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Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 28th Recaps and video.

🏀Spring Asian Open & Division 2
🏀Week 4
🏀Asian Open
Bombtans (67) v. Boogie 2.0 (68)
We start off Week 4 of TripleDoubleSports with the best game of the season, so far! A couple of unbeatens square off as the Bombtans take on Boogie 2.0! 
A tight game throughout, the Bombtans took the early lead. With just 5 players for the game, the Bombtans shot 8-12 fgs (67%) in the first quarter giving them an early 22-17 lead! Wai led all scorers with 30pts on 11-20 fgs (55%) and Moe contributed with his "ho-hum" double-double (13p 14r)! Although , the Bombtans had a good first half they only led at the half by one point, 36-35!
Boogie 2.0 was playing from behind most of the game but they kept the game close. Prabe's double-double (12p & 12r) cancelled out the game Moe had on the other side! It was fierce inside! A real man's game! Boogie trailed by 2pts going into the final period! That when Rebo slowed up with his shooting and nice passing. He had 8pts and a couple of nice dimes in the fourth! 
With the game tied at 65 apiece Wai got the ball at the top of the key a drove left and payed the ball up with 2.2 secs remaining...but Boogie still had a chance! Boogie inbounded the ball directly to Edwin (who had a team high 18pts), having 2.2 secs he quickly made his move to his left shoulder and made a hook shot...and 1! Boogie went on to win the game, 68-67! Wow, what a game!
26-54 48% fgs 
7-18 39% 3pt 
8-8 100% fts 
Wai 30p 5r 2a
Moe 13p 14r 1a
27-53 51% fgs 
6-15 40% 3pt 
8-8 100% fts 
Edwin 18p 5r
Prabe 12p 12r 1s 3b
GS Threat Matrix (60) v. Knights (46)
Next on the docket we have the battle between two teams looking to get in the win column when the GS Threat Matrix taking on the Knights!
The Knights pretty much had to struggle to put points on the board! Without Tye, who had a game high 25pts & 11rebs, the Knights shot a measly 9-34 fgs (26%)! Not to mention PG TK went down midway through the second quarter with an apparent foot injury! Our prayers go out to TK for a speedy recovery. They were down 20pts, 37-17 going into halftime!
GS Threat Matrix were putting on a show! They were moving the ball around with ease. The looked like the Dubs on this day! Four of the six players that suited up scored in double figures! Leading the way was Webb with 18pts (could've had more but the free throw line was his Achilles heel...0-7 from the line) and Billy's 13pts & 7rebs! The Threat Matrix lost 6pts from their halftime lead to go on to win handily, 60-46!
GS Threat Matrix 
27-56 48% fgs 
5-16 31% 3pt 
3-10 30% fts 
Webb 18p 5r 1a 2s
Billy 13p 7r 3a 2s
19-50 38% fgs 
4-19 26% 3pt 
4-8 50% fts 
Tye 25p 11r 2a 3s
James 6p 9r 1a
🏀Division 2
Beastion (46) v. Saints (53)
Now on to our Asian Division 2! We open with a matchup between an old friend of the league, Beastion, versus a new team this season, The Saints!
Beastion started off the game playing great defense! They held the Saints to 5-17 fgs (29%) in the first quarter. Ty and Gordon each scored 13pts to lead the team. Although, Beastion played superb defense in the first half (12-33 fgs 36%) they trailed by a single point, 29-28!
The Saints began the second half a bit lethargic. Giving up their lead and trailed going into the fourth by a point. Jon led all scorers with 23pts and David chipped in with a double-double, 13pts & 11rebs! Mike Lim came through in the fourth quarter with 3-4 fgs shooting and 7 huge points! The Saints were able to hold Beastion to 9pts in each of the final two quarters and went on to a 53-46 victory! 
13-41 32% fgs 
6-16 38% 3pt 
13-19 68% fts 
Tyler 13p 5r 1a 1s
Gordon 13p 3r 1s
20-52 38% fgs 
5-19 28% 3pt 
8-9 89% fts 
Jon 23p 8r 1a 1s
David 13p 11r 1a 1s
SC Threat Matrix (50) v. Rock Center (41)
Coming up next is the SC Threat Matrix up against a new team in the league Rock Center!
Rock Center was a bit short handed on this day. They started the game with just 4 players but managed to have a 2pt lead after the first quarter! Their fifth player showed up at the end of the quarter. Jay showed up with a game high, 20pts & 5stls on 7-20 fgs! Rock Center was down at halftime, 18-15!
SC Threat Matrix played evenly through the third quarter but they took over in the fourth quarter. Mike Lin scored a team high 13pts, snatched 12rebs and came through with a huge 5blks! Chris Knight added 10pts & 8rebs as the Threat Matrix went on to win a closely battled game, 50-46!
SC Threat Matrix 
18-45 40% fgs 
5-16 31% 3pt 
9-15 60% fts 
Mike Lin 13p 12r 1s 5b
Chris Knight 10p 8r 4a 1s 1b
Rock Center 
16-47 34% fgs 
4-15 27% 3pt 
6-10 60% fts 
Jay 20p 6r 1a 5s 1b
Allen 8p 10r 1s 1b
Putties (46) v. Dawgs (61)
Now a matchup between two old nemesis and old friends of TripleDoubleSports in the Putties and the Dawgs
The Putties were in for a challenge versus the former two time champs but they were up for it! They put up a good fight in the first half. Trailing by only 3pts at the half. Behind leading scorer Iggy with 14pts and a pair of 11pt games from JMac and Matt Lai! They went into the half down, 23-20.
The Dawgs were more aggressive than the Putties. The loose balls and rebounds were all bouncing to the Dawgs! The rebounding battle was won by the Dawgs, 44-23! The Dawgs really busted the game open in the third quarter with an astounding, 27-12 period! John James filled up the stat sheet with 13pts, 8rebs, 5asts and 3stls as the Dawgs went on to win the game, 61-46!
16-50 32% fgs 
10-26 38% 3pt 
4-8 50% fts 
Iggy 14p 3r 2s
JMac 11p 7r 1s 1b
25-56 45% fgs 
4-12 33% 3pt 
6-11 55% fts 
John James 13p 8r 5a 3s
Kiyoshi 11p 5r 1s
SF Braves (57) v. Swishers (72)
The SF Braves face off against the Swishers in the conclusion of our day here at TDS!
The SF Braves had a little attendance issue that kind of got under the skin of team captain, Tone Arce! He was upset with the guys on his team that didn't even call him to tell him they weren't going to show up! They went ahead and played anyways but the Swishers were not the team to play with on this day! James Aragon came through with 24pts & 4asts for the depleted SF Braves squad! 
The Swishers weren't feeling sorry for the SF Braves one bit! They smelled blood in the water and went for the kill early! They led after the first quarter 26-12 behind Dorian's 5-7 3pt shooting! Dorian Sun led all scorers with 30pts on 11-20 fgs (55%)! The Swishers had a huge 14pt lead after one quarter and went on to outscore the SF Braves, 46-45 the rest of the way! The Swishers won the game comfortably, 72-57!
SF Braves
21-55 40% fgs 
6-29 21% 3pt 
7-13 54% fts 
James 24p 3r 4a 1s
MJ 15p 8r 1s 1b
28-60 47% fgs 
12-23 52% 3pt 
7-15 47% fts 
Dorian Sun 30p 8r 2a
Ron 14p 6r 1a 1s


🏀Spring Asian Open & D2
🏀Leaders of the Week
🏀Asian Open
Wai @fam_wai (Bombtans) 30
Tye @watchmedone415 (Knights) 25
Edwin (Boogie 2.0) 18------
Webb (GS Threat Matrix) 18
Moe @motabachi15 (Bombtans) 14
Prabe (Boogie 2.0) 12
Tye (Knights) 11
Nick @nww1 (Bombtans) 4
Billy (GS Threat Matrix) 4
Rebo @jayreebs (Boogie 2.0) 3
Nick (Bombtans) 3
Tye (Knights) 3
3 players tied with 2
Prabe (Boogie 2.0) 3
Edwin (Boogie 2.0) 1
James (Knights) 1
🏀Asian D2
Dorian Sun @sunnyd.8 (Swishers) 30
James @smzookeeper (SF Braves) 24
Jon (Saints) 23
Mike Lin (SC Threat Matrix) 12
David (Saints) 11
Allen (Rock Center) 10
Steven @steven_tom (Swishers) 6
John James (Dawgs) 5
Chris Knight (SC Threat Matrix) 4
Dez @thattkiddez21 (Dawgs) 4
Jay (Rock Center) 5
John James (Dawgs) 3
3 players tied with 2
Mike Lin (SC Threat Matrix) 5
JMac @macjurrry (Putties) 2
5 players tied with 1

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