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In Progress:
==>SF Asian Division One (No Limits) and Asian D3 - 6'2 and under REC.
@ MLK Middle School - 350 Girard St, SF.

D1: 11AM/12PM/1PM/2PM
D3: 3PM/4PM/5PM/6PM/7PM

==>SF Open (no limits)
==>SF Open 6'2 and under (Rec)

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- ALL PLAYERS must wear matching jerseys. If you don't have matching jersey TOPS at the least, you will get penalized each game. Even thinking of penalizing each quarter to show how serious we are about having a good looking product.
- ALL PLAYERS must fill out roster profiles for better stat tracking
Contact Brian at BoogieEvents@gmail.com or 415 819 8333 for more info!
*** To qualify as Asian you must be 50%. If you are less then 50% you are considered an import player.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Finals weekend!

🏀Winter Asian Open D1
🏀Final Four 
#1 Go Get It (61) v. #4 Squadron (80)
The Final Four teams have been decided and the first matchup of the day is the undefeated Go Get It squad versus the two loss Squadron team!
The Go Get It team was going into the championship weekend at a rousing 7-0! That record, though, was with their full squad! They came into the game missing some key players but they would battle! JRock (Jason Rockwell) scored a double-double with 14pts & 11rebs and Butcher and Goof tied for the team lead in scoring with 17pts each!
Squadron was a team on a mission! They too were missing a couple of players due to injuries. Traivis Hom led the barrage the saw Squadron score the first 16pts of the third quarter to lengthen their lead to 51-29 midway through the third quarter! They shot a phenomenal 12-16 fgs (75%) in the quarter which put the game out of reach! 
Both teams played even in the fourth quarter (scoring 15pts each) and Squadron pulled off the upset of the #1 seed, 80-61!
Go Get It
19-52 37% fgs 
4-18 22% 3pt
19-30 63% fts 
Goof 17p 7r 1s
JRock 14p 11r 3a 1s
31-58 53% fgs 
10-24 42% 3pt 
6-7 86% fts 
Travis 21p 8r 2a 1s 
Ken 17p 3r 4a 1s 1b 1t
#2 Spartans (69) v. #6 Bomb Squad (74)
The game that will decide which team will face #4 Squadron in the finals is a battle between the #2 seeded Spartans versus the #6 seed in Bomb Squad! 
The Spartans were led by two players for almost the entire game. Those two players were John and Wai! The rest of the team was 4-21 fgs (19%) while the dynamic duo was an impressive 20-42 fgs (48%)! They combined to score 56pts (John 31pts and Wai 25pts)! Down by 16pts at the half the Spartans made a miraculous comeback! Tying the contest at 65 and sending the game into overtime!
Bomb Squad was on point to begin the game! They scored 25pt first quarter and 42pt first half to put the team in a, 42-26 halftime lead! Kyle Wong scored 10 of his team high 20pts and Mo, who is back after a two week layoff due to a leg injury, had 14pts & 11rebs in his return! Bomb Squad turned up the "D" in the extra 3min overtime outscoring the Spartans, 9-4! To go on to win, 74-69 in overtime!
24-63 38% fgs 
10-31 32% 3pt 
11-14 79% fts 
John 31p 3r 1a
Wai 25p 10r 2a 3s 2b
Bomb Squad 
26-51 51% fgs 
4-10 40% 3pt 
20-27 74% fts 
Kyle Wong 20p 6r 5a 1s 1b
Mo 14p 11r 2a
Championship Game
#6 Bomb Squad (63) v. #4 Squadron (66)
In the conclusion of the TDS season we have the #3 seeded Squadron taking on the #6 seed Bomb Squad in a winner take all finale!
Both teams came into the game with some injuries, but both teams were prepared for this game! Travis and Tyler (16pts each) came out strong in the first half! Squadron shot the ball well (15-26 fgs 58%) to take an early 39-33 halftime lead!
The shooting was pretty even. The Squadron shot the ball 25-52 fgs (48%) and the Bomb Squad at 23-49 fgs (49%). Squadron shot the 3-ball, which proved to be the difference, much better! They were 11-25 3pt (44%) while Bomb Squad was at 4-153pt (27%)! 
Moe led Bomb Squad with a game high, 21pts and Kyle chipped in with 15pts! Bomb Squad took the lead, briefly, in the 4th quarter. They outshot Squadron, 48% (11-23 fgs) to 38% (10-26 fgs) in the second half! 
Taylor (MVP) scored 12 of his 20pts in the second half highlighted by an amazing 4pt play! Squadron almost squandered the lead as they shot 3-9 from the free throw line in the fourth quarter but they were able to hold on to win, 66-63! 
Congratulations goes out to both Squadron and Bomb Squad for leaving it all on the floor for TDS! See y'all next season!
Bomb Squad 
23-49 49% fgs 
4-15 27% 3pt 
12-18 67% fts 
Moe 21p 7r 2b
Tye 10p 7r 4a 2s
25-52 48% fgs 
11-25 44% 3pt 
7-15 47% fts 
Taylor (MVP) 20p 5r
Travis 16p 6r 2a 1s

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Semi's/FINALS - March 19th
Games at MLK 350 Girard St.
11am: #1 Go Get It vs #4 Squadron
12pm: #2 Spartans vs #6 Bomb Squad
1:30pm: Asian D1 CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Wildcard/Round 1 recaps!

posted soon!  Go to our YouTube page for this past sundays games!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Final regular season recaps and full game video!

🏀Winter Asian Open
🏀Week 7
Threat Matrix (44) v. Bomb Squad (42)
The last week of the regular season begins with Threat Matrix taking on a depleted Bomb Squad team!
Threat Matrix was holding a slight lead at the half behind a great start from Chris and Matt! Threat Matrix's swarming defense held their opponent to 31% shooting! To take a 27-24 lead at the half!
Bomb Squad was without key players (Mo and the Wong bros) so they were in for a battle! Tye did all he could by posting a double-double with 15pts & 11rebs! The third quarter was their downfall as they could only muster 3pts! They were taking good shots but none off them would fall! 
Threat Matrix would hold on for the win by a score of, 44-42!
Threat Matrix 
16-48 33% fgs 
2-17 12% 3pt
9-20 45% fts 
Matt 8p 8r
Justin 6p 7r 2a
Bomb Squad 
14-47 30% fgs
6-23 26% 3pt 
7-11 64% fts 
Tye Phillips 15p 11r 3a
Tommy 14p 6r 1a 2s
Eagles (51) v. Squadron (54)
Next up is a showdown between two teams with identical records (3-2) in the Eagles versus the Squadron team!
The Eagles were ready for a game! A welcome back for Juan Bidinger who came back to play this week! The extra push the Juan provided gave the Eagles the lead at the half, 29-26, Jovelle's 10pt second quarter didn't hurt either! Lol!
Squadron stepped up the defense in the second half! The held the Eagles to 3-16 fgs (19%) from the field in the third quarter! Which allowed Squadron to take the lead by 1pt (36-35)! A nice addition to Squadron was Taylor (formerly with the Rangers) who scored a game high 15pts and Steve came thru with 8 of his 11pts in the second half to hold onto the win, 54-51!
21-53 39% fgs 
3-15 20% 3pt 
2-5 40% fts 
Jovelle 14p 9r 1s 2t
Arj 12p 3r 2a 1b
22-51 43% fgs
6-21 29% 3pt 
4-6 67% fts 
Taylor 15p 6r 1a 4s
Steve 11p 6r
Bulls (62) v. Boogie (76)
On deck is a matchup between two teams headed in different directions when the one win Bulls take on the 3-2 Boogie team! 
The Bulls added a couple of new bullets to their arsenal (Justin and Maynard). The two newcomers combined to score 28pts in the first half! Although they scored a season high in first half points they only held a 2pt lead, 38-36!
The Boogie squad put together an all-around game! The scoring was spread out between 6 players (each scored at least 7pts). With Rebo (team high 23pts) and Tim (14pts & 7rebs) leading the way! The Boogie squad took the game over in the second half by scoring 19pts in each of the last two quarters to score the win, 76-62!
22-53 42% fgs 
10-28 36% 3pt 
8-13 62% fts 
Justin 32p 13r 1a 1s
Daniel 12p 1r
26-48 54% fgs 
10-17 59% 3pt 
12-19 63% fts 
Rebo 23p 5r 2a 2s
Tim 14p 7r 3a 3s
Spartans (67) v. CCU Ambassadors (63)
The one loss Spartans team take on the CCU Ambassadors. In the first game of a doubleheader for CCU!
The CCU Ambassadors had a very busy weekend to say the least! They were in a tournament over the weekend that scheduled them to play 3 games on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday before they played the two games at TDS! Wow! So, needless to say, they were in an uphill battle! CCU showed off their determination and grit as they encountered the second place Spartans! Jeremy scored 14 of his game high 34pts and Jeff grabbed a game high 12rebs! CCU was down at the half, 39-27!
The Spartans lengthened their lead to 18pts with a 14-8 third period behind a 20pt effort from Wai and 18pts from Ralph! The game was in hand except nobody told CCU!? They came out playing like their lives depended on the outcome! They almost were able to overcome the insurmountable lead only to fall a bit short, 67-63! Good effort by both teams!
23-46 50% fgs 
9-18 50% 3pt 
12-16 75% fts 
Wai 20p 3r 1a
Ralph 18p 3r 1s
CCU Ambassadors 
20-49 41% fgs 
4-11 36% 3pt 
17-22 77% fts 
Jeremy Lee 34p 8r 2a 1t
Newton Wong 10p 5r 1t
Hapanese (61) v. CCU Ambassadors (47)
The second of two contests had the CCU Ambassadors facing a team that had almost all of their guys show up for the first time this season, Hapanese!
Hapanese jumped out ahead of the CCU Ambassadors early! They built a 19-11 lead after the first quarter. Behind the reliable scoring of Ryan Sera (19pts) and the return of Jalen (11pts). At the half, Hapanese lead 28-24!
CCU Ambassadors gave it one last push by our scoring Hapanese, 18-13 in the third period! The Ambassadors may have pushed the turbo a bit early because they were dropping like flies in the fourth (you can't blame them!). Jeremy (18pts) and Jeff (10pts) gave it all they could but their 8th game in two days was their limit! CCU was only able to shoot 2-12 fgs (17%) for the quarter! Hapanese went on to get the "W", 61-47! Good effort by the CCU Ambassadors!
25-51 49% fgs 
3-13 23% 3pt 
8-9 89% fts 
Ryan Sera 19p 5r 3a 1b 2t
Jalen 11p 3r 2s
CCU Ambassadors 
17-44 39% fgs 
6-13 46% 3pt 
7-12 58% fts 
Jeremy Lee 18p 6r 4a 3s

Jeff 10p 5r

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Asian D1 playoff bracket!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Recaps and week 7 leaders!

🏀Winter Asian Open 
🏀Leaders of the Week
Jeremy @jeremyklee (CCU) 34
Justin (Bulls) 32
Rebo @jayreebs (Boogie) 23
Justin (Bulls) 13
Bop @agenttt_32 (Eagles) 12
Jeff (CCU Ambassadors) 12
TK (Boogie ) 5
Jeremy (CCU) 4
Tye @watchmedome415 (Bomb Squad) 3
Randall 3
Taylor (Squadron) 4
Tim (Boogie) 3
Jeremy (CCU Ambassadors) 3
Joaquin @keen. (Bulls) 2
Ken (Squadron) 2
Newt @newtonwong (CCU) 2

Monday, March 6, 2017

Final regular season Standings!

🏀Winter Asian Open Standings🏀
Go Get It...................6-0................+88
Bomb Squad.............2-4................(-9)
Threat Matrix............2-4................(-14)
CCU Ambassadors...1-5................(-45)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Asian D1 final regular season week 7!

Games will be played at MLK middle school:
350 Girard St - San Francisco

Week 7 - Final regular season games!
12pm: Threat Matrix vs Bomb Squad
1pm: Squadron vs Eagles
2pm: Boogie vs Bulls
3pm: Spartans vs CCU
4pm:  CCU vs Hapanese
Bye: Go Get It

Updated Standings

🏀Winter Asian Open Standings🏀
Go Get It...................6-0................+88
Bomb Squad.............2-3................(-7)
CCU Ambassadors...1-3................(-27)
Threat Matrix............1-4................(-16)

Week 6 recaps, videos and leaders!

🏀Winter Open Asian D1
🏀Week 6 recaps
Squadron (53) v. CCU Ambassadors (40)
TripleDoubleSports is back in action and the season is nearing its end! We start with the 2-2 Squadron team versus the 1-2 CCU Ambassadors! 
Squadron came out strong both offensively and defensively! Holding their opponent to just 3 fgs in the first quarter! The tables were then turned in the favor of CCU in the second. Tying the score up at 23 going into the half! 
CCU fell apart in the third! Missing layup after layup. They shot a combined 1-15 fgs (7%)! Jeremy Lee was their teams only threat to score. He finished the game with 25pts the rest of CCU shot the ball at a 8-30 fgs clip for 27%! They were outscored 20-3 in the third quarter! CCU couldn't overcome that deficit!
Soren scored 17pts and Travis Hom scored 11 of his 12pts in the decisive third period! Where Squadron cruised to a 53-40 victory...
20-46 43% fgs 
9-21 43% 3pt
6-7 86% fts
Soren 17p 3r 3a
Travis Hom 12p 5r 3a 2s
CCU Ambassadors 
16-50 32% fgs
5-13 38% 3pt
4-6 67% fts
Jeremy Lee 25p 6r 5a 3s
Jeff 8p 5r 3a 1s
Bomb Squad (47) v. Go Get It (67)
This is the matchup of the day! Bomb Squad looking to get over the hump as they battle the always tough, Go Get It team! 
Bomb Squad started the game off strong! Kyle, Nick and Darryl Wong each made a 3pter as the Bomb Squad took a 16-15 lead after the first quarter. As a team, they shot the ball well! They were 11-20 fgs (55%) shooting in the first half. Mo came through with a double-double (13p 10r). Even though they shot at such a high clip, they were down at the half, 35-27!
Go Get It showed the Bomb Squad that they're still the team to beat in this division! They proved their dominance in the third quarter as they outscored them, 25-4! Hunter (10p 10r 6a) and JRock (14p 7r) led the way that showed off their team ball as 5 of the 6 players that suited up for Go Get It scored in double figures! Go Get It went on to win the game in a blowout, 67-47!
Bomb Squad 
21-46 46% fgs
4-20 20% 3pt
3-6 50% fts
Kyle Wong 14p 5r 2a
Mo 13p 10r 2b
Go Get It
23-45 51% fgs 
6-12 50% 3pt
15-21 71% fts 
Hunter 10p 10r 6a 3s
Jason Rockwell 14p 7r 4a 
Bomb Squad (68) v. Eagles (70)
Playing their second game of the day, Bomb Squad was ready to play against the veteran Eagles (2-2) team! 
Bomb Squad played the first quarter well, just as they did versus Go Get It, shooting 6-13 fgs (46%)! Nick Wong scored 11 of his 15pts in the first half. Their defense suffered because of fatigue. Mo was half scoreless in the first half, but was able to come on in the second half with 15pts (all in the second half of the game). They trailed 39-34 at the half!
The Eagles played the Bomb Squad tough in the second half of the game! Barely hanging onto the lead. Both teams shot the ball well (49%) but the second chance points were big! Quez (16p 8r) and Jovelle (10p 8r) led the way for the Eagles. Eagles had 5 players score in double figures (Quez, Jovelle, Calara, Rome and Arj). A hard fought contest won by the Eagles, 70-68!
Bomb Squad 
26-53 49% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt
12-18 67% fts 
Mo 15p 8r 2b
Nick 15p 5r 2a
29-59 49% fgs 
7-24 29% 3pt 
8-10 80% fts 
Quez 16p 8r 3a 2s
Jovelle 10p 8r 2s 1b
Boogie (64) v. Hapanese (49)
The next matchup was between the 2-2 Boogie squad matching up versus the 1-3 Bulls team! 
The Boogie squad was all about starting and finishing strong! In the first quarter, everything was going their way. They mounted an 18-9 "crawl"...I say a "crawl" because they scored almost half of their points from the free throw line. Prabe had a big double-double with 18pts & 12rebs! Boogie was up at the half by the score of, 34-28!
The middle two quarters were all Hapanese! Behind 14pts each from Ryan Sera and David, Hapanese made a push to cut their deficit to 44-41 after the third quarter! Hapanese shot 11-25 fgs (44%) in 2nd & 3rd quarters combined. The final period the game was taken over by Boogie! They won the game going away, 64-49!
24-45 51% fgs 
3-7 43% 3pt
14-16 88% fts 
Prabe 18p 12r 2a 2b
Rebo 12p 6r 5a 1s
17-47 36% fgs 
5-22 23% 3pt 
10-18 56% fts 
Ryan 14p 5r 2a 3s
David 14p 2r 3a 2s
Spartans (68) v. Threat Matrix (60)
The last game of the day saw a miraculous comeback! The 3-1 Spartans taking on the 1-3 Threat Matrix team was a good one. 
The Threat Matrix squad came out strong! Outscoring the Spartans, 15-2 in the first quarter! Tyler hit a couple of 3's and Ricci constantly was driving to the hoop putting pressure on the younger Spartans! Ricci finished with a team high, 14pts, and Matt a near double-double with 10pts & 9rebs! Threat Matrix was up at the half, 29-20!
The Spartans were a bit sluggish from the beginning of the game but they showed off their young legs as they began their comeback! Led by Wai (24p 5r), the Spartans came out on fire in the second half!  The Spartans were still down going into the fourth but that's where their defense stepped up! They outplayed Threat Matrix in the period with their defensive intensity! Ralph waited until the fourth quarter and OT to score 11 of his 13pts! The Spartans took the game over in the overtime (12-4) and went onto win the game, 68-60!
26-63 41% fgs 
4-19 21% 3pt
12-16 75% fts 
Wai Min 24p 5r 3a 1s
Angelo 18p 5r
Threat Matrix 
20-48 41% fgs 
4-12 33% 3pt
14-25 56% fts
Ricci 14p 5r 2a
Matt 10p 9r 2a

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🏀Winter Asian Open 
🏀Leaders of the Week
Week 6
Jeremy @jeremyklee (CCU) 25
Wai @fam_wai (Spartans) 24
Prabe (Boogie) 18
Angelo (Spartans) 18
Prabe (Boogie) 12
Mo @motabachi15 (Bomb Squad) 10
Hunter (Go Get It) 10
Hunter (Go Get It) 6
Jeremy (CCU) 6 
4 players tied with 5
Ryan @ryunderpants (Hapanese) 3
Jeremy (CCU) 3
Hunter (Go Get It) 3
Mo (Bomb Squad) 2
Prabe (Boogie) 2
Mo (Bomb Squad) 2