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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 6 Schedule

November 27th Week 6
1PM Average Woes vs United Nations
2PM Rock Center vs Balls Out
3PM SLGHTWRK vs Gamble Team
4PM Big Game Ballers vs PrimeTime
BYE: Showtime MSO


United Nations................4-1............+45
Rock Center.....................4-1............+39
Big Game Ballers.............3-1............+77
Gamble Team..................3-2............+27
Balls Out..........................2-2............(-3)
Average Woes.................2-2............(-57) 

Week 5 Recaps and game links!

Week 5
Primetime (51) v. Rock Center (64)
Week 5 of the TripleDoubleSports Open Division is underway and we're starting off with a good one! Primetime looking to turn last weeks win into a streak versus Rock Center, who is currently tied for first place! 
Primetime had balance scoring led by Daniel Trannel with 19pts and Mr. TripleDouble himself, Antwan Capla with 12pts! Primetime shot the ball well as a team in the first half going 12-24 fgs (50%), but trailed at the half by the slimmest of margins, 28-27!
After an evenly played third quarter, Rock Center blew the game wide open in the fourth! Behind big games from Jon (18p 9r) and from Brett (14p 14r 4b), Rock Center turned a 2pt game into a blowout! They outscored Primetime 23-12 in the final 9mins to win the game going away, 64-51! 
22-51 43% fgs
4-13 31% 3pt
5-9 56% fts
Daniel 19p 1r 3a 1s 3t
Antwan 12p 6r 2a 4s 1t
Rock Center 
29-54 54% fgs 
5-11 45% 3pt 
3-5 60% fts
Jon 18p 9r 2a 1t
Brett 14p 14r 3a 3s 4b 1t
MSO (47) v. Gamble Team (64)
The next matchup brought the M.S.O. (Most Slept On) in versus the veteran squad in the Gamble Team!
M.S.O. had been hit with the injury bug! Half their initial roster sustained season ending injuries the has team captain Kwesi Bailey searching for answers?! He managed to get five players to the game on Sunday but the haven't all played together and it showed! The Feinberg's (Marc and Adam) did their best to kept them competitive but they were down for most of the game and at the half they were behind, 35-22!
The Gamble Team had it on cruise control for most of the game! Bobby (25p 13r) and Eric (20p 10r) went for big double-doubles! The two players combined to shoot 16-26 from the field. That was more than enough as they went on to win the game convincingly, 64-47!
17-55 31% fgs 
6-19 32% 3pt
7-10 70% fts 
Marc Feinberg 13p 6r 1a 3s 1t
Adam Feinberg 12p 6r 2a 2s 2t
Gamble Team 
25-55 45% fgs 
6-20 30% 3pt
8-15 53% fts 
Bobby 25p 13r 3a 1s 1b
Eric 20p 10r 2a 2s 1b 3t
Showtime (49) v. Big Game Ballers (85)
Next we have a battle between the youngsters from Showtime versus the defending champions, Big Game Ballers! 
This game would have been a great matchup  of the "old champs" and the new "young" challengers...if the guys from Showtime had shown up for the game?! Showtime only had five guys show up and w/o Tyler their lack of size was evident! Dom Williams was their high scorer with 18pts. They were a bit intimidated by the size differential so Showtime was sticking to the 3's in the first half (2-13) but they just weren't falling. They were down at the half, 39-20!
The Big Game Ballers were led by Isaiah Sandoval and Chris "Duke" Adams. Isaiah scored a season best 55pts on 20-29 fgs and Duke had a double-double (12p 11r) and some good commentary that made the stats easier to keep! Lol!
The Ballers won the game easily, 85-49!
20-55 34% fgs 
4-18 22% 3pt 
5-10 50% fts 
Dom 18p 3r 2a 2s 1t
Michael Meagher 4p 10r 5a 2s
Big Game Ballers 
34-59 58% fgs 
9-21 43% 3pt
8-8 100% fts 
Isaiah 55p 6r 4a 1s 1t
Duke 12p 11r 4a 3s 1b 2t
SLGHTWRK (47) v. United Nations (57)
Our final game of the day brings the guys from SLGHTWRK versus the first place United Nations squad! 
SLGHTWRK had it going with their 5 on 4 advantage in the first quarter. Chris was 5-7 fgs in the first half to score 13 of his team high 17pts and team captain Simon Habtu scored 15pts on 4-8 from 3pt range! They were leading, 31-20 at the half!
The tables turned in the beginning of the second half. Outscoring SLGHTWRK by a score of 37-16! Without their leading scorer, Toby, the United Nations had to find other ways of scoring and they got it from Byron's 29pts and Aaron's double-double (13p 10r)! A special shoutout goes to captain Reed Raspberry, the rarely used guard, contributed a nice floor game (5r 5a 4s) and led his squad to a, 57-47 victory!
19-51 37% fgs 
5-17 29% 3pt
4-12 33% fts 
Chris 17p 6r 2a
Simon Habtu 15p 3r 1a 1s 1t
United Nations 
21-56 38% fgs 
7-29 24% 3pt
6-8 75% fts 
Byron 29p 6r 1a 3s
Aaron 13p 10r

🏀Winter Open Leaders🏀
Isaiah @mr24isaiah (Big Game Ballers) 55
Byron (United Nations) 29
Bobby (Gamble Team) 25
Brett @brettmcorbett5 (Rock Center) 14
Bobby (Gamble Team) 13
Duke (Big Game Ballers) 11
Reed @generalprime0 (United Nations) 5
Chris (Rock Center) 5
Michael Meagher (Showtime) 5
Antwan (Primetime) 4
Reed (United Nations) 4
4 players tied with 3
Brett (Rock Center) 4
4 players tied with 1