game looked to be in good shape! But a big third quarter from UN took the lead away from BGB, 49-44. With less than a minute left in the game the score was all knotted up at 64 apiece and with 0:04.5 secs left on the clocked Marquel drove right for the go ahead bucket! UN still had a chance and with time ticking away they drew up an alley-oop to Mac who shot at too hard of the glass and the game was over! BGB won, 66-64!
Big Game Ballers 
26-63 41% fgs
7-22 32% 3pt
7-11 64% fts 
DeAngelo 18p 11r 1s 2t
Isaiah Sandoval 16p 3r 1a 2b 1t
United Nations 
20-63 32% fgs 
8-26 31% 3pt
16-21 26% fts
Tobe 20p 3r 2a 2s 1b 1t
Joe 18p 8r 4a 1b 1t
Knights Basketball (41) v. Splash City (46)
The next game was a battle of "new" teams that are back for another go at the 'ship! Knights Basketball and Splash City both aren't new to TripleDoubleSports but they have both revamped their teams! Kai, of Knights Basketball, started off the game shooting 1-6 fgs (5-13 for the game) in the first half to fall behind 24-20. Meanwhile, Splash City had balanced scoring with nobody scoring over 9pts. Tay was a monster on the boards grabbing 14rebs! The score was 37-29 after the third quarter and Splash City held on to that advantage to win the game, 46-41!
Knights Basketball 
17-49 35% fgs
5-11 45% 3pt 
6-13 46% fts
Kai 11p 6r 3s 2t
Ryan Sera 8p 2r 1s
Splash City 
15-46 33% fgs 
7-21 33% 3pt 
9-18 50% fts 
Dee 8p 3r 5a 1s 3t
Tay 7p 14r 3t
Rock Center (74) v. Primetime (80)
The next matchup was that of a high scoring affair between Rock Center and Primetime! Both teams came out of the shoot with guns ablazing! Primetime was 5-10 from 3pt range and Rock Center was even better shooting 5-8 from distance in the first half. Primetime, though, held the lead at the half 38-30. Rock Center was not going to be beaten that easily! Behind Byron (7-8 3pt) and Brian G. (6-11 3pt) they were able to bring RC all the way back to send the game into an extra session! Primetime had an answer, and his name was Vikka! With two big 3s in OT two win the game for Primetime, 80-74! 
Rock Center 
24-55 44% fgs 
13-21 62% 3pt 
14-21 67% fts 
Byron 26p 3r 1a 1t
Brian G. 21p 2r 1a
30-69 43% fgs
10-21 48% 3pt 
8-13 67% fts 
Vikka 19p 8r 2a
Kareem Gilbeaux 19p 5r 1s 2t
Balls Out (62) v. Fly Squad (31)
A battle of new and old in the next matchup we have Balls Out (old) taking on the boys from Fly Squad (new). Balls Out came out hot! They were able to shoot the ball at a 56% (15-27 fgs) clip! They had scoring from everyone. The leading scorer for the game was Quinn with 11pts and a game high 14rebs! Fly Squad, on the other hand, was needless to say...a bit off! They shot a horrible 10-45 (22% fgs) for the entire game! There only bright spot was captain, Joe Scott who scored a game high 22pts. Fly Squad was held to 2pts in the second quarter! Balls Out didn't let the foot off the gas, outscoring Fly Squad 27-14 in the second half to win convincingly, 62-31!
Balls Out 
26-54 48% fgs 
4-10 40% 3pt
7-15 43% fts 
Quinn 11p 14r 1a 1t
Russ 9p 3r 1t
Fly Squad 
10-45 22% fgs 
3-12 25% 3pt
8-10 80% fts 
Joe Scott 22p 2r 2s 2t
Kevin Aviles 5p 1s
Hapanese (58) v. Eagles (57)
Next up in the battle of D1 foes are a couple of mainstays in the Eagles versus Hapanese! A tightly contested game is what I expected from these teams and that's just what we received! Behind, Dre's 13pts (26pts for the game) and Ty's 12pts in the first half, Hapanese held tightly to a 31-29 lead at the half! But we all knew that the Eagles weren't going to lay down that easily! They took took the lead going into the 4th period 42-39! New to the team this season is Josh, he put together a nice debut with the Eagles scoring 22pts and Jovelle scored 17pts. With  the Eagles down by 3 with 20secs left on the clock Jovelle received a pass on the wing and calmly sank a 3pt shot to tie the game but nobody told Alec the game was tied because he fouled Dre with 12.6 secs remaining putting him on the line for two shots! He made one of two to give them a one point lead and the Eagles had one last chance to win the game but Jovelle's last second shot fell short! Hapanese won a nail biter, 58-57!
22-46 48% fgs
3-7 43% 3pt
11-18 61% fts 
Dre 26p 5r 1a 2s 1b 3t
Ty 19p 6t 1t
24-57 42% fgs 
7-24 29% 3pt 
4-11 36% fts 
Josh 22p 3r 2a 3s 4t
Jovelle 17p 3r 2a 1s
Go Get It (48) v. Boogie Events (54)
Two powerhouses are up next when Go Get It battles against the Boogie Event boys! Go Get It has won the past two championships and they're going for #3, but in their way is the Boogie Events team who want to make the championship their own! The Boogie team was all about business on this day! Jumping out to a 14-2 first quarter lead and 27-16 at the half. Go Get It was led in scoring by Brandon who scored 18pts. The rest of the team was a combined 11-40fgs for the game. The Boogie team was led by Rebo (17pts) and Trenell (16pts). They shot a team high 23-43 53% from the field! They were able to hold off a second half surge to win the game, 54-48!
Go Get It
18-52 35% fgs
5-23 22% 3pt
6-10 60% fts
Brandon 18p 6r 2b
Sunny 12p 2r 2a 1s 3t
Boogie Events 
23-43 53% fgs 
3-8 38% 3pt 
5-9 56% fts 
Rebo 17p 3r 1s
Trenell 16p 2r 2a 3s 3t
BABA Empire (54) v. Spartans (76)
A couple of new teams grace the court as the Spartans face the BABA Empire! The game was close going into halftime with the Spartans leading 38-32! For BABA, Asante led the way in scoring with a game high 18pts and Doug a game high 10rebs! But when the teams came out to start the second half a switch flipped and the Spartans seemingly couldn't miss a shot! They were a combined 12-14 fgs in the third quarter that ultimately turned the game in their favor! The BABA Empire didn't know what hit them. They only shot a combined 2-15 (13%) fgs in the third and were outscored 25-8! The Spartans went on to win convincingly, 76-54!
BABA Empire 
18-46 39% fgs
2-9 22% 3pt
16-22 72% fts
Asante 18p 6r 2a 
Jorge 15p 1r 1s
32-57 56% fgs
8-18 44% 3pt 
4-8 50% fts
Wai 15p 5r 4a 2b 1t
Rob 12p 2r 1s
SF Flight (81) v. Kanji-Ka (63)
Division 2 starts off with the SF Flight boys versus another new team in Kanji-Ka! I could have sworn I saw Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on the floor because the way SF Flight was shooting the three ball was almost "Steph-ortless"! John Calara (6-12 3pt) and Drew (7-13 3pt) were the combo of the day! As a team, they were 30-55 fgs (55%) from the field! Kanji-Ka didn't know what hit them! In a blink of an eye they were already down 24-13 after the first quarter! After cutting into the lead going into the fourth quarter behind good games from Mike Lim (16pts), Marco (15pts) and Jun (14pts) the guys from SF Flight had a little bit extra in the tank. They finished off the game going 6-9 from 3pt range to seal the game with a 81-63 victory!
SF Flight 
30-55 55% fgs
14-29 48% 3pt
7-13 54% fts 
Drew 27p 3r 1a 
John Calara 23p 5r 3a
26-64 41% fgs
8-26 31% 3pt
3-3 100% fts
Mike Lim 16p 1r
Marco 15p 3r 3a 2s 1t
Beastion (51) v. Dawgs (49)
Next up is a former league champion, Dawgs, versus a consistent challenger in Beastion! This was an evenly fought contest! The Dawgs held a 2pt lead at the half behind  Bradley (13p 7r) and Mark (11pts). Beastion had a strong second half of the game. Tyler (15pts) went 3-5 3pt in the fourth quarter to give Beastion a lead that they would not relinquish! Although, the Dawgs late game surge was vanquished Beastion salted the game away at the free throw line! The final score of the game was a close one, but Beastion was victorious 52-49! 
19-52 37% fgs 
4-19 21% 3pt
9-14 64% fts 
Tyler 15p 7r 2t
JR 10p 5r 2a 2s
20-61 33% fgs 
4-20 20% 3pt
3-4 75% fts
Bradley 13p 7r 1a 1s 2t
Mark 11p 5r 1s 1t
Guap (31) v. East Bay Cardinals (73)
A couple of youngsters are out next matchup when Guap takes on the East Bay Cardinals! EBC is back in the fold after taking a couple of seasons off. They're back and stronger than ever! Ray Huang (18pts) and Derick Mateo (12pts) paced the Cardinal attack. It was still a game at the half with EBC leading by a score of 30-22. Guap, led in scoring by Maynard (12pts) and Prince (11pts) had a rough time putting the ball in the hole in the second half! They only scored 9pts after the break. Guap needs to pass the ball more than once before they shoot! They need ball movement and a knock down shooter! Somebody has to step up or the season is over. You've gotta ask yourselves, "Are you up for the challenge?" EBC is a good role model...they move the ball with precision and have a couple of shooters. EBC is well balanced and it showed. They won the game handily, 73-31.
12-43 28% fgs 
4-17 24% 3pt
3-4 75% fts 
Maynard 12p 6r
Prince 11p 2r 1a 1s
East Bay Cardinals 
26-47 55% fgs 
10-20 50% 3pt
7-10 70% fts 
Ray Huang 18p 2r 1a
Derick Mateo 12p 2r 2a 3s
Xia Yu (53) v. Swishers (60)
Teams can come out of anywhere...take these next two teams for example. Xia Yu and the Swishers are actually from the same "parent" team Squadron! Captain Dorian brings his squad into this battle and leads by example, by leading in scoring with 23pts. Ron chipped in 13pts and 6rebs! It looked to be enough leading 48-41 going into the fourth and final period but a couple of late 3's did the trick for the Swishers by Travis Hom (23pts). Captain Steven Tom also had a good game with 15pts and 5asts! They outscored Xia Yu, 19-6 to win the game going away, 60-53! 
Xia Yu
19-47 40% fgs 
5-17 29% 3pt
10-20 50% fts
Dorian 23p 5r 1a 1s 1t
Ron 13p 6r 3b
24-54 44% fgs 
6-16 38% 3pt
6-10 60% fts
Travis Hom 23p 6r 2a 3t
Steven Tom 15p 2r 5a 1s
Putties (50) v. Splash Kuyas (42)
The last game of the day brings you the veteran Putties squad versus a new team (name only) in the Splash Kuyas! Each team was short a few players (they had 6 apiece) so they were basically evenly matched. Warren led his team with a team high 21pts and Jessie, was like Magic Johnson, chipping in with 8 dimes! At the half, they were down by a score of 25-18! Clif Szeto, of the Putties, scored 11 of his 16pts in the first half and Jason exploded with a game high of 23pts! The second half was a bit more competitive, with a score of 25-24. The game was decided in the middle two quarters...the final was 50-42, Putties win!
17-45 38% fgs 
6-19 32% 3pt
12-16 fts 75%
Jason 23p 6r 3a 2s 3t
Jmac 10p 11r 1a 2s 2b 4t
Splash Kuyas 
18-53 34% fgs 
4-22 18% 3pt
2-6 33% fts 
Warren 21p 7r 1a
DeAndre 10p 5r 1a 4s 1b 1t